Lush Caves - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 24

Orange and Red meet someone deep in a cave. And it's not a warden.

Music by Scott Buckley!! Huge apology for forgetting to credit him.



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    No one: Not a single soul: Alan: cHeCk oUt tHis rEaCtiOn and dIrEcTorS cOmenTary

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    Is episode 25 done

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    I want to Ep.25 . Plaeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    woooo red and orange escaped from the parkour and head to their world

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    i don t have the cave an clifs opdete

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    The battle vs warden is epic

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    no puedo esperar por el sigiente episodio

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    y cuando van a subir la segunda parte

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    Ayo does anyone else thought that they are fighting like peter and that big chicken from family guy?

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    You are genius

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    Muito top

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    sorry late😔

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    Its nearly 1 and half month Where is episode 25 We are waiting Plz. Upload as soon as possible

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    Yes me too

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    Hello anh nha am from Viet Nam

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    When the series finishes- Alan: Okay that’s enough More then 16 million people: No.

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    them: only on 1 hunger bar also them: fighting and sprinting like nothing happened

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    When eps 25

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    Wait what I did not know that Minecraft players can come to!

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    I enjoy these animations and I never miss a single episode

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    BTW Jackie ain't my real name My atull name is Anastainplayz

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    No one really likes my comments so I like my own

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    one player

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    realy lush cavaes

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    you increrible

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    wath you make this

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    i'am portuguese

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    If I were one of the mobs in the beginning fight, I would just sit back and enjoy some apples while red and orange fight.

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    The fighting scene is basically me and my brother when one of us did a dumb thing and cared about it

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    when is ep 25 coming, I'v seen all the animation vs minecraft and animator vs animation

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    plis episode 25

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    like para que Alan becker lo vea

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    Welp time to delete alex's computers

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    2:10 Peter vs Chicken vibes

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    I like watching so much I want to keep watching

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    I like when they show

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    Episodio 25

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    Tolong buat episode 25 nya

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    alan i have an idea for u how it will be all the effects of potion+lucky block+command block+beacon+minecraft block and also an complete enchanted set of netherite armor on a single stickman think about it

  • Israel Gutiérrez
    Israel GutiérrezVor 2 Tage

    You should make the fight so epic that even DElevel drops the service

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    Is nobody gonna point out the photos in the "Picture" files. It's kinda SUS

  • Cape of mother hand
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    5:28 LOOK at then diamond sword in hotbar and his hand, hoatbar one is not enchanted, and his hand one is enchanted

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    alan i love your channel so much

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    eposide 25

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    Việt nam

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    cmon man

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    Alan. I am gonna male an animation inspired by u. I will send the link when I am done

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    Alan are u done with episode 25

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    I like how Orange is just completely destroying Red like he’s the Chosen One or something.

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    Where green?

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    No entendi ni mergas no c inglis me in spaning

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    Ep 25 Coming soon

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    im suprised he had LDD (Lego Digital Designer)

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    Now the two friends fight

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    3 rare blue axolotls ? Sus?

  • ComboBoooiii
    ComboBoooiiiVor 3 Tage

    3 rare blue axolotls ? Sus?

  • the moon
    the moonVor 3 Tage

    Alan Becker is one of few Stick Figure Animation Channels that still gets millions of views per video, I think this is because not only does he incorporate a story into his Animations giving people something to come back too but he also makes shorter "Shorts" like content, around the 4 - 8 minute length which usually means someone can just pop it on whenever wherever and watch when a new short comes out, either way this has made him very successful and I'm glad to see the amount of work put behind all of this content.

  • Enrique Cabello
    Enrique CabelloVor 3 Tage

    I like the details of the mineshaft

  • Holden Cross
    Holden CrossVor 3 Tage

    This kinda reminds me of Revenge of the sith. Where it’s Anakin vs obi wan

  • KvaGram
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    What if the sticks one day end up at the desktop of a pro linux user, and the Linux user enters text only mode in attempt to kill the stick processes.

  • Jennifer Lacbain
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    We’re not talking about how they found like 10 blue axolotls

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    They were punching AND running AND swimming, which make you lose hunger faster, but they took no damage from hunger

  • watur
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    If I was alexcrafter 28 and saw that shit I’d go fucking insane

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    New ep 25

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    We waited for 1 month pls alan faster

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    Just wait, this is hard

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    Request : After ep 26 do episode 27 blue's birthday

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    Why ep 26 and 27??

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    ahhhh some virus came here i have to restart beeep. red and orange: aaaaaahhhhh

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    ok now i want to know y there is "Shorts" in "Animation vs Minecraft shorts"

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    2:17 Luffy and Zoro: "Stop interrupting our fiiigghhht!!!"

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    orange x red

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    mojang should hire this guy

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    Yean Episode 25!!

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    Am I the only to see the 5 1in 1200 rare axolotls like what wait they can't spawn like that now

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    Nais 😘😍😊🤯😱👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤💖💝❣💞💗😃

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    VIDEO IDEA animation vs smash (super smash bros) like if you agree

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    You're making not only the game, the entire youtube better

  • Rye DLion
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    Red and Orange remembered the 1.17 update! The update is out!


    Amigo has cambiado, te explico cuando yo era niño solia pensar que eras cool; supongo que las cosas cambian

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    god I love these animations so much

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    Si te das cuenta en el minuto 2:32 o 2:30(nose que minuto xD) red ya no quería pelear :>

    MEMA GAWAVor 4 Tage

    Request : Mr Becker after you make episode 25 you will make episode 26 the dark Lord returns / here are the scenes 1st scene sc and blue and purple are walking and they saw a pressent 2nd scene the darklord uses a fireball and explode the present so blue purple and sc use a diamond sword to fight the darklord when darklord was defeated the darklord was now scared to die but sc uses a friend join hold hand power and now the darklord became a good guy

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    No that would inrelevent

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    Request: Mr Becker can you do episode 25 return back home

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    what if the stickman managed to return home but when they returned the pc changed to windows 11

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    2:14 = mode idc of mob

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    Zo good

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    I am from India

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    The longest commentVor 4 Tage

    the axolotl is confused

  • Strawberry girl
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    Nothings wrong with the video and I like but The axolotl‘s don’t like close with fish or grounds. Whatever that’s the best I can do

  • Strawberry girl

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    Also some axolotl‘s are rare than others like the blue one

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  • Divyesh Divine
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    Alan I have to video s

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    That perfect!

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    Why you not add the Chosen one again ?

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    i just love how they fight and ignore the mobs

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    I a big fan

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    Nobody noticed the 4 rare blue axolotls?????

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    Part25 please

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    pls do part 4