ALL of our Farm Animals Love Kitchen Scraps (Barnyard ASMR)

It's snack time here on the farm! Let me show you what kitchen scraps I feed my ducks, geese, chickens and dog.
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  • engineer gaming
    engineer gamingVor 22 Tage

    i readed kitten scraps -_-

  • GDCro
    GDCroVor 28 Tage

    poglo barn cat

  • Matthew Hurlbut
    Matthew HurlbutVor Monat

    Interesting to see the Geese try to set up a blockade against other animals getting any - and Toby just walks right in and they all get pushed back.

  • Matt Shaffer
    Matt ShafferVor Monat

    Goodam that’s a bluebird morning!

  • Rado 2A
    Rado 2AVor Monat

    No meat. Poor dog

  • Batpherlang Kharkrang
    Batpherlang KharkrangVor Monat

    Hi....... 🎥👍👍👍

  • chris Harris
    chris HarrisVor Monat

    Pumpkin seeds are good for poultry it worms them

  • Christien’s Garden
    Christien’s GardenVor Monat

    Love your videos they make me happy

  • CPY
    CPYVor Monat

    Did those ducks told a really good joke to each other? 2:50

  • Katmandu Dawn
    Katmandu DawnVor Monat

    I had a ferret named Chick because when he was happy he made happy chicken noises. He was happy a lot.

  • Dennis Reeves
    Dennis ReevesVor Monat

    Toby was hoping for some fried chicken! LOL

  • meggi
    meggiVor Monat

    4:25 so this is a geese butt... its breething

  • TG G
    TG GVor Monat

    The geese are taking over!

  • Andrea
    AndreaVor Monat

    Ohhhh goose butt... thank goodness they didn’t poop on the camera!

  • Ms InSaNiTy
    Ms InSaNiTyVor Monat

    Poor ducks were scared to come when slytherins eat

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa MarieVor Monat

    Wow ok. So the hierarchy seems to be Tobi, geese, chickens. Good for him. Though I have to say they were surprisingly polite with one another. Sure the geese gave a couple neck stretches to the chickens, but if they didn't want them eating anything, they could have been a lot worse. Very cool.

  • Gold Shaw Farm

    Gold Shaw Farm

    Vor Monat

    So true!

  • Jessie Watson
    Jessie WatsonVor Monat

    Junstin’s Bungholio ?

  • Leo H
    Leo HVor Monat

    And yes dogs luv pumpkin

  • Leo H
    Leo HVor Monat

    Luv how the cat came out of the barn

  • Gohan the Turtle
    Gohan the TurtleVor Monat

    Everybody being territorial until Toby shows up

  • Merri Reilly
    Merri ReillyVor Monat

    Oddly satisfying both to watch and hear. Thank you!

  • N J
    N JVor Monat

    My geese love apple/banana/pineapple

  • Robin Lillian
    Robin LillianVor Monat

    Beats composting it.

  • Built On The Rock Homestead
    Built On The Rock HomesteadVor Monat

    My Great Pyrenees love vegetables. My house dog (cur mix) isn't interested in them. Whenever I give the goats some vegetables the dogs help themselves.

  • n balaboon
    n balaboonVor Monat

    where is hobo cat?

  • Meya
    MeyaVor Monat

    Toby doesn't look too thrilled with the menu, lol. He is probably thinking "what, no meat?"

  • Meanwhile Back on the Hobby Farm
    Meanwhile Back on the Hobby FarmVor Monat

    Another great video thanks. I get scraps from a local commercial kitchen daily and my chickens and ducks love'em

  • Annette Blandino
    Annette BlandinoVor Monat

    We need Pablo Barn cat and Toby dog tee shirts

  • HyperDarkmoon
    HyperDarkmoonVor Monat


  • Linda Smith
    Linda SmithVor Monat

    best enjoyed with a glass of chardonnay

  • Your Mom’s favorite
    Your Mom’s favoriteVor Monat


  • M Hines
    M HinesVor Monat

    It's a beautiful day there, such clear blue skies. Some of those shots could be made into postcards. (freeze frame)

  • wino0000006
    wino0000006Vor Monat

    Toby might have been disappointed - no meat.

  • Tattoo Ideas For You
    Tattoo Ideas For YouVor Monat

    almost every animal ive met loves kitchen leftovers

  • silverdragon61288
    silverdragon61288Vor Monat


  • On 9 Plus S Max Turbo
    On 9 Plus S Max TurboVor Monat

    Toby deserves some meat

  • Carprincess
    CarprincessVor Monat

    I love simple videos like this. It allows us to be in your shoes and partially see what it's like.

  • WildSanta Cates
    WildSanta CatesVor Monat

    I've been watching your videos since you first started under the name of "Gold Shaw Farm" and I find the whole concept totally entertaining. I am a city man that grew up spending every year of my childhood working as free child labor on the grandparents farm. Now it wasn't just myself they imported every cousin from around the country between the agaes 7 to 18, male and female. Needless to say with hundreds of acres of planted vegetation and numerous animals living on their section of the farm we stayed busy from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m .... needless to say those were the best days of my life. The work was extremely hard but even as a kid it was totally satisfying because after work came play... There are numerous questions i have but will not bombard you with those but i will ask.... Why no turkeys? You would be really surprised how the farm turkeys prevented aerial assaults on the other farm fowl from the hawks, falcons eagles, owls looking for easy meals...

  • Pytr Man
    Pytr ManVor Monat

    Nice close-up of goose butt at 4:28.

  • Rebecca Saxton
    Rebecca SaxtonVor Monat

    You could upload an hour long version of one of these and I'd listen to it like a podcast. I love all the different animal noises lol

  • Marvel Miranda
    Marvel MirandaVor Monat

    Poor dog he was looking for meat and got vegetables how disappointed

  • Gert’s Garden
    Gert’s GardenVor Monat

    Gold Shaw farm fills my heart with child like delight!

  • Daithos
    DaithosVor Monat

    Dat goose caboose at 4:30 tho.

  • Johan Runfeldt
    Johan RunfeldtVor Monat

    0:32 First time since he was a little pup, I've seen Toby act unprofessional in any way.

  • Princess Laila
    Princess LailaVor Monat

    My chickens got attacked and there is only one left what do I do

  • Lorraine Amante
    Lorraine AmanteVor Monat

    Beautiful ! 💝 The Only thing that could Top this is some Beef Stew for Toby dog. - (I'm working on it for you Toby dog - and Pablo barn cat) 🙂

  • FerdinandFake
    FerdinandFakeVor Monat

    The only thing the geese like less than kitchen scraps is watching the chickens eat them like candy Maybe the geese will eat lawnmower scraps

  • View Phenom
    View PhenomVor Monat

    Rare footage of Toby being a bad boy. Now I've seen everything.

  • Johan Runfeldt

    Johan Runfeldt

    Vor Monat

    Remember he' still very much an adolescent. He may have his adult size, but a dog of Toby's age is not yet adult mentally. Use the old rule of thumb: One year for a human is seven for a dog. That would make Toby a teenager if he was human.

  • Elias Labordus
    Elias LabordusVor Monat

    I just spend a minute looking at the butthole of a goose hoping it wouldn't poop


    Nothing like barnyard ASMR!

  • kc8767
    kc8767Vor Monat

    3:14. Yal hear that hen say, "Look out!”? 🤣🤣🐔

  • JRhoads
    JRhoadsVor Monat

    @4:28 Just what I needed more of during my work day...Goose ass.

  • JRhoads
    JRhoadsVor Monat

    I could see a DElevel feed of just watching this kind of stuff everyday. The background noise is a wonderful ASMR for those of sitting at our desks! I think my co-workers have thought that I've gone crazy when they hear the barnyard sounds coming out of my office.

  • None
    NoneVor Monat

    Morgan, do you have a compost pile, or does all 'edible' kitchen waste go to the animals ?

  • Chickens love spaghetti
    Chickens love spaghettiVor Monat

    That is what we do as well there favorite is spaghetti

  • YnobeSnapdragon
    YnobeSnapdragonVor Monat

    Nice shot of bird ass we have here! haha!

  • kitkatsarts uwu
    kitkatsarts uwuVor Monat

    We definitely have fun watching this kind of content

  • Elizabeth Claiborne
    Elizabeth ClaiborneVor Monat


  • Fyx5010
    Fyx5010Vor Monat

    4:32 that’s a nice view


    I'm early!

  • ttock29
    ttock29Vor Monat

    Perfect video for me. I woke up with a nightmare

  • K. Magee
    K. MageeVor Monat

    Now we have learned that Toby is at the top of the pecking order, then comes the geese; Ducks and chickens will just have to wait and see what is left over, I guess!

  • Benjamin Chong
    Benjamin ChongVor Monat

    I don't have a life. I am watching farm animals feeding themselves. *chuckle*

  • talltomtube
    talltomtubeVor Monat

    4:27 That's a bit rude.

  • Grow Health TV
    Grow Health TVVor Monat

    Hello, Morgan and Allison. I appreciate your videos and watch every one of them. Your animals just make me laugh, as does my little flock.

  • Baby Snakes
    Baby SnakesVor Monat


  • Alisa A
    Alisa AVor Monat

    i loved this, its like farm asmr

  • Chance Partridge
    Chance PartridgeVor Monat


  • VideoSaySo
    VideoSaySoVor Monat


  • Jessica M
    Jessica MVor Monat

    Bird politic is so fascinating.

  • Krickette
    KricketteVor Monat

    You know what? Goose butt!

  • Todd Ratson
    Todd RatsonVor Monat

    That was much closer than I wanted to ever get to a goose's butt.

  • AlucardNoir
    AlucardNoirVor Monat

    ... so, what happened to the stray in the barn? Still smarter than Pablo?

  • Auburn Hill Homestead
    Auburn Hill HomesteadVor Monat

    Toby perusing and deciding what his share will be...

  • Edgar Mejia
    Edgar MejiaVor Monat

    Dude, I never wanna see that type of weather in TX 😬 ever again lol love watching it on your channel tho.

  • Edgar Mejia

    Edgar Mejia

    Vor Monat

    How can your birds tolerate it??!! 🤔

  • Edgar Mejia

    Edgar Mejia

    Vor Monat

    Just that ice crunch 😳

  • H2A
    H2AVor Monat

    The thumbnail would look nice as a wallpaper on my laptop send me the pic

  • Maya C
    Maya CVor Monat

    Gave me Kyletherooster vibes 🥰

  • Hikokuni Ryuu
    Hikokuni RyuuVor Monat

    3:44 The geese are afraid of Toby because he went one step ahead, and then immediately Toby realized this and walked away to allow the geese to take another bite

  • Mango Mussolini
    Mango MussoliniVor Monat

    Hey, what do you call ducks that quack a lot? Quackheads.

  • Dyana Mullican
    Dyana MullicanVor Monat

    We put our kitchen scraps in a compost bag, then out to thre compost heap. that makes the compost for our vegetable garden. we live in the city so no farm animals here.

  • Dee D
    Dee DVor Monat

    I'm thinking you better throw those scraps before you are buried in a giant goose, duck, chicken, Toby pile 😂

  • Rodd Umlauf
    Rodd UmlaufVor Monat

    This past summer I learned that my ducks love minnows. The guy from the bait shop would bring over the dead floating minnows from the minnow tanks. Well, to my surprise, today it turns out that the ducks also love fish guts. They were free ranging and found the northern pike remains that I had thrown out for the crows. I had a great pike fry from the fish we caught ice fishing and the ducks chowed down on the remains of the pike. Even Puddles the goose joined in. I thought geese were complete vegetarians, but Puddles, my gal goose, picked at the northerns. Bubbles the gander turned up his nose and wouldn't have anything to do with the fish .

  • GrandmaChelle23
    GrandmaChelle23Vor Monat

    Everybody but Pablo seemed to love the veggies.

  • maskvp mGy
    maskvp mGyVor Monat

    I'm about to buy 40 acres and want chickens and guinea fowl. Not for any money making enterprise. I just think they'll be cool to have hanging around doing their thing.

  • Mary Schillinger

    Mary Schillinger

    Vor Monat

    Guines are good to have they eat bug and TICKS, they kill snakes, they are alarm systems if someone comes on your property. They are good mothers. They roam in groups so if one group comes a cross a snake they start sqwaking and the others come running and the attack the snake and kill it.

  • Thomas T
    Thomas TVor Monat

    I love how you let Toby be himself. And what a self he is. Pablo moves like a genius.

  • dcon
    dconVor Monat

    I’m am BEYOND Ecstatic that I found this channel...

  • Liren Wang
    Liren WangVor Monat


  • SilKay Coconut
    SilKay CoconutVor Monat

    is it a good idea to have four geese and ducks or should i have two of each? Please answer

  • R
    RVor Monat

    Toby is ever the optimist; keeps coming back to perhaps something he missed 😁😁😂

  • Rich McGaughey
    Rich McGaugheyVor Monat

    Did you see Toby give you a yawn , last expression of resistance when scolded

  • CupCakeKitten
    CupCakeKittenVor Monat

    This was very relaxing to watch, I really enjoy watching the farm animals go about their day.

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph AndersonVor Monat

    My birds are so happy the cold snap finally broke in mn

  • nanigoose
    nanigooseVor Monat

    The camera culprit can be identified by its webbed foot! But I was so worried when the white goose backed up toward the camera -- perfect position for a poo bomb!

  • [COA] ijet7
    [COA] ijet7Vor Monat

    Man, Justin got real mad with those chickens. :( Edit: He got Toby Dog too

  • Mac Blunts
    Mac BluntsVor Monat

    We all want updates on Hobo Barn Cat. Please update us sir?

  • Ben Thare
    Ben ThareVor Monat

    Geese are dicks!

  • Plank Face
    Plank FaceVor Monat

    Queue the sphincter😳🤭

  • Johnson Family Hobby Farm
    Johnson Family Hobby FarmVor Monat

    What is the most productive breed of duck in your opinion?

  • Marc H
    Marc HVor Monat

    Toby Sniffs.... Toby Tracks.... But they're not his kinda snacks!

  • Suroz Gurung
    Suroz GurungVor Monat

    This is how people live in Nepal. Jay Nepal!