Whats up everybody hope yall enjoy this quick day in the life video! Put together my first studio session today, shoutout to my guys Childish Major, Olu from Earthgang, Mannywellz and others for pulling up and creating some fire energy!
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    So I'm new that mean I get that cut .... lol

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    i need me a vic blends special

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    Yooo when choppa went to icebox and you gave him a cut did you say you're from Fayetteville NC?? I'm from spring lake bro! Next time you hit the town I wanna let you fade me up!!

  • Michael Fish

    Michael Fish

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    I just seen the big ass 26 on your neck lol. My last question about if you are is irrelevant 🤣

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    Go bro

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    Yo lemme find out you was being fr about that free haircut 😅🔥 you make barbering a art ya work is dope bruh keep it up👏🏽

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    Got to get u to come New Orleans bro

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    Free hair cut?

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  • RandydaBarber
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    You the 🐐

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    Big broooo I need a cut from the 🐐🐐

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    Have you ever did a rat tail bro?

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    I know I already told u this on Instagram but, fr thanks for shouting out my home boy.

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    My name also Vic bro bro but nah you tuff my boy

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    another banger🖤

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    Let’s gooo

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    Bro you gotta show us where you get your hats from 🔥👌🏼

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    Can you cut my hair to

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    that hat is barssss vic where can I get it ??

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    Soooo you gonna come down to Boston MA or i needa fly to you for my cut lmaooo

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    The way he cut hair is straight up pressure🔥💯

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    yo you are a cool guy all the way around mvp

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    Who does your tattoo

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    Don’t need the free cut, I’ll pay for, trying to support ya and look good!

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    Next week if possible

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    Hmu Vic

  • Derek Pratt
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    Chop me up bro.... I stay in the A 💯 HMU vivt

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    Bro I would really appreciate a haircut from the king💪🏽

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    Let me get a free cut I live in Chester pa and been dying to just go anywhere I never left pa in my entire life hope you see this and bless me

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    Bro i been a fan of your skills for a while your dope juss wanted to no wen i get my cut 😭😭😭😭☠️☠️💯💪🏽😭

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    Vic with the great content like always 🔥

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    Tryna get a nice fade. Love your story bro keep grinding

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    Yessirrrrr 🔥

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    Vic you so real bruh 💯

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    Bro every time I hear him speak all I hear is motivation to do better, your so inspirational man keep doing what you doing 🙏

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    Where ya shop located ?

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    Lol yeaaaa right Vic!!! “Every subscriber” 😂 never would I ever get that blessed

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    Catch ya fade from here bruv🔥

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    You a real ☝🏾 bro!

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    Shit I’m tryna get free cut where it at????

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    mane where can I book a haircut appointment I need a haircut by you asap 💯💯

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    Can you do a video there you try to work at a barbershop?

  • Officixl Biggi
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    Im from UK wana learn how to do self taper cutz

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    vic came through with the cuts as usual, grind never stops 🙏

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    That blue hat look fly man

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    How long you spend with every haircut?? Bless youu

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    was that Reece otp with Vic ?🤔

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    That studio session looked like a whole vibe! I need that clean beard line up vic lol 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

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    Bet when can I get my cut📲📲 @slow_c230 on IG

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    “Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God's word, and trust the process.”

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    I want my free cut VICBLENDS ❗️🌊

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    bro you hella cold widdit 🥶can i get a cut from you

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    That’s messed up Vic, I’m been subscribed!!

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    Vic fly me to ur barbershop please

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    Let's go💯💪🙏

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    When you sliding to chicago?

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    I want my cut lol

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    If I unsubscribe then subscribe can I get a cut lol

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    Vic got the magic hands when he touches the clippers. Hopefully I'm able to get a free cut.

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    What kinda sun glasses mannywellz got on in the studio???🔥

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    We need that LA meet n greet

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    I need my cut man

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    Yoo I need det cut lowkey

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    You should do some tutorials videos

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    I need one asap idk why most barbers cant get my hair line?

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    I need a new trim bruh ✂️✂️

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    Let me get that freshieeeeeee

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    New subscriber gang 🔥🔥💪🏽

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    I definitely need a cut, Sacramento love

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    i bet vic won’t heart this comment 😎🔥 i just cut my first client’s hair yesterday & im proud of myself 🔥

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    I’m from LA bro wooow😆😆

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    I’ve been growing my hair out for over a year, if Vic is serious about the free haircuts I will let him cut my shit off 😂💪

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    Pull up to clt 704 and line us up 💯

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    Crazy to see that you started from the bottom , now you at the top with more success to come✊🏽respect


    I want my son yo get in plz he got graduation pics Monday 🙏🏼subscribed and liked

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    Too hard 💪🏽🔥

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    Need that free cut my G

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    Damm VicBlends just made my day he’s always spreading out positive things and always making peoples day I wish I was in Atlanta to get a free hair cut but I’m 9 hours away🤞🏼🖤💯

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    when will you start boxing another youtube barber? haha

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    clean ass hoodie !

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    I swear this man has inspired me to do so much with my life ong 🥶

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    Victor got his own city here in cali called Victorville 🦦😎

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    Been subscribed I’ll still pay for my cut though 😅

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    Always a good day when you see VicBlends uploads🤩

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    Can u come to 🇺🇸to cut my hair

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    I need a haircut

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    Yow u the most real of them all, and you humble may God keep blessing you cuz you deserve it.

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    Vicblends is the blackest white guy I’ve even seen 😂

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    Come to Michigan I need a cut

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    Vic getting to 500k before the end of the year 💯

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    Keep on putting god 1st. He’s blessed you all the way to this point keep being consistent.

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    Make an only fans.

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    Best man alive always on a positive side and always wanting to be the best for what others need god bless him 🙏🏽🙏🏽