The crazy way a slinky falls in slow motion

This is not just true of slinkies - if you release a steel rod from the top, the top really starts falling before the bottom. If you hit a tennis ball with a racket, a wave has to travel from the strings to your hand before you feel it - and the ball is well on its way to the net by this time. If you hit a golf ball, the ball is well on its way to the hole before you can feel it. Rigid bodies aren't truly rigid and understanding this is essential to understanding the way the world works


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    This is an excerpt from a video I made 10 years ago - seemed like the perfect thing to show in vertical format. I was unaware Action Labs had recently made a video about the same thing. A regular video should be out Friday/Saturday this week.

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    not a "hack" a cheat. its ok to be there. its ok to be niether here nor there. its ok to be anywhere but the inside of the horizontal axis of the slinky when there are perturbations in the gravity of the bottom. its always now.

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    @John Jacob Astor here's something else that should be tried, what if both ends of the slinkies were attached to bearings ? Asto unload the twisting moment on the slinky then what would happen when released?

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    Same thing happen with the mould effect but with way less elasticity. Please Say this to electroboom and Steve mould ;)

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    First thing I think of is time travel. If you can suspend a part of the slinky mid fall, and that suspension is dependent on the overall length of the slinky- which is a measurable variable- then you could suspend the fall of the bottom end of the slinky as long as you want by lengthening or shortening the overall slinky. Effectively “stopping time” for the bottom end as long as you’d like? Does this make sense or am I stupid.

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    If a game had ever decided to implement realistic slinky falls I would've called it unrealistic up until now

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    Very cool.

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    You are too late I saw that already on the other Science channel

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    I'd say it's because of contracting force is adding to the gravitational force, making the center of mass fall faster than normal fall. Because of this, the bottom part remains in position, as it counters the shift of center of mass. Similar to why you can't move forward by shifting the center of mass in space.

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    So if I had a heave duty slinky hanging like that, and a person hanging on to the bottom the of the slinky, they would just float there tension was released above?

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    That's really strange

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    Now explain why building 7 collapsed

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    Did you notice how that Slinky also look like the vibrations in a magnetic field like the one that wraps around Earth.

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    I remember doing this as a kid. We called it "magic" back then lol.

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    Cool, but I'm not sure your explanation is spot on... I don't think we should to think of it as a each coil falling onto the next one; rather, it's that once a coil no longer has the upward tension force acting on it (meaning that the coils above it are no longer stretched), then the only force left is gravity. Maybe just semantics though...

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    If you had like a really big slinky could you run or jump off it while it’s falling

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    Интересный факт

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    now please attach a ball to the top and the bottom so we can finally test Galileo's thought experiment :)

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    I would like more short videos like this. New material would be nice too, but im ok with it being clips from old videos. Youve had some real gems over the years, and reminders dont hurt.

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    Why doesn’t gravity pull the bottom?

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    It does.

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    The matrix is broken

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    How about cutting the slinky midway when falling? The last part will never be pushed B)

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    I am forever grateful to Dr IGUDIA on DElevel who cured me from herpes with his herbal medication, you are so real and trusted.

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    This is why youtube was created

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    Why does the bottom rotate though ? Is it that the force due to tension creates a torque on the part which is not falling then the part that is falling must acquire opposite angular momentum . And we can see that as the upper part is rotating opposite to lower part in the video .

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    I have never played with slinky so I thought .. maybe it is just as we do it in academics .. F=kx but then this force will be variable and bottom would stay there only for a very small time but that's not the case.... then I looked at it again...yes F=kx is true but not for the whole slinky as it is deforming non uniformly . It is only for the part that is not falling + some small portion above it . The heap doesn't count as a part of the spring anymore . Also here k is changing but if we use the shearing modulus equation it becomes clear that the strain is same thus force is constant .

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    i recently talked to my friends about it and explained to them..🤩

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    Wow! It doesn't like gravity haha

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    didn't think about the rotation before this. Nice!!

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    This single video taught me more than what I learned in the physic class at high school.

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    PLEASE make a video explaining gears of bicycle .WAITING for that.

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    I legit thought he just started repeating himself.

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    nah man this just a bug god forgot to fix

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    Look at this fancy guy with his Ferragamo belt.

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    No cameramen were hit by slinkies in the making of this video Probably

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    me reading comments: "i had no idea there were so many slinky experts in the world"

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    Very interesting. It is so counterintuitive though.

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    Coyote time is real

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    If you look closely at where the slinky is turning, you can see that it's actually another mould effect.... I think it's time for him to join xD

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    hello friend, i really like your videos a lot, i think they are great, they make me see nature in a different way, i would like to know what you think about erwin schrödinger's essay entitled "what is life".

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    how the hell i see an ad on a short 🤣 great video tho 💯💯👏🏼👏🏼

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    @Veritasium so i had a fun thought today. i understand why leaves are green, but i had to sit there and ask myself... why are they not black? it seems like it would be better for light absorption and there are some black plants. so why didn't they take hold as the better species?

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    Create a channel that's nothing but slo-mo slinky drops, and I'll watch it.

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    Electromagnetic levitation mechanics

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    So slinky at the bottom is weightless?

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    Okay, I definitely need to TRY this on my channel... I don't know if I have access to decent SLOOOOW MOOTION tech, but I'll give it a try. (Not that I don't believe you, ... and the explanation makes sense... but Science is about REPEATABLE results, right? :) )

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    You should do a video over Aristotle’s wheel paradox !

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    So much awesomeness

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    Is the atomic number of VE 42 because, 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything? A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Reference?

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    I think so. Either that or somebody is inordinately fond of molybdenum. :)

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    That is pretty cool Galileo 2.

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    Fun fact: Since the center of mass of the slinky (which is in the middle approx) should fall with the acceleration of gravity (9,8 m/s^2) and the bottom is motionless, the top of the slinky is falling with an acceleration twice the gravity (19,6 m/s^2)

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    Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one. I would think it would depend on the spring constant of the slinky. Or maybe not. Certainly the length of time required before the whole spring starts to ACT like a "rigid body" again depends on the spring constant.

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    His explanation isnt intuitive and does not explain the scenario fully . Correctly, the center of mass of the slinky is simply accelerating with gravity as a rigid body would.

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    I truly did not know that!😳

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    i just quoted this in a videeo about "the mould effect", have you done anything on chain fountains? i said the loop is due to the slinky effect, the looped part doesn't know it should be falling, so i tries to maintain height.

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    Hey veritasium , great video again !!!, Can u make a video on mould effect ?

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    So if I drop a rope the bottom won't fall when I let go? I think it is because the slinky is actually pulling the bottom up before the the top reaches the bottom. Your explanation seems wrong.

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    I love shorts. So much information in such a short time. Leaves more time to wonder and piece stuff together by myself.

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    The center of mass is falling as if it were a solid sphere of equal mass. The top is falling faster than 10m/s/s due to the Slinky un-stretching.

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    You should make a Vertasium Shorts channel and post short videos like these there :)

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    What would happen if you accelarated a slinky to the speed of light downward while it was holding it's own weight?

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    He used the time warp scan for this video its obvious

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    Does this mean there is an upwards force acting on the bottom ring of the slinky? Where is that force coming from? We know gravity has a downwards force on the bottom ring... how is the ring above it pulling it upwards? I would've thought all rings should fall down simultaneously at the same rate. Can anyone explain?

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    Saw someone else do this.

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    The thumbnail made it look like the dude was hailing hitler lol

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    I think the twisting/falling/repositioning of the top portion must exert an upward or contracting force to counteract the force of gravity acting along the whole slinky... Otherwise we should see the bottom start to move down toward the ground a bit sooner. Right?

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    Sounds right, yes. The spring is still pulling UP on the bottom for a while. The rate at which the ... ummm, "loss of having something above you to pull up Effect" propagates towards the bottom is going to depend on the spring constant of the spring/slinky. So for a tight spring, the time between it being released at the top and starting to fall at the bottom is going to be minimal.

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    If you had a slinky that was 35280 meters long, it could take as much as a hour before the bottom began to fall. 9.8m/s * 3600s = 35280 meters.

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    The rate at which the effect (of falling) propagates down the spring depends mostly on the "spring constant" of the spring. (i.e. how 'tight' it is). If you use something like the springs they use in some garage doors, the delay between the top beginning to fall and the bottom beginning to fall is going to be negligible in most cases. For a slinky... well, I'll have to get back to you after doing some tests on the spring constant of a slinky. But I think it's pretty clear (if you think of a tight spring versus a loose one) that the speed of the effect has more to do with the spring than with the gravitational constant. (I THINK... I haven't actually tried it. :) )

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    Average speed 35km/h? I think not. Felix Baumgartner jump from 39km.

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    So does this means that the top accelerates more then g

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    Great illustration. I'd like to draw a parallel with the checking of pulse in medical examination. It's the pulse wave propagation that we feel not the blood per se. Blood appears at the examination site much later than the pulse.

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    Is this the same reason it expands when you roll it across the floor?

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