I Dry Aged A5 Wagyu Picanha now it's worth $3,000.00!


I love picanha as it is my favorite steak in the world. After cooking an A5 Wagyu Picanha everyone asked me to dry age it and see how it would turn out. So, I did and it is now worth $3,000.00 USD and the results are now what you might expect.
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  • mesiroy1234
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    Make a video on what you do with the pellicle please

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  • TheGamingMVP
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    Can somebody tell me if he freezes the regular wagyu for 35 days so he can cook the dry aged and regular wagyu together or does he buy the control wagyu after the dry age is done?

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  • Nate Baker
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    I feel like dry aging wagyu is kind of a waste. You end up trimming a decent amount of meat off, and it’s usually the most expensive beef you can find. Also wagyu is so amazing by itself that it seems a bit pretentious and unnecessary

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    Welcome to Guga Foods guys. Today we're gonna dry age a Japanese Wagyu A5 Angel. Let's dew it!

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    Angel is so acostumed to this that his reaction looks like he is just eating everyday meal, i mean he prolly just is eating this stuff at a regular basis at this point.

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    Why do you need air circulation around the bag? If the bag only lets air out, as you say, then no matter how much circulation you have, no air is getting to the meat. And who is it worth $3000 to? Is there a "steak bank" where you can exchange it for cash?

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    Two days after this video came out I got to try dry aged A5 wagyu for the first time and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten

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