All Tomorrows: the future of humanity?

What will humanity become, millions of years in the future?
This video is an abridged retelling of All Tomorrows, a story written and illustrated by C. M. Kosemen. Here's an interview with Kosemen on the Alt Shift X Podcast:

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0:00 Humans
4:20 New humans
17:06 Post-humans
28:59 Empires
37:36 All Tomorrows


  • cmkosemen
    cmkosemenVor Monat

    Thank you so much for giving my work the best YT treatment possible! This is a much better narrative artefact than my original pdf e-book... I'm so happy! :)

  • Mariano Kaz

    Mariano Kaz

    Vor 16 Tage

    You wrote and illustrated this? You're a terrifying genius and you worldbuilding is rich and interesting.

  • NobodyCares


    Vor 20 Tage

    last of replies

  • Eve


    Vor 23 Tage

    you have an INCREDIBLE imagination! PLEASE do not stop! This was so imagining and awesome it has inspired me to read much more!

  • Maazypaaz


    Vor 26 Tage

    Did you get inspiration from the 1970s movie Fantastic Planet?

  • lolwutizit


    Vor 27 Tage

    Since this thread is about to hit the 500 comment limit, I just wanted to drop by and say this is one of the most captivating stories I've experienced in a good while. I found the ending to be especially poetic. Thank you for your work!

  • Sir Andrew Torres
    Sir Andrew TorresVor Minute

    Who ever wrote this was definitely on something cause damn 👏

  • Artificer Drachen
    Artificer DrachenVor Minute

    Me, a cyborg coming back from a trip to the Andromeda galaxy: "Excuse me, but what the fuck happened to the meatbags while I was gone?"

  • a wizard
    a wizardVor 2 Minuten

    ngl this fallout game looking nice 🥶🥶🥶

  • W_ldan
    W_ldanVor 3 Minuten

    33:41 i just realize that it ain't a door, it's the qu hugging the bug facer

  • corpse and jojo fan
    corpse and jojo fanVor 10 Minuten

    As you can tell the named of the post humans are incredibly creative look at the flying one can you guess what their names are? Well it's "the flyers" how cool is that :D

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  • mosio.
    mosio.Vor 38 Minuten

    Is it hell?

  • Thegreatredcar
    ThegreatredcarVor Stunde

    No one: The qu with humans: Time for things to get funky

  • Me and Me
    Me and MeVor Stunde

    so basically the Qu are human?

  • O Half a Coke

    O Half a Coke

    Vor 35 Minuten

    No they aren’t from earth and they don’t seem related at all they were alive much much much before humans even existed

  • Edgar Alfau
    Edgar AlfauVor Stunde

    Tbh this is fricking scary even tho it’s fake.The thing is we’re already trying to colonize Mars ,Earth is dying little by little and it is said that alien life is real.

  • Me and Me
    Me and MeVor Stunde

    teacher: so what kind of animal have you learn on home me: the mantelopes

  • Me and Me
    Me and MeVor Stunde

    what kind of this?

  • Jason Antonio Fernandes
    Jason Antonio FernandesVor Stunde

    What is this... The moral - the concept ?

  • TheStardustBLU
    TheStardustBLUVor 2 Stunden

    love how this whole crazy story just ends off with a simple sweet message to live in the present and seize the day

  • Golden Garbage
    Golden GarbageVor 2 Stunden

    imagine farting to get from place to place

  • Weird_Boy
    Weird_BoyVor 3 Stunden

    Somehow this is Billiam's fault. Thanks, I love it.

  • ReyRoundBox
    ReyRoundBoxVor 3 Stunden

    We're like human play dough.

  • ninin
    nininVor 3 Stunden

    im 3 minutes in and cant tell if this is supposed to be taken seriously LMFAO

  • Dingusdan


    Vor 2 Stunden

    It’s a fictional book it’s not supposed to be taken seriously

  • Dante Alighieri
    Dante AlighieriVor 3 Stunden

    It saddens me deeply that physical copies of All Tomorrow were never created (to my knowledge). I've hoped for years some publishing house would pick it up and print it.

  • Hyper Mega
    Hyper MegaVor 3 Stunden

    Qu is wack

  • Nugget guy
    Nugget guyVor 3 Stunden

    I like how this became a meme a few days later

  • Ian Lewis
    Ian LewisVor 3 Stunden

    I think Qanon and The Qu are the samething! 🇺🇸

  • literallyzombie
    literallyzombieVor 3 Stunden

    who else thought this was a sam o nella video

  • bastian zeuthen
    bastian zeuthenVor 3 Stunden

    What is this rabbit Hole ive gotten in to…

  • I start internet fights for fun.
    I start internet fights for fun.Vor 4 Stunden

    This man just made a whole ass fandom about this book. Well done sir.

  • Korb Borb The Not Lemon
    Korb Borb The Not LemonVor 4 Stunden

    Colonials legit said "fuck being a wall, I'm bout to become a dalek"

  • I agree with you
    I agree with youVor 4 Stunden

    Alt Shift X singlehandedly brought All Tomorrow’s back into pop culture

  • Leticia Marie
    Leticia MarieVor 5 Stunden

    Dude, what the actual fuck is this?

  • Da pipoca po pai
    Da pipoca po paiVor 5 Stunden

    make man after man video

  • eggseed
    eggseedVor 5 Stunden

    Imagine all of the remaining tomorrow's gathering together to work on a "neon Genesis Evangelion" like solution to turn back into a average human being as a unified mind

  • Jake
    JakeVor 5 Stunden

    8:52 a yes, the tier 3 sub

  • O_Peripteras
    O_PeripterasVor 5 Stunden

    Jesus bro this reminds me of the movie Tusk where the victim has been changed beyond recognition, he still has some humanity but he cant do anything because his body has been modified so much

  • Zemozzo
    ZemozzoVor 6 Stunden

    Do more stuff like this cool book!

  • Persilis
    PersilisVor 7 Stunden

    Oh so the swimmers are just the yuuzhan vong

  • Stefan H
    Stefan HVor 7 Stunden

    Dumb. Regret wasting my time

  • Dingusdan


    Vor 2 Stunden

    It’s a fictional book dude

  • KEL
    KELVor 7 Stunden

    pshh, i didn't wanna sleep anyway

  • Alex Stancu
    Alex StancuVor 7 Stunden

    Why the fking hell does this shit constantly pop in my recommendation, go fking away ffs Jesus Christ I report this crap

  • Dingusdan


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    But it’s a good book dude

  • Steve
    SteveVor 7 Stunden

    Captions: insect of a guy

  • Steve


    Vor 7 Stunden

    Hey, who sings better? A. Satyriacs B. Hedonist C. mantelooes

  • Oosak
    OosakVor 7 Stunden

    Colonise Mars they said, it would be fun they said

  • BaraTiddies
    BaraTiddiesVor 7 Stunden

    Come to think of it, what if we ended up being in the role of the qu in this timeline?

  • Bla gaming
    Bla gamingVor 8 Stunden

    Im wondering what happened to the qu and really hope they were tortured the same way as they did to.their victims.

  • Twiggy Shei
    Twiggy SheiVor 8 Stunden

    Could probably create several books based just around the battles between the Qu and Colonials.

  • Benito Il Samurai
    Benito Il SamuraiVor 8 Stunden

    Yo man the lore behind this new indie game is weird as fuck

  • Everyone Everybody
    Everyone EverybodyVor 8 Stunden

    all of these look like things the dark eldar would do to their captives

  • Caldad Extra
    Caldad ExtraVor 8 Stunden the amphicephali were just xenomorphs without limbs...does the future of humanity have like a future Ripley?

  • The Monkey
    The MonkeyVor 8 Stunden

    I’m honestly surprised that Earth didn’t get wiped out by the sun.

  • Andy Zhang
    Andy ZhangVor 8 Stunden

    It tickles my heart that speculative evolution punctured its way into the mainstream, and with such an awesome entry too. Those mantelopes and quilts are terrifying and depressing as hell...

  • JoggleMyNoggle
    JoggleMyNoggleVor 9 Stunden

    Idk what I just watched but it was pretty cool

  • Ben Poole
    Ben PooleVor 9 Stunden

    POV: this has been in your recommended like 4 times

  • JGT123
    JGT123Vor 10 Stunden

    Tool breeders are dope as hell

  • snebic7
    snebic7Vor 10 Stunden

    18:08 There's a joke there about predators evolving to have fedoras, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to make it.

  • Sad Troll Face 69 [Lancer X]
    Sad Troll Face 69 [Lancer X]Vor 10 Stunden

    Man every creatures in this video are just fucking bizarre and disgusting

  • Mane
    ManeVor 11 Stunden

    Who would win in an all-out war: The Qu or The Combine from Half-Life?

  • Chaotic Toaster
    Chaotic ToasterVor 11 Stunden

    Squidward became a bowling ball and destroyed humanity.

  • Quack Games Official
    Quack Games OfficialVor 12 Stunden

    ruin haunters sounding a bit too much like humans..

  • Fafli Nah

    Fafli Nah

    Vor 6 Stunden

    I like the theory that they are descendants of people who escaped the sterlization and were able to hide from qu

  • Yumi Jaleley
    Yumi JaleleyVor 12 Stunden

    Where has DElevel taken me

  • Karolína Gardavská
    Karolína GardavskáVor 12 Stunden

    Not sure how this got recommended to me but damn that's some interesting stuff here I had to listen to the whole thing immediately

  • know your role and shut your mouth!!!
    know your role and shut your mouth!!!Vor 12 Stunden

    spacers look like they had diapers or briefs

  • Jacob Benitez
    Jacob BenitezVor 12 Stunden

    Elon don't send that nuke DON'T SEND THAT NUKE EL-

  • Wiktor Skrzeszewski
    Wiktor SkrzeszewskiVor 12 Stunden

    I have a question, does anyone know where I can buy this book?

  • Wiktor Skrzeszewski

    Wiktor Skrzeszewski

    Vor 10 Stunden

    @Mullerornis oh. Thank you

  • Mullerornis


    Vor 10 Stunden

    No print availiable. You can find the ebook online for free.

  • Nerfeverythings
    NerfeverythingsVor 12 Stunden

    this is like listening to dark souls lore

  • Ok but like
    Ok but likeVor 12 Stunden

    30:05 villager

  • Kickin Rocks
    Kickin RocksVor 12 Stunden

    Cool story, bro. But the past does matter. The hells of the past are to be repeated, without intervention. Hence the progression. Social security (pretty well accepted). democratic socialism (tax supported Healthcare and education), which is turning into democratic communism (CA trying to pass guaranteed income). And all this while we watch the disasters in Venezuela, china and Cuba in real time, not to mention the atrocities of the past under socialist and communist leadership (dictatorship).

  • lumpyspaceprince
    lumpyspaceprinceVor 13 Stunden

    This has mad Adventure Time lore vibes

  • Someone
    SomeoneVor 13 Stunden

    If this was real...who would be the person telling this story 🤔

  • Someone


    Vor 12 Stunden

    @Dingusdan I mean if the situation ACTUALLY happened and then they traveled back in time to tell the story

  • Dingusdan


    Vor 12 Stunden

    Well in the book the guy holding a skull at the end is the author

  • BoiShizmo Shik
    BoiShizmo ShikVor 13 Stunden

    Can qu species beat goku? Yes for me

  • Duhaney Abraham
    Duhaney AbrahamVor 14 Stunden


  • Dingusdan


    Vor 12 Stunden

    You do know it’s a fictional book or are you just trolling

  • Murthor Oathstone
    Murthor OathstoneVor 14 Stunden

    Whomever came up with this story, I think was on drugs or was crazy in the head.

  • Dingusdan


    Vor 12 Stunden


  • wierdsnake
    wierdsnakeVor 15 Stunden

    Asteromorphs, Nihilanth lookin ass. FREEMAN!

  • Dravenvlogs124
    Dravenvlogs124Vor 15 Stunden

    Basically werid furrys

  • MrBradni
    MrBradniVor 16 Stunden

    Nice vid

  • But BunSin
    But BunSinVor 16 Stunden

    Star people my ass. It look like creepy joe from scp lol. This is fake and ridiculous dramalist combine together to make this series possible.

  • But BunSin

    But BunSin

    Vor 7 Stunden

    @Droop Smoop at least it is better than people who try to ruin the world like you. ;P. Didn't even you had nightmare? It is funny for noop people who like this video despite the ridiculous darkness artwork and compare and transform human races to as shole lol. It is too funny to see you like it. ;P

  • Droop Smoop

    Droop Smoop

    Vor 10 Stunden

    @But BunSin criminal mind people? half the things you're saying look like they've come out of google translate no offense

  • Account1122


    Vor 12 Stunden

    No one cares

  • But BunSin

    But BunSin

    Vor 15 Stunden

    @Ale i didn't type for this matter is true either too noop. But the star people look like stupid to come up with this series. If you still have brain you should better dislike the video to prevent st upid criminal mind people to explore and create garbage book or story nonsense like this one.

  • Ale


    Vor 15 Stunden

    nobody thinks this is real dingus

  • R.J Clark
    R.J ClarkVor 16 Stunden

    Oh crap, they leaked God's beta designs for humanity 2.0

  • Dorian Smith
    Dorian SmithVor 16 Stunden

    Friendly reminder that there are people into feces/piss fetishes, so at least some of the colonials lived in paradise

  • Fat Cat
    Fat CatVor 16 Stunden

    Qu said : imma play spore irl

  • Renaissance Dreemurr
    Renaissance DreemurrVor 17 Stunden

    Some of these are so eerie and disturbing that they make Skeksis look appealing.

  • STR8 GAMER96
    STR8 GAMER96Vor 17 Stunden

    Can you do all yesterdays

  • Uncle Pete
    Uncle PeteVor 17 Stunden

    I wish i could unwatch this and watch it again

  • ansel
    anselVor 17 Stunden

    The multiple accounts of the post humans farming the new humans making me think about veganism. Kinda nuts how all sentient things were once all the same single cell organism. Prob not the goal of this series of writings ( or writing?) but still made me think abt it

  • LighterRaptor7
    LighterRaptor7Vor 17 Stunden

    This is fascinating and creepy

  • Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
    Yo, yo, yo, yo, yoVor 18 Stunden

    I like the worms

  • stay hydrated
    stay hydratedVor 19 Stunden

    This and a blunt…

  • 💙 2D the cinnamon bun 💙
    💙 2D the cinnamon bun 💙Vor 19 Stunden

    This might happen if God went on vacation

  • Quinten Peasley
    Quinten PeasleyVor 19 Stunden

    I don't know what's going on, but I'm not sure if I need too?

  • 29 min Khant 2A1
    29 min Khant 2A1Vor 19 Stunden

    I actually made a story that is similar and did not know that someone had thought of bring extinct animals to other planets. To sum up my story it is basicly aliens who were examined the velociraptors reliseased that an astroad was about to hit earth, they felt bad for them. Hence they created a planet for them and brought the velociraptors to that planet and and soon the valociraptors started a civilization. Currently they look very differnt from their ansestors, they have alot of cybernatic enhencments.(i used valociraptors because they had posable hands and were smart.)

  • Consoled Child
    Consoled ChildVor 19 Stunden

    Humanity: *proceeds to dominate the galaxy* Qu: *look at these monkeys on how they can copy a fraction of our power* *560 million years later* Qu: *OH GOD, OH F#**#K*

  • OffDuty Civil Protection
    OffDuty Civil ProtectionVor 20 Stunden

    this was surprisingly interesing

  • Steven Coates
    Steven CoatesVor 20 Stunden

    Girlfriend: "Wanna elope?" Boyfriend: "Nah, I want to MANtelope!"

  • P.K. Oscillave
    P.K. OscillaveVor 20 Stunden

    I keep coming back to this video. Not only because the worldbuilding is incredible, but because it reminds me and many others of cosmic horror....but different. I've wondered what that difference was. Then I realized why I personally keep coming back. You know what this is? This is like THEE sequel to Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Like a direct answer to Lovecraftian horror in general. Or a unique expansion on it. Think about it. Eldritch, alien, gods that don't see humans as anything other than meaninglessly matter to mess around with. In the future they'll rise up and destroy humanity like their nothing. All of that happens, but with a different take. Lets say we view this whole chronicle in a more Lovecraftian perspective. Humans advanced extremely far and act as if they were gods. (As if to try to prove to this meaningless universe that they do have meaning.) Until eldritch gods (Qu) rise up and exterminate them all except the subspecies they messed around with. (Which did happen to humans in some Cthulhu mythos stories). Humanity is exterminate as was always prophesied, but humans live on in the same eldritch warp forms they perceived the eldritch gods as. For the next millions of years, which is torturous to humans but is nothing for the universe, they evolved and became one with the universe (By being more align with universal laws like evolution instead of consciousness. Because having consciousness in weird eldritch forms made from evolution is torturous.) While evolving, the humans became more aware and active. Some of them are just in a blissful existence being one with their surrounding nature while some others are in societies that are violent and destructive like human nature. Either way they're all just being part of nature/the universe instead of trying to be dominant rulers playing God with science or technology.) Until new species find advanced technology and try to bend the universe to their will without seeing any other living thing as people or creatures. But the creatures that were one with the universe and didn't try to rule the galaxy out of selfish hubris defeated them. And since eventually the post-humans defeat the Qu (The eldritch Gods), the humans have proven to the universe that they do have meaning. But the thing is, that fact isn't a triumph. Normal humanity is extinct because of cosmic deities who saw humans as nothing. The surviving remnants are eldritch aliens. They suffered billions of years of agony from evolution. And while in the end, the human spirit lived on, they pretty much replaced the Qu as the eldritch abominations of the universe. Now you may be thinking: "Despite being warped beyond repair and suffered for it, they defeated the Lovecraftian horrors and the human spirit lives on." That is true, but none of this would happen if the Qu never attacked humanity. The Qu tried to play God by warping everything around them and they paid the price for it. If you know, Lovecrafts philosophy of Cosmicism, it says things are not gods, they are just entities. Just as we and flies are entities. Yes, we are stronger than flies and could kill them without a second thought, but we still face consequences for playing God. Like messing with technology that goes wrong which cause disaster. As if the universe demands that all entities follow the laws of the universe and if they try to rule it or be its god, it will destroy them and get out of its way. That rule applies with Eldritch Gods as well. So humanity basically became apart of the universe. They submitted to its evolutionary cycles and cosmic laws which their ancestors suffered from because they weren't evolved enough. And they've learned that one must not try to play God or the universe will destroy them to bring balance back. Just like the cosmic horrors in HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos that just don't noticed humans. They're just entities going with the universal flow. And now humans submitted to that flow and that flow doesn't supported consciousness. Hope is useless. As is always when related to cosmic nihilisms. The best thing to do, is to submit to the universe. And not use your consciousness for anything great like inventions that could terraform worlds or genetically modify new species. Just keep your consciousness for simple blissful lives. Don't think about to hard. Or you'll suffer the worst suffering life can have. That's why this fascinates me so much to me personally. This was not a Cosmic Horror, this was a *COSMIC TRAGEDY*. While I'm pretty sure this interpretation of mind isn't perfectly accurate, its still an interpretation that says: "The Universe is meaningless and only entities roam its worlds. It doesn't not care about you and any entity will not have second thought about you. The best you can do is be a part of its universal dance no matter how alien it is to your human consciousness. That way you'll survive and any entity that steps out of line in that dance will be destroyed. Not by your useless attempts to defeat them but by the universes."

  • r.w. chambers

    r.w. chambers

    Vor 9 Stunden

    @Mullerornis "far more idealistic"? In case you haven't noticed, people were turned into living filters for eldritch waste and they were left like that for millions of years complete aware to experience all their suffering. No one in a Lovecraft story experience such misery. Yeah, very idealistic. Also when you eat meat from animals, doesn't that make you a racist? Heck, when you eat vegetables? Does that make you a bad guy? That's what the Qu thought of humanity. So did the Deities in the Cthulhu mythos.

  • Dope Nope

    Dope Nope

    Vor 9 Stunden

    I've never heard of Cosmicism like that before. That is actually pretty cool.

  • James Cannon

    James Cannon

    Vor 9 Stunden

    Holy Smokes, that is super interesting. Makes me wanna write a book or make a movie about eldritch deities and biological species fighting and then as they were fighting, the invented machines so advanced that the machines gained consciousness and revealed themselves as the universe itself. Just in a form biological types made. And they said, "serve me, and I will defeat the eldritch horrors. Defy me and you will suffer the same fate." Biological types begin serving the machines to defeat the cosmic horrors but now they have to serve the machines. It's sad, but it their best fate.

  • Mullerornis


    Vor 10 Stunden

    I think All Tomorrows is far more idealistic than HP Lovecraft's work. Plus, the racists are the bad guys.

  • British Spy
    British SpyVor 20 Stunden

    Damn new spore game looking weird

  • B2 gaming
    B2 gamingVor 20 Stunden

    soooo.... were gonna be horror monsters in the future of tomorrow

  • Faizal kuntz
    Faizal kuntzVor 20 Stunden

    If the technology is so advance then why tomorrow humans dont want to become an anime character?

  • Akish
    AkishVor 20 Stunden

    One of the best things I’ve watched in a long time.

  • Condiment man
    Condiment manVor 21 Stunde

    Well I’m hiding in erth whith a lot of wepons I’m not ending up like these things

  • Dingusdan


    Vor 12 Stunden

    Mole people in a nutshell

  • Caiborg 118
    Caiborg 118Vor 21 Stunde

    I love how we all watched the absolute peak of probable civilisation beyond human recognition and start pointing out funny things in silly ways Truly human

  • Misfited Misfit
    Misfited MisfitVor 21 Stunde

    Please do Man After Man in this style too.

  • Jevil likes Chaos
    Jevil likes ChaosVor 21 Stunde

    Astromorph 1: ey yo, king belebbleoop faced a revolution and died in the conflict. Astromorph 2: oh hell no, king blebbleoop was one of my favorites! Astromorph 2: no. Bad. *planet destroyer goes brrrr*

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. ManVor 21 Stunde

    Man, I wasn't expecting such a fucked-up and tragic story to be an allegory for a really uplifting moral, that honestly adds even more depth to this already extremely deep story.