How I became the fastest pencil sharpener in the world

The most incredible story about pencil sharpening you will ever watch.

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    Lots of people asking about where the leaderboard is for this ITS HERE:

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    hitmonchris is 2nd place •~•

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    @niallpjw hah

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    Joenel Bolus

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    Like so many

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    Damn he did it again and got 2 min and 21 secs

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    Almost 10 million views! 💪

  • oee kkk
    oee kkkVor 21 Stunde

    Ant:i can squeeze my sharpeners between my thighs Me: hmmmm i heard this before but im pretty sure the sharpeners is replaced with hotdogs but i dont remember where...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i thinks like chicken thigh heaven

  • Crash Webb
    Crash WebbVor Tag

    XD Skip is doing the last one with one hand

  • John Palaruan sr.
    John Palaruan sr.Vor Tag

    That is waste of pencils

  • cahcah
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    i think little kids would beat you in 12 seconds

  • Princess Fiona
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    seek tells me. you need to see this

  • InternationalNilly
    InternationalNillyVor 2 Tage

    Ant: It feels good that's what she said

  • Pranav Diwan
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    It's almost been a year and his run is still unbeaten

  • CV gameslayer
    CV gameslayerVor 4 Tage

    Imagine if there was somebody faster who just didn’t upload their speed run to speed but it was like 1:24 or something

  • Sashimeh
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    Bruhhh this speedrun is P2W

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    82k away hype

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    The video that blew his channel up

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    Gogogogogogogogogogogogogog smallant

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    Who eles is wondering *Why he didn’t just buy and electric pencil sharpener?*

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    Alston Scott

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    against the rules smh

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    I love that this run is listed as using an emulator when it’s real life lol

  • Jemma An
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    After this, he probably feel like a pencil sharpening jugger-thot* lol

  • johnny sparks
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    $50- those gotta be some premium gloves

  • BenTMCB
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    JJOULKVor 5 Tage

    This plot alone is worth an anime. It has all the marks for a hero journey with fabulous characters

  • Alacritical
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    I knew that you wood have the write stuff in the end, SmallAnt. May you always remain on the tip top of the leaderboard, and may your skills never dull and your status as pencil sharpening champion find itself erased

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    Me waiting for this to hit 10mill

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    It’s 3 in the morning why am I being recommended this video again help me

  • stev greaty
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    Was that pencil drilling speed run a TOOL assisted speed run?

    MASON LEEVor 7 Tage

    The gloves and shorts made the premium controller a masters controller lol

  • 10 year old boi
    10 year old boiVor 7 Tage

    Iceoffreeze must be slow as fuck....

  • nugget
    nuggetVor 8 Tage

    what you'll be known for, congrats

  • BlessedCobra
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    Can we talk about how he used the PAPER Mario TTYD OST throughout the video?

  • gelexyman
    gelexymanVor 8 Tage

    When i Was a child i put my Finger in this Things and it hurted very hard XD

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    Why did you do this?

  • Idéias de Negócios

    Idéias de Negócios

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    i never thought this was where I would be in 5 years.

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    Can you shout me out psllslspslsplsp

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    “Almost everyone can do it” *wait you guys can sharpen pencils?*

  • Rohan Upadhyay
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    7:14 I appreciate the Buoy Base Galaxy music

  • The_Flaming_Gamer92
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    Ant is now Thigh Cream

  • Awesome KB
    Awesome KBVor 10 Tage

    The start of the Regular Show episode: "I bet I can sharpen these pencils faster than you" The end of the episode:

  • Haei
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    its not even a joke that this represents how a speedrun community comes to be, complete with evolving meta and everything

  • Mr. Buba Luba
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    And matt05555

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    rewatching this video relaxes me for some reason

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    6:49 i checked discord because of this

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    what a waste of pencils

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    Lmao I love that the platform is pc

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    Pay to win speedeun

    BRIAN LEEVor 12 Tage

    I DID IT 0:01

  • Snowleopard 0
    Snowleopard 0Vor 12 Tage

    I heard you wanted to *sharpen* your skills I *wood* be happy to *lead* you in the *write* direction

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    The acoustic november gully trap because close externally influence besides a oafish shoulder. uneven, halting c-clamp

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    Mans is on another level

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    This is such a Sly Cooper story telling vibe, iykyk

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    How do you really sit there and dislike this video?

    MKGSONICVor 15 Tage

    Me in 4th grade when I needed to complete an assignment: Amateurs

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    Hahahaahah these trees are getting destroyed

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    This is the funniest video I've ever seen cheers mate

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    You should get a sharpening stone and make those pencil sharpeners really shart

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    I still cant believe he had the actual WR for this

  • Aiden's Tea Corner VODs

    Aiden's Tea Corner VODs

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    He still does lmao

  • i'm confused :D
    i'm confused :DVor 16 Tage

    Pay 2 win be like

  • John Husser
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    I thought astronauts were cool

  • Mr Ferret
    Mr FerretVor 16 Tage

    Somebody took it for a 2:25 Tanner: I don't think so.

  • AddictedToG8mes
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    I can beat it in less than 10 minuites with 1 penny sharpener 1 dollar sharpener? 2 seconds each!

  • Nathan Fitch
    Nathan FitchVor 17 Tage

    four months of "Sharpening my skills" lol anyone notice the pun

  • Kyler Apaga
    Kyler ApagaVor 17 Tage

    Y’all notice at 5:43 he used jotaro and joseph from jojo bizarre adventure

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    Timmy Turner's Dad: Origins

  • Mr Twig
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    Just found out you were the same guy who makes those zelda vids

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    bro can I have my girl back

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    I can sharpen 1 pencil in 15 seconds

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    its called breaking the pencil

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    You know it’s smth good when it’s from Japan/China

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    Smant smant smant

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    Wow he's kinda cute

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    doesnt he own EZscape?

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    This man could have just used an automatic sharpener

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    I had a dream a few weeks ago about bic ballpoint pen speedruns....surprised this is real

  • GG
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    12:38 "SHARPENING my skills"... Just why?

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    now this is EPIC

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    Somebody warn Timmy Turner's dad.

  • Gotcha The Spider
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    6:50 One of the odder experiences I've had. Just happened to get a discord notification at the same time.

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    I couldnt find his record anymore. rip

  • Aiden's Tea Corner VODs

    Aiden's Tea Corner VODs

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    It's on the In Real Life, 10 pencils, Drillless category. I just checked and he's still got World Record.

  • Blue Room Slots
    Blue Room SlotsVor 20 Tage

    Wrist and grip workouts. You need callouses. with this combined with your muscle memory, You can do even better.

  • Gina Williams
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  • Murple_Purple_
    Murple_Purple_Vor 20 Tage

    should've used an electric sharpner

    SHONUFFVor 20 Tage

    What are the rules? Because what I would do is get some wood boards and maybe 3 sharpeners. double side velcro sticky the sharpeners between wood boards and hold those in your legs so there is no issue. after 2 or 3 penciles switch to a new sharpener.

  • Dunpeal 192
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    Its fascinating how people waste there lifetime.

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    This is the most pointless shit I've ever seen. And I've watched the video of my own birth.

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    i remember this video being way longer, and i swear footcream was in it more too

  • Agaapito di Sousa
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    very usefull hability

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    Lets get this video to 10 million views!

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    I love how the “2 Pencil Sharpening Titans” are silhouettes of Joseph and Jotaro Joestar.

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    Congratulations you have wasted so much wood.

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    0:01 the sharpener says KUM. Komedy

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    0:01 KUM

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    what the fuck..... How the fuck is everything so monetizable now a days?!

  • Caden Chisena
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    I almost cried at some points in this

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    Dude imma cry from the amount of wasted pencils

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    Still number 1

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    Hi 👋!!!!!