Right-Wing Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Went After Biden's Dog | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Why did Newsmax's Greg Kelly decide to go after the Bidens' dog? MSNBC's Brian Williams takes a look. Aired on 02/20/2021.
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Right-Wing Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Went After Biden's Dog | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  • Wayne Ann Ladringan
    Wayne Ann LadringanVor Tag

    Ewan ko sa 'yo Kuya...Matanda na si Champ. Kung naging aso ka, mas guapo pa nga s'ya sa 'yo kahit senior dog na s'ya...Kung wala kang magawa,h'wag mong idamay si Champ...Bet you didn't understand that, did you?

  • Kevin Ander
    Kevin AnderVor 2 Tage

    CBS, CNN, ABC, MSN, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, Washington Post, and big tech are liars, and need to be prosecuted for conspiracy and spreading false propaganda and hate on the American people.

  • Kevin Ander
    Kevin AnderVor 2 Tage

    For those of you not following the 2020 election audits that are starting to come to light, it is now clearly apparent that the left has manipulated votes in all the swing states to make it appear that corrupt Joe Biden won the election. It is now a fact that the left has gone against the will of the people and illegally taken control of our government to undo everything President Trump did as president and to cram all their radical ideologies down our throats, and steal from the American people under the ruse of stimulus packages and infrastructure bills.

  • DC News
    DC NewsVor 4 Tage

    It's true though......the dog looks dirty, like it came from a junkyard, disheveled and confused, not clean or combed. Definitely doesn't look like a Presidential White House dog.

  • F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.
    F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.Vor 4 Tage

    I hope it’s not covid related . A little rough just like his master Biden . That look in the dog is when it sees black roaming the White House grounds .. lol

  • Jacknitro916
    Jacknitro916Vor 8 Tage

    He just bit another staffer...I actually like this dog, hope he gets a good bite out of raggety ann Psaki

  • mimiluvfromsf
    mimiluvfromsfVor 10 Tage

    All mainstream, liberal, news critters are jealous of Greg Kelly who is very popular with truth seekers.

  • Mary Gessell
    Mary GessellVor 11 Tage

    I know this is old news but I’m amused by their righteous indignation for saying something about the dog but seem to be perfectly fine with criticism about our Presidents youngest son or making fun and criticizing the most beautiful, gracious and humble First Lady. You hypocrites. You really are pathetic .

  • Sherise Todd
    Sherise ToddVor 12 Tage

    Champ looks beautiful as does Major.

  • Seth Appenzeller
    Seth AppenzellerVor 12 Tage

    When they brought the panel in, I lost it

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt LucasVor 17 Tage

    Lmao, start calling it “left wing” MSNBC then

  • Vincent
    VincentVor 18 Tage

    This guy has actually been trained to speak like trump lmao. It's a cult.

  • utubeu812
    utubeu812Vor 21 Tag

    you people are pathetic

  • Raman Preciado
    Raman PreciadoVor 23 Tage

    This video did not age well that dog actually ended up biting a staffer or probably was the other dog, still.

  • Kelli
    KelliVor 24 Tage

    Your conversation grows tiresome.

  • Frank Nguyen
    Frank NguyenVor Monat

    Dog’s story.

  • Bella T
    Bella TVor Monat

    This correspondent was fired for lying about being ambushed during an assignment. Can we really trust him???

  • Mark Hernandez

    Mark Hernandez

    Vor Monat

    NO , we can't!

  • Jean Daquila
    Jean DaquilaVor Monat

    Hey, Dopey??! This is an elderly dog. And he’s very good looking. Geeeez !!

  • Jean Daquila
    Jean DaquilaVor Monat

    Can these idiots sink any lower?

  • DevvMag 52
    DevvMag 52Vor Monat

    Tame compared to the nonsense you all have been pulling over the past four years.

  • BlastHardCheese


    Vor 21 Tag

    Got any examples?

  • Steve Cordova
    Steve CordovaVor Monat

    So they're about the same age, how sweet.

  • Helen Varner
    Helen VarnerVor Monat

    I hear the Biden dogs were booted out of the White House for aggressive behavior. Could it be they can't even control the dogs?

  • wilmer silmer
    wilmer silmerVor Monat

    Put them down

  • 1surlygirl
    1surlygirlVor Monat

    Greg, it's time to hang it up, you tasteless, clueless, feckless hack.

  • Bridget C
    Bridget CVor Monat

    Of course he did!

  • david bradberry
    david bradberryVor Monat

    MSNBC sucks to the max!!!

  • Northern Lights
    Northern LightsVor Monat

    we love greg kelly! obviously, they are news starved as they cant attack the frail biden . can you say ratings plummeting

  • rodney keith
    rodney keithVor Monat

    You are a disgrace to America. Retire

  • wiccachica31
    wiccachica31Vor Monat

    Doggo has dementia like his owner. How long before Biden bites someone next🤔

  • Blue Star
    Blue StarVor Monat

    German Shepard is a white supremacist type dog---they are are likely to attack and bite Jews and Blacks. This shows Bidens true colors indeed.

  • david bradberry
    david bradberryVor Monat

    The dog is smarter than it's owner!!!!

  • david bradberry
    david bradberryVor Monat


  • benjamin manry
    benjamin manryVor Monat

    This should be solved by a fight where newsmax reporter vs champ

  • benjamin manry
    benjamin manryVor Monat

    This should be solved by a fight

  • Bella T
    Bella TVor Monat

    He bit someone and was taken frrom the White House. Greg was insightful people. Maybe he should be apologised to. AND the Bidens dont seem to be dog people. Poor Champ. I hope Champ finds his way to Gregs house, a real dog lover..

  • Loretta Hernandez
    Loretta HernandezVor Monat

    They need to put him down for biting come on now any other dog would have

  • Nam669
    Nam669Vor Monat

    Wow you people are disgusting all of you.

  • Rick B
    Rick BVor Monat

    I wonder when Brian Williams will cover Resident Biden's dog "Major" biting a White House guard...

  • Karina Gurl
    Karina GurlVor Monat

    Good dogs dont bite people. Lawsuit time!

  • SmartyPants
    SmartyPantsVor Monat

    Just when you think they can't sink any lower.

  • Alfredo Suarez
    Alfredo SuarezVor Monat

    Champ and major are very beutiful dogs. GOD bless both of them.

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V HarrickVor Monat

    very funny

  • Aron Speedy
    Aron SpeedyVor Monat

    Yeah the guy reporting the facts caused the VIOLENCE? WOW this is the media destroying itself as we Trump told us.

  • Diana Schleicher
    Diana SchleicherVor Monat

    Newsmax loves to show fake videos! Just tonight Greg Kelly showed migrants at the border. By the hundreds being blocked, supposedly by our border guards also in the hundreds! Totally fake! Probably filmed in Myanmar, or some third world countr

  • AJ
    AJVor Monat

    Sad. Sad they are jealous of Bidens dogs. Also Ted Cruz left his dog at home to freeze to death while he went to Mexico. Which is also Ironic seeing how bad Ted hates Mexicans and also crossing borders.

  • Cancel Me
    Cancel MeVor Monat

    You're Lying Again. He "went after" whoever is suppose to be caring for the dog.

  • AJ Taumua
    AJ TaumuaVor Monat

    Yeah, the dems cries foul when it's their turn to be criticized at every turn, for every action and or inaction.

  • journeey loyal

    journeey loyal

    Vor Monat

    Dude why did they use that picture of the dog 🤣

  • Diane Wiley
    Diane WileyVor Monat

    Oops! The dog bit a man today and has been removed from the white house.

  • Jr Willman
    Jr WillmanVor Monat

    Really your worried about what Greg Kelly said about Biden’s dog he was just telling the truth unlike this fake news use auto be more worried about what Biden is doing to this country oh that’s right he’s doing a great job according to use what a joke he’s killing this country

  • Taste of Wang
    Taste of WangVor Monat

    This aged well 😂😂 2 weeks later and the junkyard dogs get the boot.

  • Brutal Truth
    Brutal TruthVor Monat

    Well evidently Greg Kelly was right about the dog and it’s not Major. 🥶 The dogs are leaving the White House!

  • Dako Zhang
    Dako ZhangVor Monat

    Major bites a Republican? Good boy Major.

  • c D
    c DVor Monat

    Dog was probably called a lying dog faced pony soldier..... That’s as racist as it gets if you’re a dog!

  • Waji Mofor Esq
    Waji Mofor EsqVor Monat

    This didn’t age well , what happened to the dogs ?

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas JonesVor Monat

    Joe's dog is a Repulican.

  • Doug M
    Doug MVor Monat

    Democrat dogs even hate the police!

  • Doug M
    Doug MVor Monat

    This is the dog that was shipped back to delaware for biting and attacking White House personnel.

  • ghost L
    ghost LVor Monat

    The left media and the right media have both gone to the dogs. Competition for what is NOT news. I think I'll go elsewhere. Bye.

  • Blood Orange
    Blood OrangeVor Monat

    So the dog or you were offended? Maybe you should go watch the whole video. Do you not have anything else to report on like newsmax does? I don’t know. Maybe the boarders allowing Covid positive illegals in. How about Biden still to date not holding a formal press conference. Or what about the censorship issues. Or cancel culture issues. Who cares what someone thinks about a dog. Newsmax doesn’t think the dogs are being taking good care of. That’s still their right to voice their opinions. Such as you just poorly did. You don’t have to like it. But it’s still their right. Love how you act like a jealous news outlet. You shouldn’t be worrying about what newsmax does. Why not worry about the news your sharing instead. Sounds more like hated bashing then news.👎

  • Rose H
    Rose HVor Monat

    How low do you need to be to start calling someone s dog jankey🙄

  • Lisa Longo
    Lisa LongoVor Monat

    omg...give me a break...you are upset over this? Dog needs to be groomed. He is right

  • Facts Matter
    Facts MatterVor Monat

    What's mind boggling is that you all have more of a problem to a tiny dig at biden. Yet have no problem at all that we have an illegitimate President in office now. Top that off with it being an America heiting President. Instead of being so ignorant try taking the time to actually read all the executive orders biden has signed! Oh and how about all the election laws they violated in 2020. Now they are pushing on us HR1 to legalize all their OFFENSES! "GOOOOO. REEEEEAAAAAAD"!

  • Maureen Mccann
    Maureen MccannVor Monat

    😂. Your a bunch of Communist fools!!

  • Michael f
    Michael fVor Monat

    Its like my 2 shepherds 13 year old and a 2 year old full of energy youngun.

  • Michael f
    Michael fVor Monat

    Ya he stumbles and walks sideways like his owner.

  • Pam Black
    Pam BlackVor Monat


  • Erik Johnson
    Erik JohnsonVor Monat

    THIS is what the left wing media calls a story? You truly must be getting increasingly desperate, in your ongoing struggle for cancel culture. lol!

  • Ronny DiSalvo
    Ronny DiSalvoVor Monat

    Lets talk about joes favorite ice cream also..you guys are more of a joke then ever..ratings must be bad with no more trump..

  • Sergio Alvarado
    Sergio AlvaradoVor Monat

    So true mess with me I can take it. mess with my dog. it's on..

  • Sergio Alvarado
    Sergio AlvaradoVor Monat

    So true mess me I can take it. mess with my dog. it's on...

  • germanic2002
    germanic2002Vor Monat

    Try Newsmax or OAN

  • germanic2002
    germanic2002Vor Monat

    Crazy Brian has got nothing else to talk about

  • germanic2002
    germanic2002Vor Monat

    How can anyone believe Brian Williams.......a known liar......said he was fired upon by the enemy in a helicopter.

  • germanic2002
    germanic2002Vor Monat

    Boo boo. I think I'm going to cry now!

  • Robert Quinlan
    Robert QuinlanVor Monat

    Wow you care so much, fake news , there is real news out there happening right in front of your eyes, go back to journalism school, a different one..

  • Robert Quinlan
    Robert QuinlanVor Monat

    That dog needs rescuing

  • Robert Quinlan
    Robert QuinlanVor Monat

    Bidens poor abused dog ,where is pita

  • J. T.
    J. T.Vor Monat

    I unsubscribed to Newsmax when a male anchor called the gymnast who abused young girls something like a disgusting human being. While I may share that sentiment, I don't need to listen to someone snarling over it and spreading hate. Instead, it's ok to report the news, but let's focus on prevention and also supporting victims so that they can heal. I don't need that crap all over my mind. Greg Kelly should be ASHAMED. Newsmax appears to have taken a turn. I cannot believe this. I made the right choice. Long live CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Jimenez
    Jessica JimenezVor Monat

    I rarely disagree with Greg Kelly. But that was definitely an idiotic thing to say.

  • micheal shawn
    micheal shawnVor Monat

    Biden is the worst president in History, According to the Real American citizens. Bias msnbc loves covering up career politician's failed policies that cause death and misery to millions.

  • Carlota Hernandez
    Carlota HernandezVor Monat

    They don’t have nothing else to talk about leave the dog alone. Haters

  • Nashanta Stanley
    Nashanta StanleyVor Monat

    Well at least the do was a rescue, but WTH was Trump's excuse?! He looked like CRAP EVERYDAY and he had the best of the best at his back and call for 4 years...i'm happy old seasoned dogs like Champ and Major still runs and play anf they dont seem to complain about nothing! WTG boys!!! Jeez attacking dogs something wrong with you

  • Newsmax123 News
    Newsmax123 NewsVor Monat

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Cynthia Hackett
    Cynthia HackettVor Monat

    No one on MSNBC is worth the time watching They are blatantly all liars. They swim in false truths. So what if Greg said anything about the dogs. But you at MSNBC say hateful mean things about humans!! That’s a dog get over it. Why not report on the evil you all support with Antifa and BlM. Give a real story to America !! Like Hunters corruption and creepy Joes assaults on women!!

  • Sky Blue
    Sky BlueVor Monat

    Having a dog and no cat is racist.

  • Kathy Jarrett
    Kathy JarrettVor Monat

    That poor Dog is in pain. If you can't see that your all blind.

  • Tom Dougherty
    Tom DoughertyVor Monat

    Champ is much better groomed than Steve Bannon. He could use a bath a comb and a shave.

  • Max Bradford
    Max BradfordVor Monat

    Newsmax. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Max Bradford
    Max BradfordVor Monat

    Biden’s dog is starting to look like Biden

  • Jacindra Lumbardton
    Jacindra LumbardtonVor Monat

    My daughter's German Shepard Rocky looks very healthy compared to Sniffy Sleepy Obiden's dog.

  • Jacindra Lumbardton
    Jacindra LumbardtonVor Monat

    Bla bla bla bla wa wa wa ....Go Gregg Kelly ! 👏bravo 👏

  • Chosen People
    Chosen PeopleVor Monat

    This is news ?? And he is right the dog looks um crazy.

  • Rachael Anders-Spera
    Rachael Anders-SperaVor Monat

    Ummm I do believe he said TAKE CARE OF THAT BEAUTIFUL GSD!!!!! With as much money as he has care for that poor baby

  • Rachael Anders-Spera
    Rachael Anders-SperaVor Monat

    Lmao 😂 had nothing to do with the dog smh

  • Robert Bascelli
    Robert BascelliVor Monat

    Your just pi$$ed because you couldn't go after Trumps dog first..lol. You morons.

  • Martha Estrada
    Martha EstradaVor Monat

    Just ugly dems

  • Miss Barilla De Fenton
    Miss Barilla De FentonVor Monat

    Greg it’s only saying the dog it’s not taking care off... please people 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Elrico Farmer
    Elrico FarmerVor Monat

    MSLSD...... going after Greg Kelly. Libturds! If you're going to go after somebody, go after the Gov of N.Y., murderer & sexual assault expert!

  • bubba bee
    bubba beeVor Monat

    Maybe Champ should wear some orange, spray tan makeup?

  • BackyardPC
    BackyardPCVor Monat

    Introducing the bashing of Greg Kelly. He’s too good with huge ratings to let him get away with that. Can’t have him making the MSM look bad!