Operating on a Living Egg


A friend had sent me a bucket of eggs to hatch but one had cracked. Usually, broken eggs are always thrown away. But I knew there was still a chance left...
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    I found it Fascinating. Our Chicks all hatched from.13 about 9. But we had 1 stuck on the shell n My daughter kept going to check on the progress by the second day she tells me he still there so by now the Hen n her baby chicks have left to another location n so this nite he will freeze if He does not break out. So I see him n His head was stuck lucky for him he had Air but he couldn't have gotten out. Then the very last egg was 9 had pecked out too but it was nightfall n so I debate since last year only 2 eggs survived n I wanted to let them learn to do this without stress or interference I debated to let it possibly freeze or be eaten I asked for her n my daughter n son ( little kids) watched as we help it emerge out of this egg. She was chirping n It was Amazing. It truly was. she was then Placed back with her mother hen n hope she survived .. She did. All 3 did. One got out n injured possibly pecked I held that injured dying chick for mostly all the day n as nightfall was coming I sent the both with mother hen n take the chances of survival. 60% odds. They Did Survive. The other one too. But we lost 1 that wondered away from the mother hen. The tree branches have not covered with leaves yet n so predators can fly around.. We got 8 so far the other didn't hatch at all. They didn't make it.

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    J'ai compris il y a peu qu'on n'est pas obligé de manger les animaux pour vivre et que toute cette cruauté (les faire vivre en esclavage, forcer les naissances, séparer les familles, les abattre de façon atroce et de façon très précoce) peut donc être évitée. Si vous aimez les animaux, si vous savez que chacun d'eux est une personne, ne les mangez/buvez/utilisez pas. #vegan #plantbased

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    i have a little chick like this too and his name is flacky

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    When i saw your rooster it reminded me of my deas rooster... It looked exactly like him and i am so proud of him to live of 3 yrs.

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    You probably have lots of comments, but I hope you see this one. What kind of incubator would you say is the best for chicken eggs? Best quality and price, maybe??

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    Hey man . I was candling an egg . And I dropped it =( I only dropped it by a few inches .. but it cracked. And instantly bled a little bit . Bit it clotted and stopped... I placed him in the garbage can... took a couple sleeping pills ... and went to bed ... but then I remembered this video as I was drifting off ! I HAVE TO TRY please give me advice .. its day 19 of incubation . Injust want to say I hold you in the highest respect of people on this planet . Thanks

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