"Pods" under the wing? What are they?

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Have you ever looked out on the Boeing 737 wing and wondered what those white, large "pods", were?
In todays video I will be giving you all the information you need about this subject.
I will also be talking more about the trailing edge Flap system, how we pilots deal with Flap problems problems and much, much more.
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    Hi ! Mentour, how thus the Run Air Turbine works? and when it works?

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    Ram Air Turbines work like a wind-turbine and are only activated if a loss of electric/hydraulic power is sensed, normally after a loss of both engines .

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    Great Video, and very informative, I like everything about planes and so technical info like this is always welcome. I had wondered about the pods, but if you like flying and are watching for things like the ailerons and flaps working you will notice, as i have that as the flaps come down you can see the mechanism inside the pods doing their thing, Thanks Again!

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    cover subjects like being required to turn off electronic devices during take off - is there an actual incident caused by passenger electronic device? (or is this too sensitive a subject with aviation regulators such that giving an honest assessment could get an aviator in a bit of hot water with employer or regulators?)

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    I have wondered what those are...now I know. Seems I'm always finding myself seated close behind the wings...looking at those things. Great explanation.

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    So if you are flying into a strong cross wind, can you advance the flaps in an uneven rate to stabilise the aircraft? Or does it matter?

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    Found this channel today and subscribed right away. Been subscribed for about 2 years to 74 Gear and love Kelseys’s videos Now I have a new channel feeding. My dad was an instructor polot with Western and Delts doing recurrent training on 727’s and 737’s. I got to go down a couple of times to LAX and fly the full motion simulators. He started in the Air Force and flew B-25’s, -26, and then -29 then end his Air Force career in Vietnam in B ‘52s. My hero.

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    No micro switches. skew sensors are rotory gear sensor atacted to a rod connectet to flap, Position sensor also gear driven, NO MICROSWITCH ON 737 Flaps

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    Hi. You are a fantastic teacher. Nice to learn from you. Do you know anyone who has developed VR & AR training materials for Airport Ground Handling. Pilot Training etc. Regards Dinesh Menon from Goa. India

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    I always thought they were called nacelles which do exactly what you say they do. The aircraft was originally developed in France in the early 20th century and is why many of the parts have French names. They are not just "flaps" but are technically called Fowler-Flaps as they have slats to increase laminar airflow which increases efficiency.

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    Does ONE motor control ALL flaps on BOTH wings, or each wing have its own (one per wing) motor? He says something about a motor located in (@3:00, unintelligible)>"wee-er" bay - referring to an area in (each=x2) wing(s) or ONE in the fuselage?

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    Has anyone out there mentioned that the pods underneath the aft edge of the wings ALSO serve as a protection against elements like pollution, water (that of the rain) or other stuffs that MAY cause the hydraulic systems within them (the pods) to malfunction? Regards, Jacob Hansen, Haugesund, Scandinavia.

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    Boeing is trying hard! The 737 max is the most dangerous and uncertified aircraft by Boeing! The Boeing certified the plane themselves and not going through the FAA; well the FAA kind of let it go through the certification by turning a blind eye! I think this is a video about the 737 max instead of the "pod" so guys don't be fool by it! Why doesn't this "pilot" looking guy use another model to talk about the "pod"? Too many people died already because of the mis-conduct by Boeing and the FAA!

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    We had a flap indication issue a few years back on the approach to Dublin. Suddenly powered up and climbed over the Irish Sea in a holding pattern before landing at a higher speed and sharper descent as you said.

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    You are a good pilot. One of my favorite airplanes is the Junkers Ju52, I like its flying characteristics. It has just one long wing control surface that functions as a flap or aileron. About the missile carrying capability, almost all big planes have strong points under the surface skin on the wings and fuselage. Devices can be attached on these strong points such as radar pod, scientific instruments and sensors, sea rescue pod, rockets for boost takeoff, missiles and bombs and even engine transport. The last one, an airliner can carry an engine as frieght (usually when a repaired or faulty engine that needs to go back to their maintanance centre)with passengers on board. The engine is slung under one of the wings and while flying, the pilot trims the rudder for the extra drag on that side.


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    It can actually be of, its a MEL (CDL) item, so there will be a fuel penalty (meaning it will affect aerodynamics to a degree). But you can fly without, in a restricted number of days, at least on a 737NG

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