Sheep shorn of 35kg fleece after being rescued in Australia

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Baarack the sheep received a long-overdue trim after he was found in a forest in Australia. It was not clear for how long he had gone without a shearing.
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    Kids - "Baa Baa Baa Baa Black Sheep Have you any wool" 🐑 - I have only Wool 😂

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    Imagine the sense of relief, comfort, lightweightedness after you take a haircut and now multiply it by 1000. That's exactly how the sheep felt after getting his wool sheared.

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    Watched this in the chapel period in our school. A kid asked why the sheep was wearing a musty blanket.

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    Be careful sheep had gone injured from neck area ,

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    So, these sheeps cant live without the help of humans?😳

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    Poor baby. I'm so happy he's being taken well care of.

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    Thats a lot of wool

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    It's like when I went to the hairdresser after months of self-isolation.

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    So sweet

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    That poor thing must have been cold after being shorn

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    The sheep throat looks like its cut and also blood is could do it in 2-3 short haircuts Please be careful as these animals cannot tell you if it hurts

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    I would love to rescue the 🐑 sheep and sheer them ❤️💖

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    What a relief for her... Thanks to the holy soul for this noble deed.

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    Breeding for extra wool, made him suffer

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