Weekend Warm-Up! 2021 Spanish Grand Prix

And just like that, another race weekend is upon us! We're in Barcelona for the second of a back-to-back double header, and it's time for the best preview in the business ahead of Round 4...

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  • Stenly Onibala
    Stenly OnibalaVor 10 Tage


  • Myanna
    MyannaVor 26 Tage

    Need more of Sam!!! He adds value to any F1 coverage.


    Fun times with Buxton and friends!

  • Tejaswo Tiwary
    Tejaswo TiwaryVor Monat

    Lando also drove the same low revving renault engine as daniel did. If the revving characteristics of the engine affected daniel, should've affected Lando as well, dyt?

  • build Motosykletist
    build MotosykletistVor Monat

    That was a better show than the last few. Where was Pietro ?

  • Stefan Jonsson
    Stefan JonssonVor Monat

    Laura & Sam are Great!

  • Scott L.
    Scott L.Vor Monat

    Who that girl is


    Love her 👗

  • Just Josh
    Just JoshVor Monat

    How cool is it that we have 5 veteran drivers all getting acclimated to new cars this season? Making for some great interviews.

  • Just Josh
    Just JoshVor Monat

    McLaren is the only team to score points with both cars in all 3 races this season.

  • 7sq
    7sqVor Monat

    Take off the face diapers !

  • Mario Dominguez
    Mario DominguezVor Monat

    I miss Lawrence

  • Wim Franken
    Wim FrankenVor Monat

    Why is this "Sam" (the Max Verstappen basher) still allowed to do his thing? He certainly is NOT a neutral reporter...

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard WarriorVor Monat

    The female presenter is fantastic - her and Brundle would be a great combo

  • LightBrightSZ
    LightBrightSZVor Monat

    Sam and Lawrence is where it's at!

  • Marita Bentancor
    Marita BentancorVor Monat


  • Romulous75
    Romulous75Vor Monat

    I thought this was a surgeons convention.

  • Saad Mirza
    Saad MirzaVor Monat

    Mazespins forehead....

  • War Peace
    War PeaceVor Monat

    These two are a much better combo. Voices that are enjoyable to hear and messages that are relevant and informative. Nice work. I have no interest in watching/hearing an overexcited novice stumbling over their words like some previous presenters.

  • Mark Patterson
    Mark PattersonVor Monat

    Roll video over them talking with those masks on.They appear foolish.

  • ioannis giannakopoulos
    ioannis giannakopoulosVor Monat

    where did hamilton see the rivalry with ferraris i dont know lol

  • House Station Live .com
    House Station Live .comVor Monat

    i love sam

  • lYoungBronxl
    lYoungBronxlVor Monat

    Sam towers over Will 😂

  • jockejocke1
    jockejocke1Vor Monat

    21:57 Lewis what are you doing lol

  • Eathos
    EathosVor Monat

    Is it just me or is Laura and Lando very similar? Imagine it being Lando underneath that facemask. At least the eyes.

  • jockejocke1
    jockejocke1Vor Monat

    (。 ㅅ 。)

  • Will
    WillVor Monat

    I really like Sam's insight.

  • Patrick Tho
    Patrick ThoVor Monat

    0:48 not only that Will, not only that..

  • Press Play, Mike!
    Press Play, Mike!Vor Monat

    12:08 tsunoda on the left

  • Press Play, Mike!
    Press Play, Mike!Vor Monat

    mazepin glasses are like from random cyberpunk boss

  • Press Play, Mike!
    Press Play, Mike!Vor Monat

    does will have the same pants from last week ?

  • Hypergene.Official
    Hypergene.OfficialVor Monat

    Please keep David and Sam!! PLEASE!

  • GLT
    GLTVor Monat

    Nice format! Sam should be there always!

  • Break Free
    Break FreeVor Monat

    Let's gooo Lando!

  • funkitupyo62
    funkitupyo62Vor Monat

    Thanks guys I always love the weekend warmup and I’m loving this week with the female commentator introduced great dynamic she really adds a lot to the commentary keep it up.

  • Azir Rahman
    Azir RahmanVor Monat

    Checo win🎉

  • MatinKingston
    MatinKingstonVor Monat

    Carlos walking out of Ferri in orange.... Burh

  • Favian Madrid
    Favian MadridVor Monat

    I rooting for mazepin Y’all tooo harsh on this kid.

  • Adhd Andy
    Adhd AndyVor Monat

    0:40 be back at a circuit we all know, and HATE

  • Dorleys Flir
    Dorleys FlirVor Monat

    4:07 What's the 🤖 I'm thinking of?

  • MatoComissions
    MatoComissionsVor Monat

    Loving the show, you guys are awesome

  • Anwar Latip
    Anwar LatipVor Monat

    Will introduction..making me feel hapy..i suggest he try one man show..title The F 1 funny man show..he he ok bro..kl malaysia

  • apexTV
    apexTVVor Monat

    The only person holding George move to Mercedes is Hamilton...

  • shanealun
    shanealunVor Monat

    a slight tangent - how tall is Sam? ;)

  • Rick
    RickVor Monat

    Love the masks - what is the point of showing people where 80% of their faces are covered?

  • r3l4x
    r3l4xVor Monat

    I like the finger snapping at 3:09 lol

  • Pippy.Shanks
    Pippy.ShanksVor Monat

    Does anyone else scroll past Nikita talking?

  • Johnathan
    JohnathanVor Monat

    Formula 1 has some of the best hosts and presenters imo

  • Polish Eddie
    Polish EddieVor Monat

    My man Sam just needs to work on that Grandpa belly 🤣

  • Shivanshu Naithani
    Shivanshu NaithaniVor Monat

    Sam Collins is great! That bit about Renault V6 being a low revving engine vs the Mercedes ending up giving Daniel a harder time adapting was brilliant. Just the type of stuff we want to know!

  • Nikko Camden
    Nikko CamdenVor Monat

    Great episode 🔥

  • Paddy Downey
    Paddy DowneyVor Monat

    Will going full Harry Potter with that microphone 🧙🏻‍♂️

  • Peter Ward
    Peter WardVor Monat

    Great presenting lineup, keep these 3 please.

  • Joe Howard
    Joe HowardVor Monat

    10:28 Carlos 🏎🇪🇸 struts pass

  • Alejo Arguello
    Alejo ArguelloVor Monat

    Who is she? I love her.

  • Jordan Stover
    Jordan StoverVor Monat

    Sam and Laura are so much better than that shouty fellow and Lawrence bless him but he's just so snarky. Please keep this format especially with Sam I adore Sam!!!

  • Joshua Walter
    Joshua WalterVor Monat

    I just feel gor haas and williams other cars have improved in some measure this year. Well mercedes engine cars would disagree. But then everyone enjoys how its not easy to predict the Sunday's race and say its lewis obviously. But i must say Lewis has been better these three races compared to last year.

  • Vytas Banys
    Vytas BanysVor Monat

    best show out there

  • Szymon Kawałko
    Szymon KawałkoVor Monat

    Laura and Sam are a great change to the other squad, please have them more often!

  • Mohammed Bilal
    Mohammed BilalVor Monat

    Will talks to Sam like Lord Varys asks for info from his little birds.

  • dronevilOO
    dronevilOOVor Monat

    Drinking game: A shot every time Will says "fascinating". I'd go blind.

  • 415 s30
    415 s30Vor Monat

    Mazaspin has never won any category, he doesn't belong here.

  • limitedmark
    limitedmarkVor Monat

    Great work, I like the big dude's tech information.

  • Affalterbach Brackley 1967
    Affalterbach Brackley 1967Vor Monat

    4:02 Great to hear about this new underdog driver without all the negative social media spin, just hear directly from the driver.

  • GHJ MD
    GHJ MDVor Monat

    Mazepin hate is pretty unfounded tbh, seems like a fine guy.

  • Klaus Neumann
    Klaus NeumannVor Monat

    Sam Collins "the man with the technical words"... *sticky uppy bits* intensifies

  • T Drum
    T DrumVor Monat

    sam collins just sounds and behaves like the ainsley harriot of F1... love this dude

  • T M
    T MVor Monat

    I agree keep Laura, Sam and David!

  • J5L5M6
    J5L5M6Vor Monat

    4:07 I love that Mazepin even has evil Russian Bond villain sunglasses. 🤣🤣🤣

  • bent andre
    bent andreVor Monat

    a perez win is quite a prediction. but it would even make this season more spicyer

  • vashisl33t
    vashisl33tVor Monat

    Leaveah dah space

  • Alan Delaney
    Alan DelaneyVor Monat

    Great to have Laura there. Overall it is now a great team of presenters, each of which being something different.

  • Billy McCroy
    Billy McCroyVor Monat

    Laura and Sam were both great. Loved returning to the simple style of just walking down the paddock. I never miss a Weekend Warm-Up!

  • francisco rodriguez
    francisco rodriguezVor Monat

    I bet those Mazepin sunglasses cost more than Williams entire budget...

  • promo130
    promo130Vor Monat

    who's the brunette?

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    Vor Monat

    Laura Winter

  • Bella
    BellaVor Monat

    that's your lot ;(

  • Eliana Fernandez
    Eliana FernandezVor Monat

    Carlos in papaya????

  • Eskander X
    Eskander XVor Monat

    Laura is GORGEOUS.

  • Eskander X
    Eskander XVor Monat

    Great lineup! Though I missed Lawrence vibes too... You gonna mix it up from time to time @FORMULA 1?

  • Eskander X
    Eskander XVor Monat


  • Music Sports and Comedy
    Music Sports and ComedyVor Monat

    Holy moly he’s taller than I expected.

  • Music Sports and Comedy

    Music Sports and Comedy

    Vor Monat

    @Sam S Collins touché

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    Vor Monat

    I'm standing on a box box box

  • Durmus Kurtulus
    Durmus KurtulusVor Monat

    Mercedes duo and Verstappen will lap the entire field.

  • Shobhit Mathur
    Shobhit MathurVor Monat

    This is a great team and I think the best format.

  • Pyramid Motorsport One V10 Music
    Pyramid Motorsport One V10 MusicVor Monat

    If you put gravel on the line of each corner...Max will be stuck on in on the weekly.." be careful what you ask for "..

  • Will Pine
    Will PineVor Monat

    Can't take the mask theatre outdoors anymore, i'll skip...

  • Isai Antonio Rojas Valladares
    Isai Antonio Rojas ValladaresVor Monat

    Carlos with orange tshirt🥺

  • Luca Banchero
    Luca BancheroVor Monat

    Voice of Sam Collins = Voice of Jenson Button.

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    Vor Monat

    Not sure about that!

  • Damian
    DamianVor Monat

    Will rushes his co-host with his subliminal mic twirling

  • Debadatta Das
    Debadatta DasVor Monat

    I thought he is the weekend

  • Booker D
    Booker DVor Monat

    Fantastic line up this show!

  • Yikuno
    YikunoVor Monat

    can we have Sam walk through the paddock and spill some tea from each team ,

  • Muhammad Yahya
    Muhammad YahyaVor Monat


  • King Zapp
    King ZappVor Monat

    Will is so out of his depth when speaking to Sam it's clearly obvious.

  • K Sapkota
    K SapkotaVor Monat

    Sam sounds too much like Moss from IT Crowd, I can't take it

  • Chase Young
    Chase YoungVor Monat

    ah, having Sam interject some technical bits was awesome! I want Lawrence back, but keep these Sam interventions. Will makes everybody around him seem personable and enjoyable.

  • Chase Young

    Chase Young

    Vor Monat

    @Sam S Collins fantastic!

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    Vor Monat

    I hope to do a few more this year, just filling in for Lazlo B this weekend.


    A welcomed change

  • Hublot Whore334
    Hublot Whore334Vor Monat

    Nothig makes me happier than seeing MSC +5.23 (1 Lap) MAZ +1:14.89 (2 Laps)

  • David Doherty
    David DohertyVor Monat

    Fantastic presentation. Nice tec talk updates with our Q Sam. Should do this every now and again.

  • Jace Ace
    Jace AceVor Monat

    I want to see the lovely Laura's face🙁

  • Chilled Wombat
    Chilled WombatVor Monat

    Clearly Sam likes to have a beer. 🤣

  • Sam S Collins

    Sam S Collins

    Vor Monat

    Very much.