In today's Chandler's Wild Life episode we feed some of the planet’s most Well known SNAKES!! You won’t BELIEVE How FAST they come for dinner!!🐍🐍
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  • Silas Epting
    Silas EptingVor 15 Tage

    my favorite animal is a snake

  • Joshua Clark
    Joshua ClarkVor 18 Tage

    If I’m ever being attacked by a king cobra 🐍 I’m calling chandler’s wildlife😎😎

  • Duncan Gray
    Duncan GrayVor 22 Tage

    Just noticing Alison‘s mouth isn’t that black. Why is that?

  • lindsey moreno
    lindsey morenoVor 23 Tage

    can you please feed your snake live rat.

  • Jason Shaw
    Jason ShawVor 26 Tage

    Dude im coming to your serpentarium! Can't freagin wait

  • Victor Diaconu
    Victor DiaconuVor Monat

    Get more vipers plz.

  • gricelda dawson
    gricelda dawsonVor Monat

    Hello the one who takes care of the snakes I just want to say next one's the lizard please

  • Zach Knox
    Zach KnoxVor Monat

    who does not like snakes I do they look cool

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja HombrepalitoVor Monat

    Chandler, I don't think snakes can see infrared through glass.

  • David Hebenstreit
    David HebenstreitVor Monat

    Mamba mentality hits a litter harder now.

  • Txc Joker
    Txc JokerVor Monat

    i am here after a long time..... where is kevin? the king kobra

  • Kenyatta Mitchell
    Kenyatta MitchellVor Monat

    He should collab with coyote peterson

  • HelloKittylicious99
    HelloKittylicious99Vor Monat

    I’m excited for you!! It’s gonna be so much fun seeing this come together. I’m from Orlando so I definitely wanna visit when it’s ready

  • Steven Seven
    Steven SevenVor Monat

    I don't comment often, but I really enjoy your channel. 👍

  • Nicole Stockett
    Nicole StockettVor Monat

    I never thought I would actually say this… but I miss the mullet.

    ANNI SQUADVor Monat

    if Chandler stops making videos we ALL know why! If i was the one taking care of the snakes the first ill do is go ZOOOOM im outta therE XDD


    Hi sir, what is name your zoo, i was saw you almost all video, i am biggest fan of you from India sir plz give me reply ❤❤❤❤🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Madhusudan tripathy
    Madhusudan tripathyVor Monat

    I am from india i have 2 very large indain cobra

  • Gina Parks
    Gina ParksVor Monat

    I want that tee shirt!!!

  • Andrea Bais
    Andrea BaisVor Monat

    Chandler post a new video I wish I could get one erryday

  • Yeny
    YenyVor Monat

    Jose, lmao 😂 best name 💀

  • ricky garcia
    ricky garciaVor Monat

    sick shirt!

  • I can’t stand SBMM
    I can’t stand SBMMVor Monat

    I’m no vegan or animal hero but isn’t it kinda cruel to keep these big snakes in those little terrariums?

  • Mr.Tom'sAdventures
    Mr.Tom'sAdventuresVor Monat

    Nice video as always, my kids will often imitate you saying "spicy meatball"

  • ITZ_꧁Z o d i a c꧂
    ITZ_꧁Z o d i a c꧂Vor Monat

    𝓖𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓭 𝓪 𝓼𝓾𝓫! If you understand this than you have good eyes

  • Jim C
    Jim CVor Monat

    So Chandler........I've got to ask since you recently visited Ricky Mack and Carla in Aussieland and recorded some episodes.........is Ricky really that crazed and daring with nothing but his shorts and mullet tackling the world's most venomous snakes and even freshwater and saltwater crocodiles??!! I men.......it's like three steps up from Steve Irwin!! Jim C.

  • T-Gamer games
    T-Gamer gamesVor Monat

    Hey chandler I just got some merch ALL HAL THE KING

  • Samson Awodamola Davies
    Samson Awodamola DaviesVor Monat

    like the shirt not the snakes ugly stuff

  • Luam
    LuamVor Monat

    I am French

  • Jayden Pringle
    Jayden PringleVor Monat

    Those mambas by us in South Africa nope don't mess with them

  • ChroniclesofAB
    ChroniclesofABVor Monat

    you should get some congo water cobras!

  • ScytheFN
    ScytheFNVor Monat

    Nice job!

  • Boop Sloop
    Boop SloopVor Monat

    Are you aloud to own an oxyuranus microlepidotus? If so, do you have one? Have you ever been around one?

  • Michael d
    Michael dVor Monat

    Kinda morbid but it is pretty funny when he voices the rats😂

  • Daniel Sisneros
    Daniel SisnerosVor Monat

    Most importantly stay gangster 😎

  • seanorjuelz
    seanorjuelzVor Monat

    Chandler: woah did you see that ? Yes we're all watching the same thing you are Chandler 🤣 It always makes me laugh when he says that

  • Katie Roberts
    Katie RobertsVor Monat

    0:36 that made me jump

  • Razvan Ivascu
    Razvan IvascuVor Monat

    Senior Pepe is the best in town 🐍

  • The King Bro
    The King BroVor Monat

    what was that outro

  • andrewmartinez02
    andrewmartinez02Vor Monat

    Senor Pepe is such an intimidating looking snake. I think he's my favorite, although, it's honestly hard to choose.

  • BrockP
    BrockPVor Monat

    Locked and Secured!

  • Colin Hames
    Colin HamesVor Monat

    U should do merch for all your animals bro, a king tut shirt sounds cool af, so does josé the lance head or even senior Pepe

  • Gina Parks

    Gina Parks

    Vor Monat

    I agree, I tried to explain to Pewdiepie that his merch should be more personal, like him and Edgar, but I do love his new banned video, Coco, ha, ha!

  • Jon Jackalone
    Jon JackaloneVor Monat

    Talk to Brian barczyk. He knows a guy

  • Riley Ireson
    Riley IresonVor Monat

    I love the name of Chandler wild world

  • Darryl's Nature
    Darryl's NatureVor Monat

    Awesome video

  • oxycodone Tylenol
    oxycodone TylenolVor Monat

    he is the owens of his park...and kevin is the t rex

  • an uno reverse card
    an uno reverse cardVor Monat

    Allison will meet kobe soon

  • skizzymac1
    skizzymac1Vor Monat

    I suggest a chandler's wild world tattoo from tyler. Buddy needs some love from ya brother as i can see he's a bit depressed and down right now.

  • rose444200
    rose444200Vor Monat

    Love the new shirt. But this time I will be going with lovely Allison's t-shirt :D

  • Chris Cabana
    Chris CabanaVor Monat

    It’d be awesome if we could get a bush viper baby update!

  • Judith Martin
    Judith MartinVor Monat

    secure! ....lol hahah

  • Nolan Campbell
    Nolan CampbellVor Monat

    King brown is pseudonaja !!!! Lol not pseudechis!

  • Trip shh
    Trip shhVor Monat

    pepe the rattler takes my breathe away everytime i see even a 1 second shot of him.

  • Perish
    PerishVor Monat

    I would love to buy that shirt but cant because of my situation

  • Justin Kerns
    Justin KernsVor Monat


  • miguel brookman
    miguel brookmanVor Monat

    Can’t wait to get my hoodie in the mail got expedited shipping just to get it quicker

  • Ron Nie

    Ron Nie

    Vor Monat

    Lmao that's too funny. I can only imagine

  • WolvZor1930
    WolvZor1930Vor Monat

    Was it Allison that bit Albert? And how the hell did he survive? _Can you invite Albert and talk about all the snakes you got from him?

  • DaRk RaiDeR xUk Clan
    DaRk RaiDeR xUk ClanVor Monat

    Wait your snakes still have venom and your messing around with them your crazy 🤪 I hope you have anti venoms at your sanctuary so you don't have to worry about getting to a doctors in time for them

  • Gina Parks

    Gina Parks

    Vor Monat

    You might get bit, but Chandler won't!

  • cool


    Vor Monat

    i don't think he has any antivenom in the facility but iirc Florida's hospitals have antivenom for many different foreign venomous snakes

  • Smooth Simon
    Smooth SimonVor Monat

    Anyone know what the enclosures he uses are? The grey ones ofc lol

  • Smooth Simon

    Smooth Simon

    Vor Monat

    @UmbreonLuv1 thanks 👍🏼

  • UmbreonLuv1


    Vor Monat

    I believe they’re vision cages. It’s a popular brand

  • Reme Layne
    Reme LayneVor Monat

    What happened to childish gambino?

  • Kelly Harkness
    Kelly HarknessVor Monat


  • Sergio Maccarelli
    Sergio MaccarelliVor Monat

    What's the snake at 0.53?

  • Muhammad Hamza
    Muhammad HamzaVor Monat

    When do we get to see the new facility❓

  • Jon Luebbe
    Jon LuebbeVor Monat

    🤔Here's an idea Chandler, 🥳 another Shed party! 🤯

  • Jon Luebbe
    Jon LuebbeVor Monat

    Alison dont play no SH$T! But the Indian cobra flings sh$t at Chandler all the time! Great video bud!

  • lordofalltime
    lordofalltimeVor Monat

    Hey will Fynn and Jeff have their own enclosure/pond to swim around in at Chandler's Wild World? and will we get a small tour before the opening? you know for advertising?

  • JK Kim
    JK KimVor Monat

    No. Black Mamba is a song by Kpop girl group Aespa

  • Little Wildlife Explorer
    Little Wildlife ExplorerVor Monat

    Wow black mamba. Wow

  • ssdpqd2531
    ssdpqd2531Vor Monat

    Respect! Brother man.

  • SLY
    SLYVor Monat

    Getting that close up of the snake showed him with round eyes...🤔

  • John Pena
    John PenaVor Monat

    What happened to Kevin?

  • Yankee redneck
    Yankee redneckVor Monat

    Hey Chandler great video I know you love your venomous and I know you do love all animals you should get more non-venomous like some more rat snakes Everglades Eastern blacks some ball pythons rock python scrub pythons corn snakes more you can't just have venomous at the serpentarium

  • John Labus
    John LabusVor Monat

    Justina is slurping up her python with some of those wood chips. Her doctor said that she needed some fiber in her diet.

  • John Labus
    John LabusVor Monat


  • Ansh Motla
    Ansh MotlaVor Monat

    I think u have to learn Hindi

  • Ashleigh Bolton
    Ashleigh BoltonVor Monat

    if a venomous snake bites themselves will they be alright?

  • Suchitra Lokhande
    Suchitra LokhandeVor Monat

    Woh jesstena is such a beautiful snake I have ever seen

  • Mukund Yadav
    Mukund YadavVor Monat

    1:12 "HOPEFULLY, NO DEATHS TODAY" famous last words

  • Brian Hannold
    Brian HannoldVor Monat

    What about Tyler Nolan’s Batman and Robin? Those have got to be close to the record

  • Britt-Britt LaShure
    Britt-Britt LaShureVor Monat

    Love the shirt ♥️

  • Kendra Sowell
    Kendra SowellVor Monat

    Was I the only one a little creeped out by watching the snakes slowly drag their rats back into their hiding/chillin spots until the white of the rat disappears into the dark?:-)

  • Gina Parks

    Gina Parks

    Vor Monat

    Aww, but you missed the best part, when they slurp the tail like spaghetti!

  • Amit Chandra
    Amit ChandraVor Monat

    I hope some meatball merch comes out!

  • BENDER Tharobot710
    BENDER Tharobot710Vor Monat

    Allison loves the dinner theater

  • Jimmy Apple
    Jimmy AppleVor Monat

    I hope you are reading this chandler...Your AMAZING!!

  • Andy
    AndyVor Monat

    😂 this is not an accurate representation of a real black mamba this girl is so chill

  • cool


    Vor Monat

    yeah i love how she just lays there looking like she's smiling and staring haha

  • LiFe ShaMan
    LiFe ShaManVor Monat

    I think that black mamba is smart enough to know that it’s dead and doesn’t use venom?

  • Şpŕįñğłøçķ
    ŞpŕįñğłøçķVor Monat

    Is it just me, or does Justina have resting bitch face XD

  • Angela Lejzerowicz
    Angela LejzerowiczVor Monat

    Best part about the new merch is absofreakinlutely the mullet!!!😎🐍🦎 You crack me up btw 😉😂

  • Brandon Burt
    Brandon BurtVor Monat

    More episodes featuring the ratttlesnakes!

  • isabelle Gladu
    isabelle GladuVor Monat

    Hes my baby

  • isabelle Gladu
    isabelle GladuVor Monat

    I like ur stuff but I just dont like that u need to feed them rats :( i got s baby rat hes 1 month old

  • Chinmaya Sethi
    Chinmaya SethiVor Monat

    I want to become a animal lover like chandler. I am from india

  • Daris Hakeem Khairudin
    Daris Hakeem KhairudinVor Monat

    Can I see Kevin biting you

  • Kirsten Reese
    Kirsten ReeseVor Monat

    She don’t take no shit

  • Rishabh Tripathi
    Rishabh TripathiVor Monat

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Where is Ziggy

  • Thorn
    ThornVor Monat

    lately iv been felling down and stuff but watching this cheers me up a little because i love snakes and other reptiles

  • mutt lover
    mutt loverVor Monat

    8:14 FIN!!!!! he is so cute!

  • Bridget Roberts
    Bridget RobertsVor Monat

    LOVE YOUR SNAKES!! They are amazing and I wish I had some!

  • Thorn
    ThornVor Monat

    The black mamba as i read in a book could kill you in nearly 20 mins and keep up the good work chandler hope you get to the new facility

  • Charles Hoss
    Charles HossVor Monat

    Absolutely love the clip of the Fly River turtle even though it wasn’t long enough, but what a amazing collection and what a amazing keeper they have Chandler!!! You, are top notch, you watch after those animals with all your heart and life! Sir, you are a top-tier animal keeper, animal activist, conservationist, a animal hero basically!!!💪🏻👏🏻💪🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻👊🏻👊🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻