Honest Review Warhammer 40K Kill Team Pariah Nexus Box. The Next Big Box from Games Workshop!


Here's the new Warhammer 40k Kill Team box! There are new necrons and space marines in here. Let's see if this box is any good! I've never done a box review on this channel, so this should be pretty special. Welcome to Goobertown! What did you expect?
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  • nuggistrike
    nuggistrikeVor 9 Tage

    What up with cats and boxes ?

  • David Ellsworth
    David EllsworthVor 17 Tage

    I loved the playful attitude of this video. It is incredible how entertaining a cats in warhammer boxes video can be. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing with us.

  • BrickInTheHead
    BrickInTheHeadVor 20 Tage

    only here for the cats

  • Max McGrath
    Max McGrathVor 21 Tag

    What did Games workshop thing of your review?

  • Dirk Gaffron
    Dirk GaffronVor 23 Tage

    Best WH 40k unboxing I have ever seen

  • James Hall
    James HallVor 24 Tage

    I was super thrilled when GW announced a new Box for Kill Team, because it looked like Kill Team was already about to be discontinued: All boxes for pre-built kill teams and the Rogue Trader box were sold, and there was nothing new coming. But this box is really underwhelming: People who are new to Kill Team will pay a lot of money to a) not have a proper rule book and b) have two vastly unbalanced teams and people who already play it might not play Space Marines or Necrons or they might simply not want these minis. But with the updated rosters you are basically forcing existing players to buy the box. Well unless you buy the book separate on ebay like me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Tim Deschaines
    Tim DeschainesVor 28 Tage

    Glad to see your cats are as helpful as mine...

  • clonetf141
    clonetf141Vor 29 Tage

    5:40 looking like grima wormtongue who just got slapped by saruman lol. i rewatched the lord of the rings recently and that face is just purfect

  • vazer717
    vazer717Vor Monat

    Hey Brent, lo e your videos. Just wanted to comment about "those black bars" you were experiencing with your camera are called scan lines and comes from the refresh rates of the lights not matching your shutter speed. You will have to change one of those things to actually get rid of them but my suspicion would be it's your house lights reflecting off the white/light colours

  • Taylor D
    Taylor DVor Monat

    Oh man I hope they send you a belakor model! Would love to see that video.

  • Scruffy Lookin’ Nerd Herder
    Scruffy Lookin’ Nerd HerderVor Monat

    Gordon really woke up and chose the limelight.

  • Millipede666
    Millipede666Vor Monat

    You need to keep this Pariah Nexus box around the house... sooner or later one of your cats will puke in it and then you have a legit review of this box set.

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy SimpsonVor Monat

    Video should have been 8 minutes & 36 seconds of only cats and boxes.

  • kenneth osborne
    kenneth osborneVor Monat

    I'm curious as to how sqaure the box corners are?

  • MrSocK100
    MrSocK100Vor Monat

    This is a terrible review. I like cats but i dont watch your channel for them. Atleast you admitted you didnt know anything about it. Shame really your other videos are good

  • Mark Kiner

    Mark Kiner

    Vor Monat

    You missed the point of this video, its brilliant. The only “shame” is GW trying to grift KT players with a WAY overpriced mediocre product.

  • John Ware
    John WareVor Monat


  • Emmjay
    EmmjayVor Monat

    Sorry, but 12 models, some scatter terrain, and a some rules? Not worth the $160. That is pretty lacking even by GW standards.

  • Artur Grześ
    Artur GrześVor Monat

    You are the Bob Ross of Warhammer ;p

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie TaylorVor Monat

    As a cat owner, I would say that Blood Bowl’s boxes are the preferred option for the discriminating cat.

  • Draxus Demos
    Draxus DemosVor Monat

    I’m really glad you posted this video as I’m currently painting some tabaxi that look like your cats as I couldn’t really think of a color scheme

  • Breandan
    BreandanVor Monat

    I would like this video repeatedly if I could, because cat!

  • Luke Georgeou
    Luke GeorgeouVor Monat

    Never seen your channel before. Are the cats the meme for the channel? I love how you start an unboxing where you can't see the box because your cat is cleaning himself. I'm not sure how serious you really were about this video, I found it very interesting, to say the least. Although, if you plan on continuing to do unboxings in the future, an observation; you're very monotoned when describing items of the box and sound completely disinterested in the product. Again, I'm new here and I'm not sure if that's just the humor of your channel or accidental, but it seemed odd. Thanks for the video regardless! cheers!

  • Yellonet
    YellonetVor Monat

    Cats in Warhammer boxes could probably work as it's own channel tbh...

  • Ragnar Alpaca
    Ragnar AlpacaVor Monat


  • adam harp
    adam harpVor Monat

    I've watched multiple reviews of this box, and they all say the same thing: Not worth the price.

  • David Hollander
    David HollanderVor Monat

    Couldn't get $160 worth of models, had to make it up with cat box footage to sell on the cat box footage black market.

  • anthony gambatese
    anthony gambateseVor Monat

    Come on -- it’s a way overpriced box with 12 miniatures, garbage terrain, and an incomplete rule book! If your too scared that GW will come hunt you down then you shouldn’t do these videos! We need to band together and not buy this overpriced box. Need to send a message to GW

  • Andrew Pyrah
    Andrew PyrahVor Monat

    Came for the review. Stayed for the cats :)

  • flo muz
    flo muzVor Monat

    Now this is the content iam looking for cat, cats and more cats, cats in boxes cats out of boxes.........yeah we need more painting warhammer videos with cats or my cats first warhammer miniature......

  • Jeswin Jose IX B
    Jeswin Jose IX BVor Monat

    A day may come when the hyperocket soars,but it is not this day!

  • sarcasticlittleass
    sarcasticlittleassVor Monat

    I can understand that a lot of reviews are not that great because the priice americans pay is just bonkers. I payed 100 euros (about 120 dollars when writing this) which is actually okay. The box is good, if you want everything in it, if not then it is mediocre. My guess is that GW hoped to make a cash grab on people who desperately wanted heavy Intercessors ahead of time.

  • delenn101
    delenn101Vor Monat

    I love your videos. Keep em comin... :-)

  • Susan Attai
    Susan AttaiVor Monat

    Your cats are sooo cute. Were there models in this vid? ;)

  • Melissa ren
    Melissa renVor Monat

    Love those cute cats sooo cute little darlings.. Love the box idea mate. ❤️😻😊.. Warhammer or Cat hammer

  • Waldgeist
    WaldgeistVor Monat

    For what it's worth, those horizontal bars are most likely "standing waves" of 50 Hz variety (or 60 Hz depending on what cycle your local electricity runs at). Most likely you have some kind of LED lights? If the electricity cycles from 1 to 0 to -1 the LEDs actually flicker with the frequency of the change. You eyes can't see it. Your camera however "flickers" as well and if those nice and awesome transistor flickers synchronize you get standing waves in your video footage. You could try to get LED lights that have their own transformer, that changes the alternating current to direct current with a buffer, that stops the current from dropping and the lights from flickering. Another bonus of that is that LED lights that don't flicker are much less tiring for your eyes.

  • Garrett Rodgers
    Garrett RodgersVor Monat

    i need more videos like this to watch with my friend

  • AK Painting
    AK PaintingVor Monat

    Good review! You should do more! Remember the Space Marine Adventures box set that was available at Target? Well this reminds me of that on steroids hahaha. I will definitely pass on this one!

  • Infact19
    Infact19Vor Monat

    "Let's stick a cat in there"

  • TheRealDadoom
    TheRealDadoomVor Monat

    My takeaway from this, is that you better appreciate the box, because the contents is a joke..... But also this was the review we needed.

  • Nidhogg vom Walde
    Nidhogg vom WaldeVor Monat

    Gw is f....ing the fan community, sorry, but that's the truth.


    Most people buy a box for the minis, not the terrain, dice and cards. And for those people who want to buy and play the game, they are down 160$ and still need an extra rulebook.

  • RichardReads
    RichardReadsVor Monat

    5:36 Goobertown Cats are not impressed.

  • Niels Buster
    Niels BusterVor Monat

    Hahaha best box review i have seen in a while!!

  • Geteav Nroc
    Geteav NrocVor Monat

    OMG, I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! This is an amazing vid. Thank you, sir!

  • Spikey Bits
    Spikey BitsVor Monat


  • waldgir
    waldgirVor Monat

    I liked it because of cats.

  • Smokey Crow
    Smokey CrowVor Monat


  • Simeon Smith
    Simeon SmithVor Monat

    Are your cats always that chill?!

  • Ben Hegi
    Ben HegiVor Monat


  • Joe P
    Joe PVor Monat

    Snuffles! Down in front! I can't see the sprues!

  • Ben B
    Ben BVor Monat

    Im collecting Judge Dredd minis because warham is to expensive for me, might try kill team though :)

  • Mr Magpye
    Mr MagpyeVor Monat

    Awesome finally found a proper box review

  • Vangelus
    VangelusVor Monat

    GW would be fools not to see the value in continuing this excellent product feedback relationship

  • Joel Deye
    Joel DeyeVor Monat

    Loved the video! Yep, here’s the kit. Nothing to knock your socks off, so let’s watch some cats..😁

  • Almond Tree
    Almond TreeVor Monat

    More cats please 🐈

  • Windgrowler
    WindgrowlerVor Monat

    Honest Review... of the BOX! lol! :3 =^.^=

  • Tony Stoyanov
    Tony StoyanovVor Monat

    More cats!

  • Mycatistypingthis
    MycatistypingthisVor Monat

    May I recommend the Altar Quest box? It comes in another box (together with the stretch goals) which is large enough to make a cat house. I've already backed the next project (fantasy figures), because I have two cats (there is also the thing about either having about 200 models and costing less than this box, though detail is less). Boxes that ship pillows are also good, and cheaper.

  • jrod25x
    jrod25xVor Monat

    Best video ever!! Thank you for the entertainment.

  • Lord Zarfax
    Lord ZarfaxVor Monat


  • Zorpazorp
    ZorpazorpVor Monat

    The before times as in 'klaxxons and brute squads?' THAT was kill team haha :D

  • Adorkable
    AdorkableVor Monat

    Look at the kitties! I want to pet them so much!

  • GutShot Crypto
    GutShot CryptoVor Monat

    Your quirky video really wants to make me buy the f00k out of this edition.

  • DJRockford83
    DJRockford83Vor Monat

    Yowzers £120/$160 for 12 models and some barrels, hard pass GeeDubs. Saving up for Cursed City

  • Lasz gaming
    Lasz gamingVor Monat

    More Cat Reviews =)

  • Emil Gustafsson
    Emil GustafssonVor Monat

    Nice box review.

  • Andrei Balakan
    Andrei BalakanVor Monat

    The best part about this kit is your cat, definitely =)

  • Syrinx
    SyrinxVor Monat

    Hey Brent you ever put that measure stick next to a tape measure....

  • eduardo luis nutbeam sanchez
    eduardo luis nutbeam sanchezVor Monat

    I like your videos....... They calm me when frustrated painting

  • Chiris
    ChirisVor Monat

    I have 8 cats and found this info very useful. Thumbs up.

  • Reuben Sullivan
    Reuben SullivanVor Monat

    Great video hope it dose well 👍🏻

  • Colin B
    Colin BVor Monat

    I rate your cats 11/10 would pet

  • dinosaurblue
    dinosaurblueVor Monat

    This box feels like GW had a small expansion for Kill Team Arena sitting around that never went anywhere, and so threw it in a box with a few remaining straggler models that hadn't been released yet.

  • Skippy Henderson
    Skippy HendersonVor Monat

    Have you heard Be Glad I Love You by BugHunter? Apparently he's a goober.


    The box and video not worth my time

  • Andy Ashbey
    Andy AshbeyVor Monat

    Id buy the box for my cat, not for the content. Cheers for making my mind up

  • Krwekrw
    KrwekrwVor Monat

    Honestly? I would watch like 10 more mins of cats!

  • Marissa
    MarissaVor Monat

    I want every single model in that box, and its still not worth it to me. I wish it was better value.

  • Trovarion Miniatures
    Trovarion MiniaturesVor Monat

    Strategically placed cat!

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis RodriguezVor Monat

    Catboxing is the best kind of unboxing

  • TypeiZ
    TypeiZVor Monat

    i like your cat =)

  • Painting Sallies
    Painting SalliesVor Monat

    Never have I seen trolling done with such good-natured humour, nor with so much cat content. Excellent work. It remains to be seen whether GW send you free stuff ever again 😂

  • Damien Wise
    Damien WiseVor Monat

    That's the best unboxing video I've ever seen. I don't think I could tire of seeing more catboxing videos! :)

  • Assembly_Language
    Assembly_LanguageVor Monat

    There is never enough cats in boxes. This was a great video. I went ahead and bought it for the models. I am not a fan of these Killteam rules, if it used Warcry rules, it would be 100000x better

  • Assembly_Language
    Assembly_LanguageVor Monat


  • Andrew Pepper-Parsons
    Andrew Pepper-ParsonsVor Monat

    Great video, thoughtful as ever. Come for the models stay for the cats!

  • henryEZ
    henryEZVor Monat

    spending ages talking about the fucking cardboard boxes. cmon edit; ok nvm. i get it now. but what a waste of time regardless...u sure as hell dont want to get review stock, though

  • Jake Mcaulay
    Jake McaulayVor Monat

    Your cats make me feel a deep sense of joy 😊.

  • Federico Pinci
    Federico PinciVor Monat

    yes price is totally over the top... but I would say this is the general direction GW is taking. Once again. And as always recasters will be glad to come to the rescue. How it is possible GW does not get it's not the 90s anymore and they have competitors out there including other companies, recasters and 3d printers so they cannot just get away with anything is mysterious. The fact stock options are going great does not mean people have infinite money to throw at them: there comes a point when cheaper alternatives become tempting.

  • Random Dude
    Random DudeVor Monat

    Yes! That's an honest review I like! I don't have cats, but man I should really get some! They go great with my boxes!

  • Filip Dembski
    Filip DembskiVor Monat

    That's the best unboxing ever, and who did cat painting in the background? It's genious!

  • Ian Roth
    Ian RothVor Monat

    2 thining i dont care for cats & unboxing, but.... that was cool .

  • Jack Wells
    Jack WellsVor Monat

    So Brent was the orange cat the whole time

  • Joel Hall
    Joel HallVor Monat

    My cats enjoyed this review and will continue using the indomitus box instead.

  • Brady Hargett
    Brady HargettVor Monat

    Love the cat content 👌 no shame in being a proud cat daddy

  • TheDemonGyro
    TheDemonGyroVor Monat

    If you released a video of just your cats playing in boxes, it'd probably get 100,000 views because I would have it on repeat for sure :p

  • Effenent
    EffenentVor Monat

    You should consider a second channel that's just cats in boxes.

  • Ben Lucas
    Ben LucasVor Monat

    it was amazingly funny.

  • B Kromatic
    B KromaticVor Monat

    Kitties and 40k! its "caterific?"

  • mindset
    mindsetVor Monat

    Excellent as always. The effects of box depth on feline nesting preference is an understudied field and I'm glad someone's finally getting into it.