BBC Earth 50 Top Natural History Moments | 30-21


This Earth Day, stay in and explore the beauty, drama and spectacle of our natural world with 50 incredible natural history moments from BBC Earth based on what you've been liking and sharing. This is the third of five videos.

#NaturalHistory #StayInAndExplore
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Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this.
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  • Whippetha creem
    Whippetha creemVor 5 Stunden

    Bison: You said when you're big and strong, you'd protect the herd, right? Young bison: Yeah! Bison: *Well now's your chance*

  • Whippetha creem
    Whippetha creemVor 6 Stunden

    "Give me a chance, my sweet, I'll give you a night you wont forget..." * Chuckles * "First you must make this a battle I wont forget..." "Heh, alright then, mi amor, lets dance..."

  • A\
    A\Vor 13 Stunden

    That bison could've literally run in any other direction but it decided to run right through the baby that was being attacked 😭😭😭

  • Abdi Piano
    Abdi PianoVor Tag

    That bird's heart was shattered beyond repair. The look at his face at the end was priceless.

  • KStar
    KStarVor 3 Tage

    I died laughing after “she kills him anyway” lmao wasn’t expecting that

  • ZeusAceX
    ZeusAceXVor 3 Tage

    29:36 "Et tu Brutus? Then fall Bison..."

  • Ramon Ibarra
    Ramon IbarraVor 3 Tage

    What ❓❗❓❗❓❗ what do you mean female spider kills male spider anyway❓

  • Bryan Drewry
    Bryan DrewryVor 5 Tage

    Ok, now I'm freaked out by my own cat.

  • Bryan Drewry
    Bryan DrewryVor 5 Tage

    I want to watch the guys doing sound effects for the octopus.

  • Nick Graber
    Nick GraberVor 6 Tage

    642 flat earthers that think god created this in a few days. me: just enjoy the show without wanting to own everything for myself

    JAVON RAEVor 6 Tage

    I hate seeing polar bears lose

  • Vijay Sharma
    Vijay SharmaVor 6 Tage

    He danced for his life. I would probably be the first corpse he jumped over. "Arranged Marriage is Better!"

  • blackcosmos
    blackcosmosVor 7 Tage

    "Sometimes whatever u do things just don't work out" Yea no 🧢

  • Hangshu vlogs
    Hangshu vlogsVor 8 Tage


  • darwin interiano
    darwin interianoVor 9 Tage


  • علی حیدری
    علی حیدریVor 9 Tage


  • Sam Robins
    Sam RobinsVor 10 Tage

    14:30 the way he rose up was pricless

  • Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
    Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.Vor 13 Tage

    Someone needs to kick that RED HEADED birds ass

  • Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
    Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.Vor 13 Tage


  • Daniel Kather
    Daniel KatherVor 13 Tage

    2:50 missed opportunity for Mc Hammer's, "U Can't Touch This"

  • Maryam .Y
    Maryam .YVor 14 Tage

    No more fluffy big polar bears... sadly

  • Maryam .Y
    Maryam .YVor 14 Tage

    The fish was like: bruh

  • Hector Kue
    Hector KueVor 14 Tage

    6:20 my dude smackin

  • I love money
    I love moneyVor 14 Tage

    Buying dinner doesn't look to bad now.

  • Merciless
    MercilessVor 15 Tage

    29:39 every bison for themselves

  • Nobo Jerry
    Nobo JerryVor 15 Tage

    2:39 what an amazing dance

  • Charkit
    CharkitVor 17 Tage

    Me trying to get the attention of someone I know in public: 1:55 The person who's not who I think they are: 2:01

  • Sami Mas
    Sami MasVor 17 Tage

    تبارك الله أحسن الخالقين

  • Nathan Dunaway
    Nathan DunawayVor 18 Tage

    Dude never have I thought that I would need to see a spider dance to Italian music I wanna say either way that was so funny 💀

  • carissa fidik
    carissa fidikVor 19 Tage

    Poor polar bear ☹️

  • Lay Discovery
    Lay DiscoveryVor 19 Tage

    I like your video

  • Zulfiker Siddique
    Zulfiker SiddiqueVor 20 Tage

    things men do for a living :)

  • Nolan Thomas
    Nolan ThomasVor 20 Tage

    I think I remember the Life at the Limits exhibit from AMNh had a part about bower birds and birds of paradise.

  • Meadows
    MeadowsVor 21 Tag

    BBC Earth - every foley artist's dream gig.

  • N K
    N KVor 21 Tag

    15:12 meme material

  • David Quinn
    David QuinnVor 22 Tage

    Nature can be beautiful or a real b*tch!

  • discodeo
    discodeoVor 22 Tage

    Why all courting birds always gets rejected or fails? 😭😭😭

  • Tedtrack Meqoptic
    Tedtrack MeqopticVor 22 Tage


  • Tedtrack Meqoptic
    Tedtrack MeqopticVor 22 Tage

    thats it

  • Tedtrack Meqoptic
    Tedtrack MeqopticVor 23 Tage

    Imagine being attacked by a polar bear when there are like 500 more walruses who didn't help and escaped in the water to get away and be safe when that 1 walrus didn't...

  • Shirin Ganvir
    Shirin GanvirVor 23 Tage

    12.02 what kind of hypnosis is that !

  • Shirin Ganvir
    Shirin GanvirVor 23 Tage

    9.32 that fish literally puked at the sight of the slimy octopus 😂

    TOP-ΣEASUREVor 24 Tage

    Meaow means pet me 🥺🤒

  • mrt e
    mrt eVor 24 Tage


    AGURIN, JOSHUA B.Vor 24 Tage

    The Bird was amazing! It's like watching an animated movie

  • L beenrawSD1
    L beenrawSD1Vor 24 Tage

    As boulders rain from the sky 🤣🤣 I love the videos man so amazing!

  • SON of a GODess
    SON of a GODessVor 25 Tage

    That was just friggin awesome 👏🏽😎

  • Ainsley Rains
    Ainsley RainsVor 25 Tage

    2:15 better than etv dhee contestants

  • Dudu Suherman
    Dudu SuhermanVor 25 Tage

    I need subtitle indonesia

  • Craig and Snow w / Adam
    Craig and Snow w / AdamVor 26 Tage

    “Note to self” , buy Raid ! Sticky traps ! Bug zapper ,.. OFF! And a few fruit 🍉 🪰 traps 🪤

  • Craig and Snow w / Adam
    Craig and Snow w / AdamVor 26 Tage

    Mommy , what did daddy look like ,... “ oh! He’s just a husk ,... of his former self

  • Henrik Svensson
    Henrik SvenssonVor 26 Tage

    Spider male gets metooed in the worst possible way.

  • Katy Leanne
    Katy LeanneVor 27 Tage

    29:37 when you're playing a hard mission and your younger sibling carelessly throws a grenade and takes out half of your health

  • Bardsley
    BardsleyVor 27 Tage

    Gah, those octopus sound effects...

  • Tobias Shamblin
    Tobias ShamblinVor 27 Tage

    What a huge CBing bird, before he tries again he should eliminate him

  • ناصر الرمالي
    ناصر الرماليVor 27 Tage

    سبحان الله الخالق العظيم

    TECH RVLVor 28 Tage

    *octopus enters the pool unannounced* The fish: O o O

  • Claire Olivia Corrigan
    Claire Olivia CorriganVor 28 Tage

    that young bison was utterly milled out of it by the big one. my god. i think he killed him

  • Jake DeSarno
    Jake DeSarnoVor 28 Tage

    "But she kills him anyway" 😲

  • Zack T.D
    Zack T.DVor 28 Tage

    BBC make me laugh

  • Alex Neiman
    Alex NeimanVor 28 Tage

    I was worried for that walrus for a minute there :o Edit: awwww seal

  • gimlikos84 Kos
    gimlikos84 KosVor 29 Tage

    34:13 what is Frodo Baggins doing there ?

  • marisol montoya
    marisol montoyaVor 29 Tage

    That fish literally did a spit take under water 😲

  • marisol montoya
    marisol montoyaVor 29 Tage

    I've never wanted an ant to live this much

  • wsrtwetr
    wsrtwetrVor 29 Tage

    omg when he break out dancing

  • Hanii f Darr
    Hanii f DarrVor Monat

    سبحان الله

  • TotalSmashTV
    TotalSmashTVVor Monat

    4:00 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Bharat R
    Bharat RVor Monat

    As a male I am Glad I do not have to "Dance for my life". God is great.

  • Bharat R
    Bharat RVor Monat

    13:20 the Psycho bird

  • UpRoaryus
    UpRoaryusVor Monat

    Life on Earth is WEIRD ...,

  • Janet Gies
    Janet GiesVor Monat

    That was sad but necessary when the bison sacrificed the yearling.

  • XDXD
    XDXDVor Monat

    tO jest superr

  • Lady D
    Lady DVor Monat

    Dang! A bird's flower bouquet _and_ a well practiced strip tease, yet still dropped when chad shows up

  • Lady D
    Lady DVor Monat

    ≈ 1:35 - 3:24 ish) This brings a whole new meaning to "playing hard to get"

  • Logan Wilcox
    Logan WilcoxVor Monat

    Tried the spider dance at the club, it worked but she still bit my head off.

  • Alien Steamboat
    Alien SteamboatVor Monat

    How do you win a girl over? Dance 💃

  • Bushmastr Ashton
    Bushmastr AshtonVor Monat

    I wonder who chose what the top 50 natural history moments were

  • Vasto
    VastoVor Monat

    15:0ñ bird was simping so hard for nothing...

  • Jeffrey Morris
    Jeffrey MorrisVor Monat

    The large bison hitting the smaller one is the funniest thing iv'e ever seen

  • MrPan
    MrPanVor Monat

    Damn nature! You scary!

  • John Mutiso
    John MutisoVor Monat

    A man’s life 🤣 nature has warned you well enough!

  • tyler isangry
    tyler isangryVor Monat

    Whenever I meet a feminist...I tell them about the poor spidey Love Story.

  • Fandomaine
    FandomaineVor Monat

    Bird get cockblocked by it's rival: *deep breath*

  • Fandomaine
    FandomaineVor Monat

    12:30 call the exorcist

  • Basheer Samara
    Basheer SamaraVor Monat

    Absolutely amazing 😍😍 thank you

  • Moonpie Spotlight
    Moonpie SpotlightVor Monat

    That redhead bird is a stud, but when homey showed up he was like "seriously?"

  • Kloun Whirled
    Kloun WhirledVor Monat

    Wow the dynamics between the Canadian wolves and bison had me on the edge of my seat. In the end an adult bison literally rammed into an adolescent that was being attacked by the majority of the pack and sacrificed it to the wolves to save the herd. Unbelievable that this was all caught on film!

  • Mailboo
    MailbooVor Monat

    D; spider death

  • Laquisha Adams
    Laquisha AdamsVor Monat

    Am I the only one who thinks the bird at 14:00 is an excellent beat boxer?

  • Alexa Fragoso
    Alexa FragosoVor Monat

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    Alexa FragosoVor Monat

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  • Parabellum
    ParabellumVor Monat

    3:56 yup that remind me my ex

  • Adam Clark
    Adam ClarkVor Monat

    Octopus: Crawls into pond Fish: literally shits bricks

  • Matty80822
    Matty80822Vor Monat

    that octopus passed on like 3 opihis

  • Afon
    AfonVor Monat

    female- I'm gonna eat you up! male- No, wait! I know how to dance! female- Hm... Interesting, show me some moves boy.

  • AndreiSZS
    AndreiSZSVor Monat

    Pretty much the same as humans.

  • smallspace7
    smallspace7Vor Monat

    That bison did it on purpose

  • Problematic
    ProblematicVor Monat

    “He meets her expectations” :D “She kills him anyway” D:

  • ABDUL WAHAB Parkar
    ABDUL WAHAB ParkarVor Monat

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  • Green Brock
    Green BrockVor Monat

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