Sweet Home Alabama

Tico & the man@Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.com


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    plot twist : the bird is his cousin

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    What's the parrot's name?

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    It sounds like Tico is singing, OH PRETTY BIRD! If so, he is correct. He is a very pretty bird!

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    Hahahaha...I love you ,tico !!

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    ❤ awwww toooo cute

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    He's so awesome 😎

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    He should play Run For The Hills!! Imagine Tico would knock it out of the park! 😂🐦🎶

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    My only critism is your vids aren't long enough! Thanks for doing these! Grins from ear to ear at my house!

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    SuperTico ! 😍

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    I love watching these videos! Its amazing to see parrot and hoomin having so much fun together ❤

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    Tico's vocalizations adapt to the type of guitar that Frank is playing. What a brilliant little "birdformer!"🤩

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    Really loving all these vids! Thanks

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    That is precious!!

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    Que gracinha!!! Amei.....

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    Better than Axl.

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    If Mariah every looses that top note....


    You need to do some clint Eastwood western movies themes so he can whistle them lol

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    Non mi stanco di ascoltarlo!!!insieme alla buona a musi a del suo padrone ...formano un suo irresistibile!!!da far allargare il cuore dalle risate e dalla genialita' della natura!!!grazie!!

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    Rob Halford?

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    When Tico sings “FREEBIRD!”

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    Lyric: Oi great great Oi don' stop Oi great great *whistling *erkk

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    I love how much Frank loves Tico. They're best Bros.

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    Keep playing the songs but add bird titles “Sweet Home Bird Cage” “Knocking on Heaven’s Bird Cage” “Come and Get Your Seed”

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    Freebird? Any *zeppelin? Lolol

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    Tico on top form

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    The fact you’re grinning like you’re trying not to burst out laughing just makes it all the more funny 😄

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    Assistindo do 🇧🇷

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    Please do the Highway Star 😂

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    Tico: 100% parrot and a real 1%er give him some CHEAP SUNGLASSES

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    Tico just says " ok folks... thank you and good night" then turns around

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    Сладкоголосая гениальная птичка!

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    I love how you're willing to be the back up for this talented bird!!!🦜👍🎸

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    0:10 it sounds like he says alllll night long babaaaay

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    Artist! Super.

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    What is that melody Tico always seems to hum/whistle in all of his videos?

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  • indira indira
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    😘 🐦💓

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    I feel like he could whistle a sweet solo to Dust in the Wind

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    Me encantó que amor ése loro

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    Dude - how many guitars do you own????

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    Боже мій,хочу таку папугу.

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    Trop marrant

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    Sweet bird from chile😅

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    If he would have said “Big wheels keep on turning” I’d a lost my 💩 😂

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    His whisslin’ is in perfect scale omg

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    i swear tico is saying "Oh Frank Frank" ...

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    A very strange alternate universe. But not unlivable.

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    Good morning, thanks for the wonderful mood

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    Uauuuuu lindo

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    Gotta hear him sing that song that was used in Thor movie by Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song" it will be awesome 👌

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    I'am definitely in love with this creature!

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    Hysterical - all in tune! Thank you.

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    That must be Tico's favourite song!

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    What country is charming couple from? 😍 Sorry for my bad English.

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    Это просто охуенно!!!

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    HERMOSO 😂😂😂MUY HERMOSO DEDITO PA RIBA, 🎤✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    He's actually pretty good on the harmonies!

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    Hmm bird Is off tempo, off notes, but totally fun anyway, contrats.

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    They should work on the lyrics, really! 😅

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    Take this bird to the bar.

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    I would also watch just to hear you play guitar

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    The whistle interludes are on point with this birdie

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    This parrot is beyond amazing... I'd rather listen to him any day than some of the poop on the radio!!! XXX

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    Well happy to see dad smile at his wee sidekicks show x

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    I love this bird ❤

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    he sounds like Axel Rose

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    Hell Yeah 🤘🤘🤘

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    The bird makes a monotonal song sound melodious!

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    This is absolutely heartwarming! I won't comment on your other video, just saying: this beautiful Bird is amazing and obviously lots of fun!

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    Lmao 🤣 ROFL

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    Hands down the greatest thing I've seen in years!!

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    Watching this absolutely lifts my spirits 👏👏😁🤗

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    🎼🎵🎶🎤papagaio vocalista, fantástico👏👏👏👏

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Tico.... and his sidekick Frank.

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    You guys have so much fun

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    Ahahahhahha this is amazing

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    You need to have a band-- you are an awesome guitarist and have Tico add his 'two cents worth'😁- would be a great success.

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    My African Grey Parrot is your #1 fan! 😁

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    What amazes me the most is that he's always in key :D

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    It's amazing

  • Jackie
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    The bird is really lovely but you're a great guitarist and I'd like to see you do more without the bird.

  • Denny MK
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    Frank's a good guitarist. But it's Tico that makes these vids special. It's not the average cover tunes.

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  • Hondo T
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    Now that's a kick ass bird! I think I have found our new Green Beret mascot!

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    Soo geil 🤩

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    So cute !💚💛

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    your parrot sings amazing, please show him hans zimmer-time or some einaudi tracks would love to see him improvising on :)

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    The best version of sweet home alabama EVER.. even with the guy and his guitar interrupt now and then....

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    Пернатый любитель рока!