24 Hours in Nagasaki | 6 Things to do in Japan's Hidden City

Nagasaki is hidden away on Japan's southern coast. We explore the abandoned Gunkanjima Island, enjoy mouthwatering street food and bring back Dr Jelly one last time.
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    Wholesomely entertaining video, great work on the production! I love the little interspersions of history and the city's landmarks.

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    There’s a Korean film called “Battleship Island” about how Koreans were forced into labor there in WWII. It’s full of action, historical, and very dramatic. Worth a watch

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  • fordie
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  • fordie
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    日本の食や文化をDElevelで発信しているジュンジローと申します。いつも楽しく動画拝見させていただいてます。撮影や編集の仕方とても勉強になります!次回の動画も楽しみにしてます!My name is Junjiro, and I'm a DElevel fan of Japanese food and culture. I always enjoy watching your videos. I learn so much from the way you shoot and edit! I'm looking forward to your next video!

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