First and foremost I would like everybody to know that this is not any direct shot at anybody that works for a large company like this. This experiment is not a true depiction of what this company stands for let alone even the barber I had service me. In the google search this was the barbershop that came up with the lowest rating and thats what we went with. I went in for a random haircut to see if the reviews add up to the service and they didn’t. This establishment was better than what you would think if you only read the comments, never judge a book by its cover!
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  • Spyro10k
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    Also I’ve been here before and loved it!

  • Spyro10k
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    “3 month grind” Me who grinded 2 years: 😅

  • elizabeth mottin
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    Come to where I get mg hair cut , he’s clean and detail for only $30

  • James Wallace
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    Yo I fuck wit your message and your cuts. Please keep putting your positive message out there bro.



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  • DS15
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    How r u the best barber in the world

  • Rudolph III
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    Where I live there isn’t any good barbers and I’ve tried getting good fades from salons but it always ends up being a harsh harsh weight line across my head so I bought some wahl seniors 5 years ago and now been cutting my hair and a lot of other peoples hair

  • Samantha Seabolt
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    Why did she put the shampoo on like she was washing her hands lol

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    kinda big word for "Best barber" lol

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    i just shit my self

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    Yeah bro ur living every barbers dream

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    Hey bro love the vids 🔥🔥🔥 can u subtitles next time I couldn’t really understand what u or her was saying but other than that keep doing the vids bro 🔥

  • zqrnz OD
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    yo can someone tell me whats the spray barbers use to line up the hairline its like black spray lmk what its called

  • Anthony Valdez
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    Cuz u special baby lol

  • Anthony Valdez
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    I think she’s gonna fuck it up lol

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    Why, this lady got a flap jack booty thooo ?? 😂😂

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    😂😂😂 “f*** it gimme a lightning bolt”⚡️ 😂😂

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    Sheeesh Vic you needa do more of these vids 😳😳😳😳

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    Congrats love!!!🎉

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    the women that cuts him is fake i saw it she is made by a computer i saw it in my dream!!!!😳😳😳

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    Horrible blend no cap hahah

  • Candace Garcia
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    Your energy radiates through my screen! I watch these with my 13 year old son and we love them..I also love your girl lol great match. On the way to the top!! ❤🎉💪

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    I wanna know if she posted the pic in her IG and got flooded with comments saying “thats vicblends!”

  • Only Den
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    she didn’t even do bad at all it actually look good like vic said don’t judge A book by its cover!

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    I know I’m late but she really messed up ur hair line

  • Acc ord
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    Wasnt kidding with the subs. Dude u have way too many ads lmao

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    The nipsey screensaver 🔥

  • Edstarman05
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    Why are u getting a haircut when u have like 2 inches of hair on ur head

  • Tyson Madding
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    My dude does the fade to a two and my beard plus the crisp line up for $20....the chick did a good job for a franchise type spot and was nice

  • max c
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    Damn they had my man stress free and full of ease after that massage

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    This was to funny Yoo I followed 😂😂

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    He look like a army surgent

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    U from Fayetteville? I see that 2-6 on your neck unless that mean something else

  • David Sifuentes
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    a little more detail and that’s a good all around haircut

  • Walker Justice
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    Oh god, not Kennesaw

  • Wes Thompson
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    She was really going in on them massages 😂

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    No offense but white plp hair looks so skinny

  • Justice Rosario
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    A sugar baby what the fuck

  • Insta
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    Thought that was Aaron Hernandez😭

  • Andres Lugo
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    U play games

  • Streaky Drip
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    Eeeeeee, the second she went against the grain on your hair I got scared for ya.

  • Rico BS
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    Words of fucking motivation

  • Rico BS
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    Lol man y you put her on spot with reviews 😂

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    This the first video I watch and I fw his energy

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    Someone tell her those tiktok leggings aren't working...

  • Leech Ruckus
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    I ain't gone lie I'll go back

  • Leech Ruckus
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    A whole towel 🤣 No neck strip

  • JJ ._.
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    Ive been they before in kennesaw

  • tiddleto2te
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    This is the best of these sort of videos I’ve ever seen. Every other video is just so negative towards the low price barber it’s just annoys me. You were very positive and fair. It was a breath of fresh air

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  • Damian Alvarado
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    What's some good clippers for a beginner less than 150 tho

  • Isiah H
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    Mans looked at the camera man like “help bro why did you let me do this”

  • Brian
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    I honestly feel bad for her, she jus tryna get some pay 😂

    PuLsE_DROPPINVor Monat

    The fact he looked up 100k people😭

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    “Telling people they should put peanut butter in their hair and shit “ LMAOOO

  • Jay Abreu
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    17:28 what is she doing

  • Reecy the Rapper
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    Let me cut your hair bro ill do it for free for a shoutout

  • Jonathan Cartagena
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    When it comes to getting a cut I'm dumb af lol I just walk in and say cut this shit short. So I will like to see the difference between his style of cutting hair and others.

  • spartan808
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    Cut is decent but she was cute 🤣🤣 she was using them tights that all da girls b using, the tights supposedly make their butts look bigger. Her customer service seemed like it was really good.

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    Everything looks halfassed

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    lmao she wearing those leggings that apprently make girls butt bigger

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    “I’m like man fuck it give me a lighting bolt” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO IM CRYING DAWG

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    I was lowkey waiting for that clean up transformation towards the end 🤔

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    27$ for that whole service??? Bruh that’s dummy cheap tbh

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    Here since south view . I’m proud of u Vic 💙

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    Low key that was a clean cut!

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    13:34 is lil SUS ngl

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    Nick got roasted 3 time in the first 8 minutes

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    I love this guys work but best in the world..... you honestly think you’re better than A Rod? Come on now.

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    The best barber with the worst hair to begin with lol.

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    17:26 had to double check I wasn’t on the hub

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    She drew a sickle on you 😭

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    her posture had my back aching😭

  • Juan Romero
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    It wasnt horrible but that design was something else haha she gave u good service tho & she tried rate the cut at a 4.5 out of 10.

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    Now find the most underrated barbers

  • Darwin G 100
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    Your a sick barber bro but a dope ass person much respect my guy! Keep grinding can’t wait to see you hit a mill one day!

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    Lol 😂 ik bruh is going to fix it himself 🤣🤣🤣

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    Yall see the color difference on the rag thats on his face and the one on his shoulders

  • Alex
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    why she take the picture holding the phone like thatttt😂😭

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    Hey may not be as good of a cut but gotta start somewhere💯 !

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    Not ganna cap that massage look like it was bussin

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    I fuck with bro and this video haha this shit was entertaining af

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    i got so scared wen she started lining u up

  • Kvng Hoopers
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    Y her chair so small

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    Tík tok yoga pants 😂

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    Had to like and subscribe after I heard your name. Salute my brotha.

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    This dude reminds me of Spencer from All American

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    Bro you inspire me so much bro like I wanna be a barber so bad I’m only 19 idk shit about cutting hair but I’ll learn and some day I hope I get to have my own shop or shops because I want more than one God bless bro

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    best barber in the world ? debatable

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    Wait...why do you call yourself "the best barber in the world"? It's the 1st video i see of you and i was just wondering.

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    Aye bro we need 2 videos a week at least this so inspiring


    Soon as he had to tell the lady to put a neck strip on him I was screaming for him to get up😭😭

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    Back part hella bulky. I used to struggle with that part on my self

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    We all know 360 jeezy on top😂

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    Something about a women cutting my hair... I just can’t do it.

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    Here in the Philippines, womens are pretty decent, but ofcourse they're not better than the mens

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    She trinna look thick in dem TikTok jeans it ain’t working 💀

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    I’m trynna get a cut from Vic blends