Whats up yall welcome back to another episode of VicBlends Reacts! Back again giving my review of my followers haircuts, let me know what yall think below! Hopefully yall learned something, I want to make sure I not only react but give yall my best advice to get better 💪🏼


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    Who would you suggest to learn from on you tube

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    Omg he thinks the exact same as me😂

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    Aye bro you seem like a koo as guy, But I’ve always wondered what hair style is the one im suppose to go with I’m working on bettering my self and being my self and I just want the perfect hair cut that goes with my head and style. By the way I cut my own hair rite now and go 0 on the bottom and 1 in top but looking forward to start hitting the barber soon any tips???

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    Love how Vic blends talks about experience and still be able to make clients feel like at home 🔥💯

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    rawest in the game fs🌟💯

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    Might send one

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    I mess wit you vic....you supported a young 💈

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    Thank you for the feedback! The first client refuses to get a bald head but I’ll try your approach and hopefully it works lol but thank you on the 2nd cut. I appreciate your advice 💪🏽

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    My man vic is ok 92k

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    the second one he pushed his line so far back

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    Vic blend it’ll mean a lot of you would check out blast cuts on tik tok and Instagram he’s a close friend and tryna come up and can really really cut and he looks up too you

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    @Chris Bossio


    Rate mine paz_thebarber

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    Jesus Christ luvs us all 💜💜❤️ stay strong

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    He is king🙏


    Everybody stay blessed and prayed up Yeshua loves y’all

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    most humble person ive seen bru

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    Hey Vic, my name is Logan, i love your content. Not only have you just inspired me in life but also to pursue my dreams of becoming a barber, I’m 19 and I go into barbering school on May 24th full time. Thank you for the inspiration

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    quick question how long do enhansments stay for

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    Great clips in Texas sucks

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    Done! I Entered the giveaway

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    He should have gone...

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    It’s not “sented it” it’s “sent it”

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    My first cut I used a thin ass blanket and some 30 dollar clippers. A year later l got a barber shop in my basement and it’s 🔥🔥. You gotta grind you way to the top 💪🏼

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    Can you give us advice on how to make barber videos and content?

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    New barber love from uk ❤️

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    Can you react to dynamo_fades on TikTok

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    My boi Vick lookin like a Puerto Rican king from Chicago🧘🏽‍♂️🌱

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    Dude is the god

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    post more reactions!!!! i know people sent you some from washington state 🤝🤩

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    Dope 👌

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    Can you react to our instagram photos and give feedback there 😊

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥 is the academy still up an going bro?

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    @VicBlends ok appreciate it hey bro when you get a chance could you check my ig bro an let me know what you think I’d greatly appreciate it would love feed back

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    Yea bro!

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    Why post a lot of course hair post straight hair to bro

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    Just subscribed 🔥

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    Keep grinding g your vidz are fire 🔥btw good luck every one in winning the clippers Ik I could use a pair 🙏🏽💯🔥

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    yeo man i sent you a message on ig cdbeatsp can you look please

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    Random ass question since you always wear white tees do you have a favorite white tee like one shirt that you just like a lot better even though they all the same 😂😂😂

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    Big motivation to me I started to realize you don’t need no expensive clothes I changed my ways went out to marshals copped myself some polo white tees and honestly I’m fucking with it heavy❤️man I look up to you so much I wish there was people like you around me that I could surround myself with but at the end of the day you motivate me so fucking much that I feel like I’m you in a lower aspect and hopefully one day I can motivate those around me just like you motivate me!

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    Lol polo slim fits are my favorites

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    Most humble person ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    This deserve more then 4k views come on algorithm 😔

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    Man gotta check out MonCuts on tiktok you won’t be upset

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    goat 🔥

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    Respect that you ain’t just telling them what they want to hear; but at the same time you gave the new cat encouragement. Shows you are genuine my G..... more life..

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    Been here since day one!

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    love this type of content!

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    Love the content bro 💯 keep killing the game and changing lives 😈

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    love this should be a series bro

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    Fire and good feedback to people🔥🔥🔥

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    Vic ima 14 year old comin up barber if you heart my comment that’s gonna be sick

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    dude i can’t wait to cut hair like you do bro💯 6 months into cutting hair i’m omw to ur level in the next few years bro

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    No disrespect when I say “The kid is a genius in the hair game” gotta admit the brotha has so much knowledge, it’s tricky working with didn’t types of hairs. Most of all very humble a lot of barbers out there like to boast and brag some people like that I guess. It’s cool, but to me if your not respectful I couldn’t watch your videos, not my cup of tea lol Keep grinding Vic your a true leader I’ll always continue watching your content much love from San Bernardino,CA.

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    Yo where can i send my video of my first haircut, so u can react to it?

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    Yo Vic im @03blendz, love for the feedback bro never though you would react to my video. I dont have a shampoo bowl so cant wash his hair otherwise wouldve but thanks for the tips, been only cutting for a year so appreciate the tips. Love from London🙏❤️

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    Send me sum clippers

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    Early gang

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    Make a tik tok of your first couple mounths of cutting

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    Beat content on DElevel

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    Yo vic what's your tip to get the perfect size for fitted cap

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    Where do we send in vids for you to react to them?

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    Does the goat respond

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    Nah I didn’t shampoo bro i dont have a bowl in the crib because thats where i cut. Appreciate the advice fasho💯 yk wassup! See you at ct expo💪🏾

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    I like the first one. And I agree with you about that last one 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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    @getttt.the._baggg.e I neeeeeddd those trimmers . 😭😭. My trimmers/liners are brokennnnn .

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