Небывалый приступ нежности у пумы Месси!


Месси всегда ласков к Саше, особенно по утрам)) Но иногда бывают и такие приступы нежности ни с того ни с сего)


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    Messi: Hey dad, you need a bath? Here let me help you👅!

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    I love you videos. 😍

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    Nothing like being loved by a cat like Messi! If only his tongue was smooth!

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    Awww, what a sweet puma is Messi! ❤️. My cat, Fred, used to absolutely love playing tag with me outside. Always had to wear boots because of that. He’d run like mad and fling himself at your ankles and hold on, trying to sink his teeth into you, whilst his talons held on! He’d chirp and run off. Really miss that cat💔.

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    I watch, I learn/ I.ENJOY!

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    Кошка любит соль. Мужчина прикусил клыки.

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    Messi darling loves his family so much ❤️❤️😍😍

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    Нежнятинка, ласковый какой, он абажает Вас.

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    I love when Messi talks

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    Такой мощный зверь и так много в нем любви!

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    Невозможно оторваться! Хочется все время на это смотреть! Спасибо, что делитесь с нами!

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    Beautiful cat, you are so lucky

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    I love your cat 😍

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    Quelle fripouille ce petit monstre

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    Накорми ты кота!

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    А у меня кошка вначале вылизует, а потом кусает.

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    I love this fellow

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    Messi: "I just love you, Daddy." You gotta wonder what Messi does for Father's Day.

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    Начало: футфетиш от девушки.

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    Love it

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    Purring and purring!

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    HA HA X 1,000 !

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    Может он скушать хозяина хочет? )))

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    Love that cat☺️. Tongue must be like sandpaper. Ouch

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    Just love the way you love messi and messi loves you. Looking forward to gerda and messi becoming friends.

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    Che bei dentini bellissimo 😸

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    I love my kitties. Even though they are small.

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    Get a room already

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    Es un amor!! 💕♥️ Se nota q Messi adora a su dueño!!

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    Big, beautiful fe-lion!

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    он вас отмывает от душевых средств , только натура )))

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    Какой чудесный кот!

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    I dangerous or not

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    If I may, can anyone please translate what he is saying. I have an idea but I would like to be enlightened.

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    Turn on subtitles on DElevel the video is translated

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    Unexpected tenderizing of Daddy!

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    Messi you will let me clean your feet md you will like it lol

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    Откусит ему кок

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    He is licking the meat lol 😂😂

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    You can tell how permanently Messi has imprinted on Sasha as family...and only Sasha is completely fine letting his hand be a chew toy for a Puma. That is a trust that is magical...like Siegfried and Roy with their tigers. Roy's tiger dragged him off as her cub because she knew something was wrong when he was having his stroke, she just didn't understand that his neck was not as strong as her tiger cubs.

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    Как ещё сильнее любить Масяна или забота о Семьёй 😍😍😍! Масян всегда хорош, кто думает так же лайк!

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    Such a beautiful cat I love your videos

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    I don't know who's cuter Messi or Sasha!

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    Don't play with your food cat.

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    Типичный кот - пободаться, да бородышку почесать..))

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    I can't even tolerate my cats lick, I feel like he just scoops out my skin, rough tongue 👅

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    Перед тем как съесть кусок мяса, кошки тоже его облизывают. Месси просто не в курсе что он своими клыками может сделать.

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    Hello from OHIO USA. I love messi such an awesome animal.

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    I love how much that cat loves you.

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    Messi is the sweetest boy.......maybe someday I will get to meet him.......cougars are the best cats❤️

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    Saludos desde España ..👍❤️👏💋🇪🇸

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    thats such a great sound from Messi! love his purring!

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    когда мужик разочаровался в женщинах

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    Messi reminds me of my little yorkie! He loves to cuddle, lick my feet and nibble on my fingers, Messi is so gentle and loving!

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    Animals can fall in love 🥰 with their owners I’m sure 🤔

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    And sometimes they can be eaten by them.

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    Милаха месси

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    прикольно пока не сожрал

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    кот -лизун. Супер!

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    🐈💕princess sends her 💕🍔🥓🍗

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    Все очень мило, как всегда.

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    He's such a good boy! The bestest boy.

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    Просто Месси кушац хочет😂

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    пачиму мой кот так не делает?!

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    ((HUG)) and

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    I love you and your wife. Thank you for sharing Messi with us!

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    Does Messi like Futurama lol

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    Sandpaper tongue Dad I'm cleaning you you know I love you you are a good people

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    Какой же классный кот!

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    Эпиляция.За отдельную плату массаж ног и рук.Специалист международного уровня.Дорого.))))

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    "Папа, ты сегодня такой вкусный! Почти как сыр!" %))))))))))

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    So much love between these two, I love it. Cute Messi still thinks he's a baby sometimes, so adorable. 😍😄👍

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    I wish my Cat was so affectionate 😍😄🤣♥️♥️♥️

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    Even as lovable as he is, I'd be hesitant to push him away with my feet...he sure loves his human though...

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    超可愛い😍 飼い主さんの事が、本当に好きなんんですね☺ 鳴き声がツボです😍

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    What is his job? I just want to know what range I need to be in to maintain this apex predator

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    Ничего себе харасмент со стороны кисы :)

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    Yay! Sweet kisses from messi!

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    That's some serious kitty love Messi is giving to Sasha. How beautiful!

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    he's absolutely a stunning and beautiful kitty... I love him!💖 wish he was mine💖 such a loveable big boy💖

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    Messi's so sweet!

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    This is the one channel that got randomly recommended in my feed that I actually continue to not only watch, but legitimately enjoy. Messi is such a delight. I've never seen someone be so comfortable in the presence of such a dangerous animal and play around with it like it's basically a dog.

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    Messi is very unique

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    He thinks he is a baby child hahahahahahaah love Messi 💕💕💕🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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    They're mountain lion They're lot in my village their strong big tail help them to balance in hunting on straight mountain peek

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    Cat licking his food - why so many comments?

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    Messi, we love you, too! Hugs and kisses to the sweetest puma ever!

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    Such a Beautiful Cat, Messi.

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    обычный инстинкт: еду нужно помыть перед употреблением

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    He loves his dad for sure. You are so good with him. Amazing bond. Watching these videos is pure happiness 😊 ☺

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    А вы Месси кормили, может он голодный😂😂😂😂

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    So Tasty 😂, 1 day sure 😂😂

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    Please speak English 🙏

  • Ekaterina Levicheva

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    Sasha and Masha live in Russia and speak Russian. Many videos on this channel have English subtitles. The translation of each stream is pinned in the first comment.

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    Более ласкового кота нет на свете 👍🐈

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    Вот от ребенка неувидиш сколько ласки и внимания