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  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowyVor 9 Tage

    Logro desbloqueado: Encontrar el comentario en español que buscabas, Comentario: A ver si hacen que paresca menos actuado. El camarografo Invisible NO ayuda.

  • e- Tester
    e- TesterVor 10 Tage


  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirouVor 10 Tage

    "ugh! If only I had known that all I needed was a magnet wrapped in plastic casing in the shape of a famous movie prop to impress women"!

  • minij hooi
    minij hooiVor 12 Tage

    "ugh! If only I had known that all I needed was a magnet wrapped in plastic casing in the shape of a famous movie prop to impress women"!

  • sant tu
    sant tuVor 12 Tage

    Please come to Finland, tampere

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    Vor 9 Tage

    Name of music plz?

    TONI MARTINVor 12 Tage

    *Thats it I’m moving to Mars bye y’all see you never*

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    Vor 10 Tage

    Tiktok is cancer

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotooVor 12 Tage

    "ugh! If only I had known that all I needed was a magnet wrapped in plastic casing in the shape of a famous movie prop to impress women"!

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    Vor 10 Tage

    Tiktok is cancer

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu GehtVor 12 Tage

    "ugh! If only I had known that all I needed was a magnet wrapped in plastic casing in the shape of a famous movie prop to impress women"!

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    Vor 10 Tage

    the hammer how my guy


    Is it is very heavyweight ?

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuooVor 13 Tage

    Logro desbloqueado: Encontrar el comentario en español que buscabas, Comentario: A ver si hacen que paresca menos actuado. El camarografo Invisible NO ayuda.

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    Vor 12 Tage

    Totally STAGED 😂

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hourVor 14 Tage

    Yeah, that's totally the clothes you use for work out

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    Vor 12 Tage

    This guys is cancer

  • Davido69
    Davido69Vor 14 Tage

    This is what Captain America would look like if the Nazis caught him during WW2

  • Davido69


    Vor 12 Tage

    @Regdu Geht lmao he is such a narcissist

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    Vor 12 Tage

    This guys is cancer

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joingVor 14 Tage

    Any malayalees?

  • Philepp
    PhileppVor 14 Tage


  • cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo

    Vor 13 Tage


  • 언제나영웅
    언제나영웅Vor 14 Tage

    이자식은 뭐하는 놈이야?? 그리고 들고 다니는 것 도데체 뭐야??

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Vor 14 Tage

    Please send me song full song

  • Grevy Firza
    Grevy FirzaVor 14 Tage

    why this guy always present in my youtube short

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Vor 13 Tage

    hammer it's ridiculous....

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeebVor 15 Tage

    Yes, because the only way to pick up a lady is to dress like a fictional character, and find her working out on equipment that she found in the fitness center of the mall.

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Vor 13 Tage

    Please send me song full song

  • Dr.dre69 2pac shakur69
    Dr.dre69 2pac shakur69Vor 15 Tage


  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Vor 13 Tage

    hammer it's ridiculous....

  • Jayraj Jadhav
    Jayraj JadhavVor 15 Tage

    Name of music plz?

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    Vor 13 Tage

    Please send me song full song

  • secretminer filming for the world
    secretminer filming for the worldVor 15 Tage

    the hammer how my guy

  • didier didier
    didier didierVor 15 Tage

    Tiktok is cancer

  • Tanju Kaplan -
    Tanju Kaplan -Vor 15 Tage

    Music please ? ❤

  • Y E E T
    Y E E TVor 15 Tage

    Tiktok is cancer

  • Sosakd777 V3
    Sosakd777 V3Vor 15 Tage

    Totally STAGED 😂

  • fluffy gaming
    fluffy gamingVor 15 Tage

    This guys is cancer

  • ewa szczesik
    ewa szczesikVor 15 Tage

    Ewa szczesik

  • Gozde Durak
    Gozde DurakVor 15 Tage


    RAJESH PALETIVor 15 Tage

    Please send me song full song

  • Panther Black
    Panther BlackVor 15 Tage

    Ain't this is a guy who trying to make everyone see him as cap. America making poison tik toks.... and what I only see is a person with personality disorder playing with a toy hammer it's ridiculous....

  • Shakhi Rai
    Shakhi RaiVor 15 Tage

    The song is rasputin by boney m

  • Andy RL
    Andy RLVor 15 Tage

    Esto es más falso que badabun sin ofender

  • Jay bird
    Jay birdVor 15 Tage


    GED BARTONVor 15 Tage

    Serious question for anyone. What is the point of these videos? Am I missing something?

  • No. 1
    No. 1Vor 15 Tage

    If I saw this guy in real life, id tell him, get a real job.

  • Indera Atma Wijaya
    Indera Atma WijayaVor 15 Tage

    Tiktok is cancer

  • Mohd Umair
    Mohd UmairVor 15 Tage

    The most realistic video from the makers perspective

  • Keeping It Keith
    Keeping It KeithVor 15 Tage

    If captain america never met Stark and stayed average.

  • Furkan Diechioco
    Furkan DiechiocoVor 15 Tage

    Wtf is that title lmao

  • Angel Rivas
    Angel RivasVor 15 Tage

    Llevo 2 días sin reír ahora van 3

  • Spook Mania
    Spook ManiaVor 15 Tage

    Uhm yeah.. Nice acting.. .. Nooope

  • pasayiv 23
    pasayiv 23Vor 15 Tage


  • TG KHALID 911
    TG KHALID 911Vor 15 Tage

    Susta captain America

    TRAVA BEATSVor 15 Tage


    GAMES PLAYERVor 15 Tage

    This guy is unworth to holding Thor hammer cuz he useing it for simping or something like that

  • Cat Walk
    Cat WalkVor 15 Tage

    Where the matter is

  • Nizar Scott99
    Nizar Scott99Vor 15 Tage

    What is the hummer weight

  • KSwissZürich Alpina
    KSwissZürich AlpinaVor 15 Tage

    Why tik tok is in yt charts

  • ً
    ًVor 15 Tage

    Another good song ruined by tiktok

  • Lauren Doering
    Lauren DoeringVor 15 Tage

    Why is she Working out in The middle of Walmart?

  • Ilya Kobzar
    Ilya KobzarVor 15 Tage

    I love this music it’s cool Boney M

  • Ilya Kobzar
    Ilya KobzarVor 15 Tage

    I love this music

  • diyar Murad
    diyar MuradVor 15 Tage

    2 day 16 Mio😳😳

  • Solomon The Great
    Solomon The GreatVor 15 Tage

    Totally fake! Captain America is blonde

  • Eric Breakdance
    Eric BreakdanceVor 15 Tage

    Coole videos 💪💪💪

  • Agnes Adelheit
    Agnes AdelheitVor 15 Tage

    This is genius! So much talent! This video is so good I committed ded

  • DER KIEG !
    DER KIEG !Vor 15 Tage


  • Mike Napulitan
    Mike NapulitanVor 15 Tage

    How tf is this trend

  • Peter Troll
    Peter TrollVor 15 Tage

    Was macht so ein Müll in den Deutschen Trends?

  • Truth is Key
    Truth is KeyVor 15 Tage


  • 安井ゲームチャンネル
    安井ゲームチャンネルVor 15 Tage


  • WesTx Ranchin
    WesTx RanchinVor 15 Tage

    I just lost braincells that I couldn’t afford to waste by watching this. Thanks again tiktok!

  • Nabeel Malik
    Nabeel MalikVor 15 Tage

    Magnet hammer yeah

  • yungschastn
    yungschastnVor 15 Tage

    The likes must be fake

  • some random memer 2
    some random memer 2Vor 15 Tage

    if tik tok were to get deleted they’d all move to youtube so i’m actually hoping it doesn’t get deleted

  • Alex Rosa
    Alex RosaVor 15 Tage

    This dude really think he's hot shit and captain america

  • ChauhaN
    ChauhaNVor 15 Tage


  • Animeside
    AnimesideVor 15 Tage

    Boring, every contents of his always like that.

  • jrg samambaia
    jrg samambaiaVor 15 Tage

    Pqp quem malha com roupa social? kkk

  • Y/N
    Y/NVor 15 Tage

    Captain America doesnt have a hammer he has shield

  • Gabrielle Francia
    Gabrielle FranciaVor 15 Tage

    I feel embarrassed for him

  • Amboredfr
    AmboredfrVor 15 Tage

    Tar tartaglia lover of snezhnayan queeenn

  • Tanvi Gaikwad
    Tanvi GaikwadVor 15 Tage

    First: why she is using gym equipment in a mall with different outfit ?!!

  • Àniruddha Karyekar
    Àniruddha KaryekarVor 15 Tage

    कपड्याला कापड कमी पडतं का या मुलींना ??

  • The Gaming Dragon
    The Gaming DragonVor 15 Tage

    Its crazy because us humans have over 3 trillion nerves and yet some how this video gets on every last one

  • vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb

    Vor 15 Tage

    Ok, the whole essay i had in my head completely disappeared after watching.

  • misty mahnke
    misty mahnkeVor 15 Tage


  • Apache girl 10
    Apache girl 10Vor 15 Tage


  • Apache girl 10
    Apache girl 10Vor 15 Tage


  • Rueben Smith
    Rueben SmithVor 15 Tage

    Prank?? Words dont even mean words anymore

  • Kire EDC
    Kire EDCVor 15 Tage

    Tik tok is the worst thing china has ever created, and that's saying alot, they run concentration camps

  • Mrs Frog
    Mrs FrogVor 15 Tage

    ✨C R I N G E✨

  • Yillnik
    YillnikVor 15 Tage

    That isn’t even a gym man

  • Seth Cragan
    Seth CraganVor 15 Tage

    Ra Ra Rasputin.

  • Stephen Harris
    Stephen HarrisVor 15 Tage

    Why is Captain America carrying Thor's hammer?

  • Munkhtsolmon Namnansuren
    Munkhtsolmon NamnansurenVor 15 Tage




  • Malachi Mariscal
    Malachi MariscalVor 15 Tage

    Day one of asking for wasted time back

  • Savita Udar
    Savita UdarVor 15 Tage

    Dude said that girl : look i got captain America's shield so give up your workout and i will show you how my shield

  • Yūko Edits
    Yūko EditsVor 15 Tage

    ..... Never Go to The Crappy Side of Tik tok This Is What you Get A Disappointment. Kids What Did you Learn Today?

  • Hèrcules
    HèrculesVor 15 Tage

    Ahhh😣..My Brain😭

  • Nooree Bazeer
    Nooree BazeerVor 15 Tage

    Please Sand music. Only

  • PaK Deville
    PaK DevilleVor 15 Tage

    what a freakin bullshit

  • OPSITE 213
    OPSITE 213Vor 15 Tage

    Wow good acting For a clown

  • xMαycolαSx__
    xMαycolαSx__Vor 15 Tage

    Capitão América com machado do Thor 😂

  • natalia sanchez
    natalia sanchezVor 15 Tage

    The year is 2021, and we're stealing girls from a dollar store Walmart.. This is not what I expected to see today

  • juan jose londoño cardona
    juan jose londoño cardonaVor 15 Tage

    What is the name of the song

  • GamerWood888
    GamerWood888Vor 15 Tage

    My head actually hurts

  • Mark Renton
    Mark RentonVor 15 Tage

    Cant get how people keepa doing theae CringeToks

  • Dooglass Dorénal
    Dooglass DorénalVor 15 Tage

    How couldn't she lift a plastic hammer?

  • YaBoi
    YaBoiVor 15 Tage

    Captain Cringe.

    HIDANVor 15 Tage

    Поздравляю, ты нашёл нормальный коммент