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    Glad to see the dude got his flat tire fixed

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    I tried this pick up line got slapped after the first line😞

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    Young kids amused easily huh? This shit sucks

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    "She" "Ifhy" this is gonna be a whole KBLAMO

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    MY FAVORITE song of 2021 so far. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

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    I am having a dinner party with 3 people alive or dead... Tyler was certainly invited.

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    Tyler part is great but YB carried this one I think

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    1 of the greatest tracks of the year!!! That smooth sample is magic!! Takes you to another world!! Beautiful track!

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    wish this song was longer

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    The whole aesthetic is just amazing

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    You look malnourished, are you suffering from internal parasites?

    OFWGKTA ARCHIVEVor 16 Stunden

    Best music video for CMIYGL.

    THE_BEASTS-_-Vor 16 Stunden

    The fact I just watched this guy say why can’t his music be in the pop genre, then says it’s because he’s black and white people won’t let him, I’m sorry but this clapped guy needs to take a look at what a genre is and then study them, study his music and listen very careful and he’ll be smacked in the face with the most obvious realisation that this guy does not make anything that remotely resembles a pop song, has he heard Justin Bieber or Ariana grande, guy literally raps over normal beats or he does like an r&b type shit, where he got pop artist from I don’t fucking know and then proceeded to say it’s because he’s black that he’s not🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro if the beat and the way your rapping or singing isn’t like pop you don’t get to be in that genre, that means it’s because your black that your not in the heavy metal category, or classical or indie, but no that’s not why your not in them categories mate, it’s because you don’t make that type of music

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    00:30 thats when i met "she" as in his song about she. His career is backwards y'all. So he met this girl (she) and it didnt work out so he went for guys instead and that also didnt work so he bacame obsessed with this girl and failed once again so he became homophobic and evil and had a lot of time to think so he thought about his dad idk guys its 5:09 AM im tryna be a conspiracy theorist

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    I came here for the YoungBoy part

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    Tyler😭you should have gave her a croissant first😭😭😭😭

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    I love the young brother I just want to know WHY THE NAIL POLISH?

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    temazoooo chancho qlo wenooooooo

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    OMG. 1 month ago and 6.9 million views

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    delevel.info/stream/k6jJoaiIa2yZkmI/video.html 😭🌈💕🌈💕

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    "Thats when I met she" Don't give me hope..

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    delevel.info/stream/k6jJoaiIa2yZkmI/video.html 😭💔

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    That htown simple

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    I Would’ve Gave Tyler My Number & Said “911 , 911 , Call Me Sometimes , You Should Callllllll MEEEEE” ! 😂🤣😭🙌🏾

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    delevel.info/stream/k6jJoaiIa2yZkmI/video.html 😭

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    Ayeee what the imposter doin

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    Wtf happened to nba?

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    This deserves way more views

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    0:53 those are the kids from the corso music video on the bikes

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    i need the beginning harmony playing for 5 hours straight with a tyler monologue

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    I’m saying who doing the Adlibs

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    The cheerful dad probably smell because colt plausibly clip under a shocking ground. real, distinct direction

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    Plot Twist: youngboy is on here.


    i actually think i own 6 million of the views from this video.

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    Stop, i couldve dropped my crossiant

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    The girls @? BARK WOOF BARK BARK WOOF SNARLL BARK WOOOF WOOF WOOF GRRRR GRRRR WOOF,🤤🤤 vroom vroom vrooooomBANG BANG BANG BANG BANG, SHHHSKRRRRRRRRRR BANGBANG, BWAAAAAHHHHHH STUTU BWAAAAHHHHHH STUTUTUTUTUTU, Im down cataclysmicallouciously😞 help.. Just her @ to cleanse my sins. Lord forgive me I beg😢

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    Man if I was the girl he’d only have to say one line, don’t gotta tell me twice 🖐😭

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    Is that Reggie Watts in the background??

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    Tyler brings back the old school music

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    Easily a true legend ❣️😭

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    bruh why is this song the result of wadsyaname?

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    Anyone think that was Zendaya?

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    0:50 same bike guys from corso

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    Oh wow

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    The Wilds fans understand

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    It’s gonna be litttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Where yb?

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    Tyler better then lil nas x

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    She like fuck out my face 😂😂😂😂

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    H-Town backseat with no sheets is the sample that’s in this song man 90s had heavy bangers

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    This fire broski !!! Diamondxl soundcloud i get it . Lolololo

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    bruh why is this song the result of wadsyaname?

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    6.9 million views , nice 👍🏻

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    did anyone realize that the 2 dudes riding the bikes are in CORSO ?

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    who thinks this should be the song and not the one with nba youngboy and ty dolla $ign

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    That lancia is beautiful

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    Imagine having a pickup line saying someone looks malnourished

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    Nice Lancia delta

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    вася name

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    that integrale tho...

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    He was definitely hitting on that croissant

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    This fire broski !!! Diamondxl soundcloud i get it . Lolololo

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    where young boy 😒

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    Song hits different when you know who Tyler sampled🔥🔥🔥: H-Town- “Backseat”

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    This song is good ah

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    The flow of this song is great

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    Aie merci c chou

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    those two with the bikes were in the corso video btw

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    I wish he had this intro in the album

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    It’s the h-town sample for me! 💕👏🏾

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    Nobody : DJ Drama : Baby!

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    This that the same girl in f@cking young

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    Taco was in there tho

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    whats her @??? wusyername????

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    Anybody else notice the kids from the Corso video riding their bikes??

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    uninstall your rqpping career gg ended

  • whoIS AminoBlack

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    "I am god...so hurry up with the damn croissants" -Kanye West

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    h town sample....nice


    those two with the bikes were in the corso video btw

  • flowergutz
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    stop. you could’ve dropped her croissant.

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    I fucking love Tyler

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    Music original please ??

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    Thanks bro🔥🔥

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    h town - backseat

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    Song hits different when you know who Tyler sampled🔥🔥🔥: H-Town- “Backseat”

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    Prequel to BlowMyLoad

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    Wow that car looks really cool I wonder how much is cos-

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    Bts' suggestion💜

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  • astronomicalloser
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    in the corso video at the start you see Tyler’s cousin (I think) complaining about going somewhere, and in the middle of this video you can see him and his friend riding their bikes. so Tyler’s cousin got there after all.

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    So refreshing 🙌

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    terrible why do i even try to listen to his shit

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    Fucking young in cherry bomb is the pt2 of this song

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    Tyler the creator.. Not gonna lie.... I'm only here because of RM of BTS!!! AND I'm glad I came!! This song slaps!!!💜

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    I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the kids riding bikes are the same kids in the corso video If you didn’t notice 0:52

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