Danny MacAskill Behind The Scenes: REAL MTB 2021 | World of X Games

Go behind the scenes of Danny MacAskill and filmer/editor Robbie Meade’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games.


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  • Remi D
    Remi DVor Monat

    Anything that makes you want to ride because it looks like so much fun is a winner for sure! This is a killer video! Period.

  • Bill McCaffrey
    Bill McCaffreyVor Monat

    Love you creativity and awesome skills. Live the dream as long as you can Danny. Just remember that you only have one body and too much abuse (voice of experience) will lead to a miserable old age.

  • Tanveer Ahmed
    Tanveer AhmedVor Monat

    So it was all fake. Like reall movies took so many people to give you courage

  • roberto vanzella
    roberto vanzellaVor Monat

    Sei un mito troppo Forte complimenti 👏👏👏👏💪

  • Ben Moore
    Ben MooreVor Monat

    Good going

  • enrico bruno
    enrico brunoVor Monat

    does anyone know to tell me the brand of zip shoes at 0:04. Thank you very much

  • Jouad Kenneth Sechico
    Jouad Kenneth SechicoVor Monat

    He never gets old

  • Diamondbac
    DiamondbacVor Monat

    He's a bike ninja. Doing trials on such a big and heavy bike is hard, but when you are this good, you can ride any bike.

  • Darren Marney
    Darren MarneyVor Monat

    Personally i feel Danny's technical approach was in the top 3 videos 👌 Others riders took the obvious path of big moves & consequence 🤙 All involved ultimately provided an Awesome visual experience of skills 👍

  • Kuugen空玄
    Kuugen空玄Vor Monat

    Good Video✨

  • Pichou Nebri
    Pichou NebriVor Monat

    Great work guys 👊🔥!

  • Jihum Cho
    Jihum ChoVor Monat

    Santa Cruz for the lifetime frame warranty 🤣

  • Leon Naffin
    Leon NaffinVor Monat

    My winner team!

  • dBx Production
    dBx ProductionVor Monat

    I love the smile at the start juxtaposed with the dissonant music. It's almost like a serial killer looking forward to going on his next rampage. Although Danny is only shredding up dirt, I'm sure there must be the same drive behind both scenarios. Danny, please don't stop doing these tricks, for the health and wellbeing of the general public. Cheers.

  • X Games

    X Games

    Vor Monat

    He's shredding up dirt and.... trucks.

  • michael denson
    michael densonVor Monat


  • VitaKet
    VitaKetVor Monat

    This man has been huge for mountain biking!

  • Darren Williams
    Darren WilliamsVor Monat

    Man,you had my vote for the win close but no cigar

  • Sonny Del rosario
    Sonny Del rosarioVor Monat

    Wow jumping 👍👍👍

  • world of music
    world of musicVor Monat

    He do very hard work to make videos. I salute him.😇👏

  • Vitaliy
    VitaliyVor Monat

    Красиво !

  • Tuukka Silventoinen
    Tuukka SilventoinenVor Monat

    I thought his was the best!

  • 1K GAMES
    1K GAMESVor Monat

    First thing I wanted to do was buy a bike after watching this

  • Nathan Ambler

    Nathan Ambler

    Vor 6 Tage

    @S M J costs 3 months off work.. hospital issue wheelchair I believe..

  • S M J

    S M J

    Vor 6 Tage

    How much does it cost?? Bike model??

  • Plastic Poop

    Plastic Poop

    Vor Monat

    I bought a bike and did this. Now I'm on the wheelchair for 3months.

  • Nathan Ambler

    Nathan Ambler

    Vor Monat

    You should buy a new bike

  • Mo Germscheid

    Mo Germscheid

    Vor Monat

    do it mate, you want regret it...trust me😉...of course only if you can afford it somewhat....😂 expensive hobby

  • DieselDabz710
    DieselDabz710Vor Monat

    See guys he does fall, and takes multiple tries to achieve ALOT of these tricks he makes look easy..

  • Langusto Schreiner

    Langusto Schreiner

    Vor Monat

    Yeah, so... what's your point? Like, why would anyone in their right mind think that he landed all these tricks first try???

  • Nelson Nicolás Ortiz maldonado
    Nelson Nicolás Ortiz maldonadoVor Monat

    Muy bien allí desde Chile, Olmué soy Nicolás saludos no tengo tremenda bici pero igual me desquitó con sus trucos piola igual saludo los sigo desde hace mucho

  • joaquinloco 812
    joaquinloco 812Vor Monat


  • Fish ride and ski
    Fish ride and skiVor Monat

    good job Danny

  • morgan macdonald
    morgan macdonaldVor Monat

    I Love his style of riding

  • Tristan Stier
    Tristan StierVor Monat

    Woah 4 comments. Don't stop Sending!!!

  • George Gividen
    George GividenVor Monat

    He had to land that tree branch transfer twice!

  • ThePenguin
    ThePenguinVor Monat

    respect for the camera guy walking behind him on the tree

  • xWood4000


    Vor Monat

    @DieselDabz710 You can get paid for much less, that is passion

  • DieselDabz710


    Vor Monat

    He's getting paid..

  • Tuukka Silventoinen
    Tuukka SilventoinenVor Monat

    It's like watching a magician at work! But instead of being disappointed to see how the tricks are done, it just gets better and better with more excitement!

  • sdebellut
    sdebellutVor Monat