Minecraft Crying Obsidian FACTS


30 seconds of FACTS all about Minecraft's CRYING OBSIDIAN!
Did you know any of these facts? Here's the history of the Minecraft Crying Obsidian and EVEN Minecraft Obsidian. Did you know about the 2011 old Crying Obsidian texture Minecraft Java Edition or how to make a Crying Obsidian portal? (you can't) Dream's Prison on the Dream SMP is made of Crying Obsidian! Bet you didn't know that Cracked Obsidian was going to be in Ruined Portals instead of the Crying version!
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    I saw Soldier

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    0:00 - 0:01 Minecraft’s Crying Minecraft: 😭

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    So if obsidian was able to be made with lightning striking obsidian could Lightning strike your portal and destroy it? Or would the portal blocks just stay?

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    Pryobyte n stampy reference nice

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    Who else saw the upside down t

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    The fact that I've played Minecraft for so long that I remember crying and glowing Obsidian.

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    Wait , I thought edition had crying obsidian in ruined portals or am I goin nuts

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    Do Cactus

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    The obsidian is sad. 1 like = 1 happy obsidian

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    RIP Rick May you will be missed

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    Stampy :D

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    WAIT wtf crying obsidian was in the game before 1.16!?!?!? Someone explain

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    I heard obsidian way to much in the past 30 seconds

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    If you slow the video down to 0.5 it sounds trying say things drunk. And at the end, when he says Subscribe, he sounds like he’s crying.

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    Why the ice in the background look like a dilfo in in ice spike biome part

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    Im using programmer art so every text ure u say is old is just normal for me!

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    Crying obsidian : forgotten Crying obsidian : cries

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    Disclaimer: These video are to be watched in 0.5x speed

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    Yeah it's still a shitty ugly worthless block

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    Wait but the client obsidian isn't the strongest block that emits light isn't it the end frame or is there something that makes it different?

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    Why the frick was ther a ice peepee

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    He forgot that crying obsidian was your bed

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    Crying obsidian cries because it doesn't have any friends

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    факты об плачущем обсидиане delevel.info/stream/eY3ddJ1kmpiJZmI/video.html

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    Fun fact: Crying Obsidian droplets taste like Sour gummies or something

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    I love how The Shitty $5 mic from a yard sale is almost a staple of the entirety of anything relating to Minecraft 😂

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    How to find zombie hourse

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    Fakke there was no crying opsidian in the old minecraft

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    End portals are technicly the strongest block that emits light. Or at least they make it

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    Anyone noticed the pp and L structures?

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    Can we just appreciate how he uses the dream smp skins in his videos?

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    I miss the actually cracked looking version of crying obsidian

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