Learning To Jump By Yourself Vs Being Taught By A Pro

In this video I’m going to spend an entire day by myself trying to improve my technique and then I’ll call in an expert to give me some advice on what I should be doing and we’ll compare the results. Grab your Merch here 👉 bit.ly/PunterStore

This year I want to spend more time riding jumps. For the past 5 years, I’ve really been prioritising my fitness and cornering as I’ve been wanting to improve my racing. But that competitive interest has now gone and I just want to have fun on my bike, so putting some focus back on jumps is what I’ll do.

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  • Paul The Punter
    Paul The PunterVor Monat

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  • Julian van der Merwe
    Julian van der MerweVor 4 Tage

    Lol what I always did with jumps at the skatepark on my bmx is to take a few runs, at least one that I knew was way too fast and at least one that I knew was way too slow. Then I worked my way towards it from there. But jumping is hard when you're trying to figure it out on your own.

  • Ride Slide & DIY
    Ride Slide & DIYVor 10 Tage

    Can Matt give me tips on jumping a hardtail?

  • Filip Václavovský
    Filip VáclavovskýVor 10 Tage

    Am I only one confused? Watching 8 minutes of wrong technique isnt useful. Maybe more shots of your buddy, he killed it! Sorry Paul, not helping me!

  • Doichin Doichev
    Doichin DoichevVor 11 Tage

    I'm exactly like, Paul! I practice cornering, line choice and pumping to be better on the tracks, but I just can't jump! I can only do the smaller ones and I just don't like doing anything bigger than 1,5-2 meters because it scares me and I don't get any enjoyment out of it. So I keep my tires to the ground and only pop off small jumps

  • Sardar Karanbir Singh
    Sardar Karanbir SinghVor 12 Tage

    main video have been started from 4:42

  • Dan Pratt
    Dan PrattVor 18 Tage

    ‘After five years that competitive interest has now gone’ sounds like ‘after 5 years all the younger upcoming riders are waaaay faster...’ welcome to the unforgiving truth that you’re getting older!!!

    MORZYMOOVor 18 Tage

    Just send it!! on your own or with others its all fun

  • alfred Suarez
    alfred SuarezVor 22 Tage

    arent you riding shitty un purpose?

  • Oliviu
    OliviuVor 24 Tage

    Hey, Paul I'm looking for a new enduro bike... What you can recommend me? I want to have fun with it and ride it every where from green trails (with my family) to whistler...

  • EveryTingPropperTV
    EveryTingPropperTVVor 24 Tage

    Nice video.... give me confidence to take on the jumps 🚵‍♂️

  • Steve S
    Steve SVor 28 Tage

    Why does it always seem like you go and stare at your feet as soon as you come off a jump. It's the weirdest thing... If you're looking for the landing, it's in front of you. It's strange to me that no one is telling you to look ahead off a jump - ya know, the most basic thing before worrying about everything else.

  • Joel Nalindhom
    Joel NalindhomVor 28 Tage

    Great tips 🙂 Thanks

  • David Wilson-Roberts
    David Wilson-RobertsVor 28 Tage

    I think you need to watch the video back a few times...and stop being so hard on yourself! 😉 You made HUGE progress on those jumps by the end of the video!!! 💪🏼👊🏼😜🤟🏼

  • OutOfThisVan
    OutOfThisVanVor 28 Tage

    Love the plug before the Part Time Freerider merch!

  • The Butler
    The ButlerVor 29 Tage

    Paul's exhausted end of the day jumps... my start of the day. On a trail bike I had a lot of fun.. but with the throttle taken away... Yiiiiii (and I still consider an E bike as admitting defeat... I'm only 50+, no electric wheel chair for me yet.

  • Jeff Wertz
    Jeff WertzVor Monat

    Good vid Paul! You're funny, entertaining, and i learned something. The Trifecta

  • Yannick Lamoureux
    Yannick LamoureuxVor Monat

    Nice bike park😉

  • Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro TeixeiraVor Monat

    Entertaining video.. but, fake.

  • Stinky Ham
    Stinky HamVor Monat

    "Fear comes from not knowing what's going to happen", that's the best advice I've ever heard about biking. I'm going to remeber that next time I hit the trails.

  • Jim Herald
    Jim HeraldVor Monat

    Where in England are you from? Really curious

  • Josip Kasalo
    Josip KasaloVor Monat

    Expert with 15+ years of experience showed me how to jump that one jump and i learned it in 10mins

  • Zungtong Lo
    Zungtong LoVor Monat

    i like the t shirt


    Are you still singing? Remember what Tracey said.

  • Ryan Evans
    Ryan EvansVor Monat

    Is this squamish

  • Barry Buddon
    Barry BuddonVor Monat

    Me watching every jump: you need more speed.

  • Euan Kirkhope
    Euan KirkhopeVor Monat

    I felt a bit depressed after watching this video. Come on Mr Punter. Don't sound so down and defeatist. At least try to put a positive spin on it! Don't tell us you didn't like making the video, and want to do other stuff, kind of makes watching it pointless. I've lost my jump ability too (along with an extra 10Kg covid weight). You can't expect to just flick a switch and get back to the old days. Takes trial, error, work and perspiration. Stiff upper lip and all that, or I'll have to report you to the Department of UnBritishness. Maybee add some more crashes too if your going to properly suck at something. :)

  • Euan Kirkhope

    Euan Kirkhope

    Vor Monat

    ps enjoyed the video, and seeing some actual typical pain of trying to get something...

  • Don Spradley
    Don SpradleyVor Monat

    Thank you and loved the video

  • Rafe Maxwell
    Rafe MaxwellVor Monat

    Getting good at jumps and feeling comfortable in the air just takes a lot, like a lot a lot of practice. Plan on riding forever? Spend a year riding DJ's and pump tracks 4-7 times a week, not even MTB much. Get back to full time MTB in a year and not only are you gonna be a better MTB rider, you're gonna be way better at jumps and have way more style and it'll be like you never stopped. Don't lament that you're bad at jumps, just put in the work and you'll be good 🥂

  • Peter pemrich
    Peter pemrichVor Monat

    Okay this is getting really old though people need to stop coming out with their own merch there's enough s*** out there man

  • Patrick O'Farrell
    Patrick O'FarrellVor Monat

    Joel's camera work is killing me. Those abrupt zooms and shakey hand make it hard to watch. I still did it though. Nice progression @paulthepunter. Can't wait to get back out your way to hit the trails.

  • robin hood
    robin hoodVor Monat

    by the way that 3/4 shirt in your link is awesome 🤘

  • Mark Smith
    Mark SmithVor Monat

    Isn't that The Chief?

  • Elliot Stokes
    Elliot StokesVor Monat

    Please keep trying with jumps. Get more coaching. You can tell it's all in your head!!!

  • AMC 01
    AMC 01Vor Monat

    Try going back to flats mate just for your jumping practice, it might free you up a bit

  • Unprofessional Kyle
    Unprofessional KyleVor Monat

    Dude all you really have to do it hit the lip - *WAPASH* - and get pitted! So pitted. Maybe you're doing too much? Do less... like literally do nothing. Ok, you gotta do more than that. Just go fast and pull up the lip...

  • sebastian knebel
    sebastian knebelVor Monat

    Nice Work Punter!!! I like the drone scenes and pictures from Squamish 💙

  • cornishcactus
    cornishcactusVor Monat

    Early 2019 I was making progress, I had confidence to try new jumps, beginning to hit doubles then knee issues meant I couldn't ride much and when I got fitter again I wasn't able to wear pads else risk the knee problem flaring up. Add in Covid's No Gnar Not far taking away the familiarity and practice with the fear from no pads added in and I was back to very small stuff and bottling jumps I'd normally not even think about. I'm hoping this summer to address this and try and refind that confidence and progression.

  • Matt Andrews
    Matt AndrewsVor Monat

    Hey Paul mate! Great to see you enjoying life and producing great content 😎🤘🏻

  • Connor O'Brien
    Connor O'BrienVor Monat

    What’s that 3/4 shirt you’re wearing?

  • sturat31
    sturat31Vor Monat

    Always love your content, Paul! Can't wait to get to Squamish ASAP. Would love to bump into you on the trails!

  • Sam Bennett Worship
    Sam Bennett WorshipVor Monat

    I’d say if you don’t like doing it, don’t. It shows

  • The Almost Average Athlete
    The Almost Average AthleteVor Monat

    Really enjoying the new format Paul. I feel like i'm in the same boat as you and many others with jumping. I would feel so much more comfortable and quicker on the trails if i could half master jumping i'm sure!!!

  • saas lel
    saas lelVor Monat

    you need to stand up at the time when your front wheel left the lip but the backwheel is still on it

  • Joe f
    Joe fVor Monat

    ride a hardtail......

  • Pat Paulo
    Pat PauloVor Monat

    Paul, I’m a fan of your YT channel, so I’m going to say this with honesty and sorry to say it will sound harsh. I’ve never thought of you having jumping as a one of your strengths. Humbleness, a passion for helping others to improve, courage to try lethal looking slabs etc. Yes! But jumping? Er no. Great demonstration of how to improve by taking lessons from someone who really knows how to ride, can watch what you’re doing and give good advice on what to change in order to improve👍


    Its hard to jump my hardtail, its a Commencal Meta HT setup to 29er wheels. Tried it on a fullsuspension can't either. How Unlucky of me

  • Sebastian Glenn
    Sebastian GlennVor Monat

    paul my first tip is a full frame when doing jump lines. i recently broke my maxilla and nose in 20+ places due to not wearing a full face and crashing on my normal warm up trail. it doesn’t matter if it’s overkill, you’ll thank yourself later!

  • r rolleman

    r rolleman

    Vor Monat

    @Sebastian Glenn A full frame would help too. ;)

  • Sebastian Glenn

    Sebastian Glenn

    Vor Monat

    *full face

  • Jolyn Corry
    Jolyn CorryVor Monat

    0:12 bed.fyi

  • Felix Kropp
    Felix KroppVor Monat

    Anyone knows which fender Paul ist running in the front?

  • Yuuup
    YuuupVor Monat

    I dunno man, these freight-train length bikes we're being fed these days are definitely more challenging on small jumps. Probably best to just hit bigger jumps...

  • Daniel Eisen
    Daniel EisenVor Monat

    This type of video is very helpful. Also, having trouble getting full pop out of jump.

  • 2002william
    2002williamVor Monat

    I like the videos Paul but I often feel like you underestimate yourself a lot! Maybe try to be more confident!

    MLO VISUALVor Monat

    The Bolton’s were defeated by Jon Snow. How has this one slipped away?

  • Outlaw cat on the loose
    Outlaw cat on the looseVor Monat

    Geez Paul is this your third video on having a pro instruct you on how to jump.

  • Matt Bolton
    Matt BoltonVor Monat

    Always fun riding with you Paul! Here's a few tips for people looking to work on their jumping. 1: Practice pumping to get speed, local pumptrack or flow trails are great 2: Get your J-hops dialed. This will help you pop/pull off the lip for height 3: Go hit some jumps and practice, ride with people who can show you the correct speed and give you pointers to work on!

  • Christopher Hogan

    Christopher Hogan

    Vor Monat

    @Matt Bolton oh ok

  • Matt Bolton

    Matt Bolton

    Vor Monat

    @finproductions the correct shoes and pedals go a long way, I use Ride Concept Shoes and OneUp pedals.

  • Matt Bolton

    Matt Bolton

    Vor Monat

    @Christopher Hogan A J-Hop is a front wheel lift then rear wheel - A bunny hop is both wheels at the same time

  • finproductions


    Vor Monat

    When you jump how do you make sure to keep your feet on the pedals?

  • What the hell are you starin' at !

    What the hell are you starin' at !

    Vor Monat

    @Christopher Hogan I think is the american bunny hop

  • Dominic Penalosa
    Dominic PenalosaVor Monat

    3:41 i told u the earth is flat

  • MrSupermugen
    MrSupermugenVor Monat

    Your comment about bike length etc for jumping is true, a bigger bike requires alot more weight movement to do the same thing - this is extra true on smaller jumps. lets take my stable as an example, my 2021 slash is big, i can pop up over jumps but im buggerd by the bottom. My 21 remedy - can pop alot more easier and launch the bike with alot less effort and throw in more tricks... i also feel much less tired at the bottom. 29ers also suck for jumping.

  • Sean S
    Sean SVor Monat

    More compression on the rear, its absorbing too much of the lip. Also 'too much' rebound damping won't allow you to get the pop you're looking for. Bike setup makes a difference on jump tracks. Flats and a few pushups wouldn't hurt either 😉

  • Trail Time Tim
    Trail Time TimVor Monat

    I think you’re your own biggest enemy, you need to stop thinking “I can’t” and start thinking “I can”. After all, MTB is mostly a head game.

  • Enrico Tagliavini
    Enrico TagliaviniVor Monat

    I'm so glad I found your channel, enjoy a lot so far. I had to get the Team Slow and awkward Jersey and tee for me and the wife (she loved it too), it's so appropriate. The new part time freerider is pretty cool too.

  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat

    Awesome - thanks for the support and have fun out there!

  • Craig Barth
    Craig BarthVor Monat

    Haha I could totally see this being me, except with my wheels barely leaving the ground. Jumping is one of those things I'm terrible at and reluctant to learn/practice but I know is holding my enjoyment of biking back, that n drop offs, steep sections, basically general fear of crashing haha I should really just stick to running.

  • MeAndMyBike Forever
    MeAndMyBike ForeverVor Monat

    There is one tip you need to do good jumps: BUY A TRANSITION

  • Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera

    Vor Monat

    Lol don't hit the breaks 🤣

  • Owen Birch
    Owen BirchVor Monat

    Take the fucking clips off

  • Owen Birch
    Owen BirchVor Monat

    Take the clips off

  • Owen Birch
    Owen BirchVor Monat

    If you want to jump then you need to ride in flats. Its just what you need to do.

  • H B
    H BVor Monat

    Why do you have one tan wall and one black tire???

  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat

    Trying different combos for testing

  • angel villalta
    angel villaltaVor Monat

    Keep up the good work Paul again like I've mentioned before in previous videos on your comment section I think you would get a confidence boost by wearing more protective gear full face helmet, elbow pads, back protector, neck brace, etc. Once you build that confidence you'll be able to shed those extra layers. One more thing to add is if you look at the footage you've posted, when following Matt you look more confident than usual but also if you compare Matt's head position you'll see he's looking ahead while you're looking at the ground bellow you while airborne. I truly think the proper protective gear will give you that confidence to collect more air miles on your journey.

  • Agzy Carini
    Agzy CariniVor Monat

    That’s one thing I need to invest more time in! Don’t know how to feel comfortable in the air

  • Drew's Enthused
    Drew's EnthusedVor Monat

    Practise doesn't make perfect, it makes perminent.

  • Francis Cooper

    Francis Cooper

    Vor Monat

    Justin guitar?

  • LeaLöwin
    LeaLöwinVor Monat

    you should practice bumpjumping ... like 3inch Bumps max, and bunnyhop pop the hell out of them ... no lip to assist your takeoff ... just your bunnyhop and the RIGHT TIMING ...works magic ... you instantly feel when you get the timing right and get over a foot of an 5inch kind of bunnyhop ... also pump up your shock a bit more ... gives more support when pumping the lip and better feedback on if you are doing it right.

  • M Modtomic
    M ModtomicVor Monat

    It's good to keep in mind that some days you just won't have "it" and while someone who's been hitting big jumps hard for a while might be able to ride around not having "it" on any given day, someone Learning to hit big jumps hard should throw in the towel for the day early. Plus, not everybody has a friend to tow you in and analyze technique. Some of us just Have to figure it out on our own. But if your having a bad day, don't try to force it. Work on something else.

  • Mac Hunter-Lyons
    Mac Hunter-LyonsVor Monat

    Be careful with spending so much time practicing something you are unsure you are doing correct or not. Practice makes permanent, so PERFECT practice makes PERFECT. I have a lot of experience of training myself for a skill just to have to UNLEARN everything once I was shown how to properly do it. It’s much easier (and safer depending on the skill) to have someone train you.

  • Thomas Lane

    Thomas Lane

    Vor Monat

    I can totally relate to that statement. Last year I sucked at jumps, so I thought if I practice on this local jump line I'll get better. The third run landed me in the hospital for 5 days and off the bike for 3 months. I still suck at jumps.

  • Mario Presi
    Mario PresiVor Monat

    I have been following your channel for a but now..my advice on jumping is: get advice by an mtb instructor / coach. I offer 1 to 1 lessons in my local area in Italy and every time I get a new client I deconstruct the way they ride and start over again from the ground up, filming my clients while the execute moves so they can see what they are doing. Been able to “see yourself” is crucial for improvement.

  • chimps4gimps
    chimps4gimpsVor Monat

    Maybe you need to crash? Face your fears 🔥🙃😉

  • Talon Procter
    Talon ProcterVor Monat

    thats why it took me 3 years to hit a 5 ft gap on my own🤣

  • Sazy Plew
    Sazy PlewVor Monat

    What was the point of this vid? It wasn’t much relevant to the title, or that message was lost, and I didn’t come away w much of anything applicable to take to the trails, jumps, be em self exploration vs pro assist, or otherwise. Best I got is Paul in the past could jump, whereas Paul today can’t, and he’s no interest in working on improvements, but making vids for others to improve, which begs the question how can you influence others to improve if you yourself aren’t working on the very same improvements.

  • Sazy Plew

    Sazy Plew

    Vor 20 Tage

    @Kade Hartley you don’t say...I’m flabbergasted 😂

  • Daniel Saldenius

    Daniel Saldenius

    Vor Monat

    My thoughts as well. So if you are bad at jumping use a coach. As Paul did. But it didn’t work. But it will influence others to do so.

  • Kade Hartley

    Kade Hartley

    Vor Monat

    More to MTB riding than just jumping, my friend.

  • TheNotoriousMIC
    TheNotoriousMICVor Monat

    Yeah fuck hitting jumps in the wind.

  • Matt
    MattVor Monat

    Looking down at your front wheel on the take-off is causing the majority of your issues

  • angel villalta

    angel villalta

    Vor Monat


  • ARK
    ARKVor Monat

    I can’t figure out how to properly rotate the bike in the air on jumps so the wheels line up with the slope. It feels like I’m going to land heavy on my rear wheel, or over rotate onto my front wheel (and end up over the handlebars). I can do drops off of high elements, but I can’t do jumps (where the ramp slopes up). I think it’s partly a mental thing (fear of launching up), versus just dropping down.

  • silvio dos santos junior
    silvio dos santos juniorVor Monat

    in September 2019 I was hit by a car. several months of recovery learning to walk again. doctors said i would not ride a bike again. today after relearning how to balance my body, I’m jumping again. this type of video helps me a lot, because everything is different now. Thank you for doing so and sharing

  • Beans


    Vor 11 Tage

    This is why you don't give up

  • Bobcat


    Vor Monat

    Great job !! I can relate very much to the struggle! I have some health issues that mess with my riding now at age 48 . I ridden bmx since the 80s , but now I'm growing to like Mtb and unfortunately I feel like a brand new rider with no knowledge and it gets frustrating!!

  • Pat Paulo

    Pat Paulo

    Vor Monat

    Coming back from an injury is hard. It sounds like you have had a very serious injury and an especially difficult time to recovery. Awesome that you’ve made back. I’m stoked for you‼️🤘

  • Martin Dunajsky

    Martin Dunajsky

    Vor Monat

    Glad you recovered!

  • The Pedal's Advocate
    The Pedal's AdvocateVor Monat

    Funny Punter. At the 5:00 mark..... You are FAAAAR better than me. And it is apparent that be is FAAAAR better than you. 🤣 Life goals. Great video.

  • Jonathan MTB
    Jonathan MTBVor Monat

    Nice vid

  • VanCan
    VanCanVor Monat

    Let’s go ride jumps.

  • Glitch Man

    Glitch Man

    Vor 29 Tage

    Seems to me when going off the hips you tend to lean your bike the opposite direction. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the ride

  • r rolleman

    r rolleman

    Vor Monat

    @Paul The Punter Don't quit. Then I'll have an excuse to quit. I don't need to send it like a champ, but it would be great to have nice flow in the air off medium jumps. I need you to need this, Paul. ;)

  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat

    I’ve quit

  • The Crashing Dad
    The Crashing DadVor Monat

    Influencing 😎

  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat


  • Paul S
    Paul SVor Monat

    Thanks for the video Paul. You might not like to make that kind but it does show a lot of people that the struggle is real and that in order to keep skills you have to use them and practice often and even better if you have a friend that can help you. Looking forward to your next series of videos.

  • kev vandy
    kev vandyVor Monat

    I hate the feeling that if I'd get off the bike and give it a shove down the hill that it could do better by itself than when I was on it.

  • Isaac Dean
    Isaac DeanVor Monat


  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat

    This guy made this

  • Nate's Outdoor Adventures
    Nate's Outdoor AdventuresVor Monat

    I think a lot of people can relate with Paul that helping people is one of the most fun things you can do!

  • W. Baillie
    W. BaillieVor Monat

    Everyone has good days and bad days. Practice will make good days great and bad days good. Keep Riding

  • Nate's Outdoor Adventures
    Nate's Outdoor AdventuresVor Monat

    Paul: Torturing myself is good for views, right?

  • Michael Byrne
    Michael ByrneVor Monat

    Pls like.................................... .

  • Charlie Wilson
    Charlie WilsonVor Monat

    Keep going chap!

  • James
    JamesVor Monat

    Would you say there’s any specific bike setup changes that you would do depending on what your riding. For example if riding jump lines all day would you go for a stiffer setup than what you would run on rocky descents. Would you add more rebound for dh riding? Or if you get the perfect setup is this good for every occasion. Cheers

  • Trail Time Tim

    Trail Time Tim

    Vor Monat

    Absolutely if you’re riding park/jumps all day and not Rocky chunk you should add a few more PSI front and rear to both your tyres and your suspension to give you that extra bit of rolling speed and pop. You can also slow down your rear rebound a bit to make your bike more predictable. That’s exactly what the pros do for big jump lines like dark fest and it translates to smaller/mid-sized jumps too.

  • Lenny


    Vor Monat

    I would say consistency is more important, so keep your bike set up the same no matter what. It may make jumping easier to have hard suspension but you will also make the bike feel completely different

  • Mart Roubos

    Mart Roubos

    Vor Monat

    @Armin mtb thats really bad for your suspension

  • Armin mtb

    Armin mtb

    Vor Monat

    Lockout your suspension when jumping, in my experience it helps so much

  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat

    Nope, just keep everything balanced

  • Armin mtb
    Armin mtbVor Monat

    The secret method for Learning how to jump good is ............... “Practice”

  • wikwero
    wikweroVor Monat

    I really enjoyed the vid. Plese make part 2 Paul.

  • Jens Bruggemann
    Jens BruggemannVor Monat

    Wait, we don't need to watch this twice?

  • Adam Vanwinkle
    Adam VanwinkleVor Monat

    Arg, I want a “Part time Freerider” jersey!!! I’m grabbing a 3/4-T for now but just wanted I throw that out there!

  • Paul The Punter

    Paul The Punter

    Vor Monat


  • Owen Gellatly
    Owen GellatlyVor Monat

    Send it

  • Anubhav Raj
    Anubhav RajVor Monat

    what song is that in the background in the beginning