(ENG) 나대지마 심장아.. | [너의 MBTI가 보여] 1-2부

3:22 ( )NTP는 표정을 못 숨긴다던데..Hoxy❓
4:05 💗십사빠💗 등장
7:46 지하가 눈치 본 이유ヽ(≧□≦)ノ
9:51 사냥감을 노리는 혜안이 존잘 😍

사람들의 MBTI가 보이는 신비한 소녀와 비밀이 가득한 소년이 만나 서로를 알아가는 초능력 하이틴 로맨스 웹드라마 ✨너의 MBTI가 보여✨
본 웹드라마는 파일럿 영상입니다

#너의MBTI가보여 #현재 #최연수
#스브스케이팝 #오리지널 #웹드라마
스브스케이팝 오리지널 웹드라마 채널 [요것드]
💌매주 토요일 오후 6시💌


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    에피타이저 한입먹고 끝이라니ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 정규화시켜서 지금배우 그대로 해주세요 메인디시부터디저트 까지 다 보여줘야죠 제발요~~~~~~~~

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    안돼요...더 찍어주세요.. 진짜 우리 지하 비밀도 못밝혔고, 내용도 너무 재밌는데....ㅠ 제발요..;;

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    Please continue this series 🙏

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    Still after months, I kept checking if new episode came out and today I decided to read comments. And what ? This drama has ended just like that ? Oh wow ! I am dead.

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    That's it?? That's the ending?? This is the incomplete web drama ???? What is the girl's MBTI what is Hyunjae's story??😭

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    Still here wishing for this to be continued...

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    Where are the next episodes????

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    when is the next episode coming out ...

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    Please you can finale episode download please l love this drama

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    Just want to say that PLEASE CONTINUE THIS !!!! WE NEED MORE EPISODE

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    Wait this is end????!!!!!no pleaseeee

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    This is so good! I’m going to wait for the next episode!


    MBTI and Hyunjae, all in one web drama? Sign me up! 😍❤️

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    I hope this could continue ! Hyunjae is really great at acting I'm looking forward his performance on a full drama let this happen ;;

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    The guy is probably switching from his ego to his unconscious, subconscious and super ego lol

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    Main lead is not look like school girl??? She’s look like elder sister or teacher lol

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    I want to know what happen next, please give us more episode, i really like the storyline + great actresses/actors ❤️

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    Hyunjae's acting is so good in here even for a first timer. But, don't you guys noticed Byun Seongtae (Jiha's friend)? It's been a while since I saw him from pd101

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    To: PD-nim. I really want to watch more episodes. I’m so curious what will happen with Yoo Jiha, also other characters ㅠㅠ

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    Im obsessed with MBTI and the ENFP character is really me! I love her right away! -ENFP

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