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00:01 Video games
04:41 Blue jeans
08:11 Born to die
12:58 Carmen
17:11 Off to the races
22:14 Serial killer
26:37 Money power glory
31:00 Florida kilos
35:17 Gods and monsters
39:19 Old money
42:59 Lust for life
48:17 Ride


  • radqoga fobufbo
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  • Bryan Goldfield
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  • maya hattab
    maya hattabVor 3 Tage

    am i the only one that listens to this while studying?

  • RS
    RSVor 4 Tage

    04:41 Blue jeans is exactly rythm like "Wutering hights of Kate Bush" a popular 80s song around the cosmic galaxy in all paralel lines

  • marcela del carmen argandoña mancilla
    marcela del carmen argandoña mancillaVor 5 Tage

    Son todas las canciones muy hermosas pero me gustaría que también estuvieran subtituladas en español.

  • Mr Invader
    Mr InvaderVor 7 Tage

    omg she could read the phone book and id weep

  • Mr Invader
    Mr InvaderVor 7 Tage

    ride is :,(

  • Mr Invader
    Mr InvaderVor 7 Tage

    OLD MONEY - the tune is so similar to a time for us from Zeffirelli's Romeo+Juliet. Deny.

  • David Mauricio
    David MauricioVor 9 Tage

    lana del rey is all i need

  • Darvin J. Valdez
    Darvin J. ValdezVor 9 Tage

    Who else is hearing this in 2021?

  • Darvin J. Valdez
    Darvin J. ValdezVor 9 Tage

    This video got more views than Dark paradise omfg

  • Adrian Espinosa
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    The calculating crayon methodically glue because hospital regrettably roll inside a subdued racing. enthusiastic, maniacal package

  • Ally Belle
    Ally BelleVor 10 Tage

    No one's gonna take my soul away I'm living like Jim Morrison

  • Flower child
    Flower childVor 11 Tage

    Omg off to the races is so toxic 😂

  • adhm
    adhmVor 11 Tage

    17 is the best Off to the race

  • Bobby Harvill
    Bobby HarvillVor 13 Tage

    She’s her own style. Nobody,nobody is anything like her. She is an angel!

  • Jayanne Cantuaria
    Jayanne CantuariaVor 13 Tage

    I got chills

  • Сашко Шевченко
    Сашко ШевченкоVor 13 Tage

    Лукас плачет. И с ним





  • BTS armyy1
    BTS armyy1Vor 14 Tage

    Where is her best song 'National anthem'?

  • daian martinez
    daian martinezVor 14 Tage

    I really love you for that, I let you go wishing you the best forever ...

  • L R
    L RVor 15 Tage

    I love that she embraces her dark side. We all have it. No reason to ignore it. The good, the bad, the fair and ugly, life is a paradox. I will drink it all in.

  • Xenorical
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  • Reyhan Yılmaz
    Reyhan YılmazVor 16 Tage

    do u hear me

  • Kimberly Biesel
    Kimberly BieselVor 16 Tage

    You really helped me during the pandemic. Your voice and your music is so soothing.

  • PlusUltra-Violence
    PlusUltra-ViolenceVor 16 Tage

    The best of Lana😐 I think we’re missing a couple hundred songs don’t you think

  • Amanda Warren
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  • ь .
    ь .Vor 16 Tage

    57 минут наслаждения

  • Gabrielo
    GabrieloVor 18 Tage

    Lana is a beautiful poet

    GIA BẢOVor 18 Tage

    U missed song "Young and beautiful"... in film " The Great Gatsby"

  • bryan jay bautista
    bryan jay bautistaVor 18 Tage

    still listening on May 2021

  • Haip Haip
    Haip HaipVor 19 Tage

    I will try

  • sulu köfte
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  • elizabeth


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    @sulu köfte hagsjahxhus

  • sulu köfte

    sulu köfte

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    @elizabeth allahima sukurrr🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻

  • elizabeth


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    Buldun 🥳

  • Larissa Alcala
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  • elishia kershom
    elishia kershomVor 23 Tage

    The last song is her life. Beautiful ♥

  • soulseeker
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  • stephen negron
    stephen negronVor 26 Tage

    I'm still crying

  • Ali Fırat Demir
    Ali Fırat DemirVor 27 Tage

    Ruha işleyen şarkılar , yıldızların altında düş kurmak için birebir dinlenecek sanatçı . I love Lana Del Rey

  • RoninMidzu
    RoninMidzuVor 27 Tage

    I had to search even her Name, because she is in one League with the likes who get forgotten by time, after the Mass Pop Culture dismantles their accomplishments to music as a whole...It's sad, but still I would hear her over the schlack we get fed these days.

  • Bajajzjz Bshsjsjs
    Bajajzjz BshsjsjsVor 27 Tage

    I cannot believe the blackest day and black beauty are not on here

  • yenny yenny
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  • Iván Noriega Perez
    Iván Noriega PerezVor 28 Tage

    California is the BEST

  • buffy
    buffyVor Monat

    bye bye metodic

  • buffy
    buffyVor Monat

    but not del rey

  • Kee Shanell
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    The illegal cherries whitely prick because space aesthetically whistle around a holistic gray. rare, rampant swallow

  • Chester Didzena
    Chester DidzenaVor Monat

    Awesome nice Brenda ahhh

  • Parth Bhutada
    Parth BhutadaVor Monat

    Where's songs from honeymoon?

    CHNCSPVor Monat

    want to hear it live

  • Eberle Tyler
    Eberle TylerVor Monat

    The agonizing libra gratifyingly carve because soap epidemiologically dare athwart a damp shoemaker. lyrical, upbeat way

  • Velvet Goldmine
    Velvet GoldmineVor Monat

    Finally Carmen getting the respect it deserves 🙌🏻

  • Mhtsos gaming
    Mhtsos gamingVor Monat

    Her best songs: - cherry - 13 beaches - the blackest day

  • Şilan Yılmaz

    Şilan Yılmaz

    Vor Monat


  • abig8460 abig8460
    abig8460 abig8460Vor Monat

    Every Lana song is the best

  • Helaina Anderson
    Helaina AndersonVor Monat

    I can’t say how much I agree with this

  • MC Don lan
    MC Don lanVor Monat

    Muito top

  • Juli Calabres
    Juli CalabresVor Monat

    32:28 nadie va a hablar de la voz que hace en esa parte?

  • B.Entranceperium
    B.EntranceperiumVor Monat

    I'm familiar with some Lana, but damn Gods and Monsters is a banger! Never heard that before...

  • vpa


    Vor Monat

    You should listen her songs West Coast, Love, National anthem, Ultraviolence, Brooklyn baby

  • Ronjia-mette Nellemann
    Ronjia-mette NellemannVor Monat

    Pulls me towards the dark side, when I listen to this gal...but it sure is beautiful on the way!

  • Alisha Mirza
    Alisha MirzaVor Monat

    video games 00:00 blue jeans 4:45 born to die 8:15 carmen 13:00 off to the races 17:10 serial killer 22:15 money power glory 26:36 florida kilos 31:00 gods and monsters 35:20 old money 39:11 some song 43:50 ride 48:11 spank me 57:01 you're right 57:04 just copying and pasting

  • ron damon
    ron damonVor Monat

    I hate Lana del rey !!! I met this girl who looks just like her ,I love you

  • soulseeker
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  • Palesa Sekele
    Palesa SekeleVor Monat

    Lana del Rey is my love language

  • thanh thu giang Nguyen
    thanh thu giang NguyenVor Monat

    oh wait, what about Summertime Sadnesss?!?!

  • Elek
    ElekVor Monat

    love her laid back, little decadent and mellow mood

  • Mariel Valencia
    Mariel ValenciaVor Monat

  • soulseeker
    soulseekerVor Monat

    and againg techno and drum and bass.

  • haydeli flores
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  • Elaine Cristina S. Santos
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  • Monica Ailyn
    Monica AilynVor Monat

    All of her songs are the greatest

  • sean bryant-smith
    sean bryant-smithVor Monat

    Yeah like this list. Immediately I had ten songs easily be recognised best songs as well. Mariners apartment Venice Bitch Heroin Brooklyn baby Chelsea hotel Summertime sadness Young & beautiful Shades of cool West Coast Burning Desire. There's others no doubt Testimony how brilliant & talented Lana Del Rey is with so many exceptional songs. Not many musicians have a showcase for everyone to admire in the calibre of Lana's music.

  • natalie noel
    natalie noelVor Monat

    you forgot without you

  • Frank Z
    Frank ZVor Monat

    Off to the races, fukin outstanding energy from audiences. Especially that one girl constantly shouting *"I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!"* over the drums. With such a hardcorevfan I'd charge into hell and back. I sometimes just replay that song to listen to the girl for energy and inspiration.

  • Иван Петров
    Иван ПетровVor Monat

    Люблю её голос.

  • Terry Hobbs
    Terry HobbsVor Monat

    Can we donate to you somehow? Do you have cashapp?

  • J S

    J S

    Vor Monat


  • Henrique Sousa
    Henrique SousaVor Monat

    Boatos que eu sou o único brasileiro aqui ?vamos ver Eu começo 1

  • El Quelo Pangario
    El Quelo PangarioVor Monat

    Make me remember all my reincarnations

  • marco brenni
    marco brenniVor Monat

    Thanks! Anyaway I also want to see her face

  • soulseeker
    soulseekerVor Monat

    Yes and again Techno and Drum and Bass.

  • Alex Matrosov
    Alex MatrosovVor Monat

    Everyone knows that

  • vpa
    vpaVor Monat

    Songs that are missing: - West Coast - Love - Ultraviolence - Brooklyn baby - National anthem - Cherry - The blackest day - Cola - 13 beaches

  • Danio Voll

    Danio Voll

    Vor 17 Tage

    @Albane Sanchez no

  • Natasha Simiyu

    Natasha Simiyu

    Vor 19 Tage

    Art Deco, Young and beautiful, Without you, Radio, Dark paradise, Lolita, This is what makes us girls, Summertime sadness, Lucky ones

  • slee3pyb4by


    Vor 25 Tage


  • Gabi Muehle

    Gabi Muehle

    Vor 28 Tage

    *art deco

  • Spiritual _awakening

    Spiritual _awakening

    Vor Monat

    Happines is a butterfly

  • Michael Arnold
    Michael ArnoldVor Monat

    I wonder what was that moment when Lana found her voice, her style, her tone. She has found what all great artists are looking for.

  • Μαρία Πορτοκαλίδη
    Μαρία ΠορτοκαλίδηVor Monat

    This is the perfect playlist for reading The Great Gatsby

  • Zapp Brannigan
    Zapp BranniganVor Monat

    No offense ..... just play one song. It will work the same way

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • jeff hicks
    jeff hicksVor 2 Monate

    🙂😪👍her songs make u happy and sad at the same time. A great mix of her songs super job.

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • Tassilo von mentzingen
    Tassilo von mentzingenVor 2 Monate

    Lana has left and rumbled many peoples souls with her beautiful words that she expresses with always an amazing tune in the background that works simply beautiful 🔥🙌

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • Anthony Corrales
    Anthony CorralesVor 2 Monate

    ride is so fucking good

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • D. Walker
    D. WalkerVor 2 Monate

    This music, makes me miss my Love.

  • Layra Santos
    Layra SantosVor 2 Monate

    Tudo ingrês não compreendo kkkkkkk

  • lex w
    lex wVor 2 Monate

    million dollar man should be on here!

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

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    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • Greg Hutson
    Greg HutsonVor 2 Monate

    This is glorious

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • Amanda Kråka
    Amanda KråkaVor 2 Monate

    Gods and monsters❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • Anika Petrovic
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  • A.S.V.N Gtz
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  • A.S.V.N Gtz
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  • Lucie Nováková
    Lucie NovákováVor 2 Monate

    personal faves🖤✨: -dark paradise -salvatore -born to die -video games -summertime sadness -black beauty -lucky ones -young and beautiful -this is what makes us girls -national anthem -diet mountain dew

  • bigster easter

    bigster easter

    Vor Monat

    + hello check out thjs cool tune - Time by The Impures

  • Noah Hirschfield
    Noah HirschfieldVor 2 Monate

    The amuck anethesiologist neuroanatomically label because italian intermittently marry qua a abhorrent ocean. aquatic, furry furtive grey

  • Li Marinelli
    Li MarinelliVor 2 Monate

    Video games is so freacking nostalgic already... it makes me cry every time, always reminds me of my teenager years.

  • Atina Siddiqui
    Atina SiddiquiVor 2 Monate