Reacting to Kaia Gerber's Outfits Of The Week


  • Rosa
    RosaVor 2 Tage

    I don’t think she looks like her mother though. Her mother was stunning and sexy. Kaia is not, she’s scrawny and no that impressive, IMO.

  • Jesseca W.
    Jesseca W.Vor 3 Tage

    I can't express how sick I am of the bralette/blazer combo.

  • The Pretty of the Odd
    The Pretty of the OddVor 5 Tage

    It trips me out how similar her and Rachel Bilson look definitely could be sisters

  • Emma Philo
    Emma PhiloVor 5 Tage

    It's very model off duty... Not too interesting in my opinion. But comfy for her.

  • Vee B
    Vee BVor 7 Tage

    celine isn't a wannabe chanel lol also marie antoinette never dressed up as a peasant.....that takes a two-second google search to clarify. it's a myth.

  • ced ed
    ced edVor 8 Tage

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  • komugi
    komugiVor 8 Tage

    wait.. i think nepotism played a big ass role in her career

  • Neha Wasnik
    Neha WasnikVor 9 Tage

    I have the same fireplace color scheme including the brass hearth thing.

  • Jordyn Johnson
    Jordyn JohnsonVor 12 Tage

    Really liked that she actually reused pieces. Shows that you don’t have to have an expansive wardrobe to make outfits

  • sjfleish network portal
    sjfleish network portalVor 17 Tage

    these looks are hideous , like all of them - maybe its bc this is from the lens of a millienial but like i just cant get behind ur dads closet from 2007 as a trendy look, like i just really cant, just his sneakers ok fine lol, but the blazer and jeans just fuck no - the only redeemable/cute look was blazer over sweats

  • Max
    MaxVor 17 Tage

    Love the coffee outfit, the celine is killer

  • Rui Colaco
    Rui ColacoVor 18 Tage

    You know, "going to get coffee" is probably the most portuguese or italian thing you can do. It's not an LA thing. Well, maybe now. But "going to get coffee" is our way of saying "going to get out of the house". It may not even include actually having coffee. Going for some fresh air. That's why you can't do it at home... nothing to do with being photographed, my love.

  • chandra gupta
    chandra guptaVor 18 Tage

    She’s so obnoxiously bland

  • cest un springroll
    cest un springrollVor 18 Tage

    Can somebody tell me what the “Kate” brand is she keeps mentioning? I can’t find a label called Kate and it’s sending me insane

  • Xinxing Zhang

    Xinxing Zhang

    Vor 18 Tage

    The brand is Khaite

  • Duchesse de Berne
    Duchesse de BerneVor 19 Tage

    She could wear a trash bag and be stunning

  • Siya Bunny
    Siya BunnyVor 22 Tage

    This is my new fav channel 😂🥰

  • Andrea Villegas
    Andrea VillegasVor 23 Tage

    Please do the reaction on Rosie hungtinton outfits!!

  • Daniel Nguyen
    Daniel NguyenVor 25 Tage

    love Kaia´s style ❤️

  • Jane Rodriguez
    Jane RodriguezVor 26 Tage

    You go get a life.. she is beautiful soft and you are a hater get life 🤮🤮🤮

  • Monalisa
    MonalisaVor 26 Tage

    can you do Adut Akech outfits

  • runangierun
    runangierunVor 26 Tage

    kaia... disappointing....

  • Derek Tan The Psychic
    Derek Tan The PsychicVor 27 Tage

    Nah you just a hater! Less is more!

  • SA SA
    SA SAVor 27 Tage

    She is basic AF

  • cait halsted
    cait halstedVor 27 Tage

    i neeeed to see you react to rosie huntington whiteley's one!!!!!!

  • Luci
    LuciVor 27 Tage

    “Rich basic ppl” 😂😂😂

  • Nas White
    Nas WhiteVor 27 Tage

    Okay but we need a reaction to Adut Akech and Rosie Huntington. They actually had good looks.

  • Zoe Ankrum
    Zoe AnkrumVor 28 Tage

    All I’m getting from this guy is if it’s not high end then it’s not good or fashionable. Seems like a really shitty opinion.

  • Nicole Jimenez
    Nicole JimenezVor 28 Tage


  • Gayle J
    Gayle JVor 29 Tage

    Totally dig your shirt!

  • Almost Angel
    Almost AngelVor 29 Tage

    React to Rosie Hunting Whiteley’s outfits of the week pls 🥺

    MUFAUSAVor Monat

    Me: oh I like that Luke: I don’t love it Me: hideous

  • hj 3876
    hj 3876Vor Monat

    i always saw tortoiseshell as looking good with brown hair, and a lot softer and less graphic than a black frame. i never thought of matching it to my outfit because it feels like a neutral.

  • Kath Borup
    Kath BorupVor Monat

    She's beautiful but her quite is very bland so did not watch all of the video. Us gals that are less genetically gifted often have more fun with clothes! 😂

  • Mercury Mine
    Mercury MineVor Monat

    oka sorry but i have to,,,, WHAT is this 2005 Hennes&mauritz looking ass tight fit tee?? and with the ligth blue jean short?? for being this spicy roasting ppl all the time u need to get some clap back when u finally do miss, ukno ur better than this gurl xo

  • Mercury Mine

    Mercury Mine

    Vor Monat

    but yo preach!!! love that more n more ppl speak up against the gendering of clothes, mens wear suck, most designers think we just dont like fun

  • Sssighh
    SssighhVor Monat

    So boring. Snoozefest.

  • Emiliano Mara
    Emiliano MaraVor Monat

    Can You do a video about rupaul’s drag race season 13 🤍

  • The Whittington's
    The Whittington'sVor Monat

    LMAO “ok reader”

  • Delilah Parillo
    Delilah ParilloVor Monat

    Pilates you take your shoes off!

  • Aakriti Bagchi
    Aakriti BagchiVor Monat

    Uggs to the beach?!?!

  • Aakriti Bagchi
    Aakriti BagchiVor Monat

    Pilates in uggs?

  • Aakriti Bagchi
    Aakriti BagchiVor Monat

    Is there a difference between monday and thursday? 😂😭

  • Vladimir Montenegro
    Vladimir MontenegroVor Monat

    You have some sence kid and don't want to put shade on you, but you must learn a lot of more and be more respectful. Tell that CELINE is a cheaper Chanel is so rude and uneducated. Celine is older brand than Christian Dior, YSL or Givenchy and has totally different vibe for decades... Fashion is not just a glamur and shinny things, Chanel, LV and Hermes... Fashion is much more and this girl showed it whit her simplicity and modesty. Must put yourself a little bit on earth because you do not know everything about fashion (which is normal - you are too young), and also your personal fashion taste is not the best on the world trust me. Just work I send you full support but lend yourself just a bit :) Regards.

  • Noure Sahli
    Noure SahliVor Monat

    I hate when models get there careers because of there mom or family like Kendal Jenner

  • Janli Gwo
    Janli GwoVor Monat

    I’m so tired of the oversized casual blazer looks, no one in their right mind would wear blazers over sweatpants unless they’re tryna flex and know they’ll be photographed

  • Claudia Guy
    Claudia GuyVor Monat

    The long, black leather blazer. I'm going to get a faux version to wear this fall.

  • Lizzlebottom W
    Lizzlebottom WVor Monat

    Why do all these nep models talk the same? They have the exact same tonal inflection and it’s truly bizarre. Maybe it’s LA, Maybe it’s Instagram maybe it’s maybelline.

  • ok ok
    ok okVor Monat

    please, if their momma wasn't a rich famous model they would've never been this popular. They're gorgeous.....but uhhhh they have the style and personality of powdered milk.

  • ok ok

    ok ok

    Vor 3 Tage

    @emerson • yeah but.....she's basic...a lot of people got "calm charming" personalities...she's boring's nothing revolutionary. This feels like a case of "is it fashion or is she just skinny...: as the top comment said.

  • emerson •

    emerson •

    Vor 5 Tage

    Her personality is so charming and calm idk what you’re talking about…and her style is classy tbh

  • Eva D
    Eva DVor Monat

    I think the basicness and lack of creativity of Kaia’s outfits really underlines the fact that she’s a nepotism model. Yes she’s pretty but if her parents were unknown working class people Kaia wouldn’t have the career she has now. It’s almost insulting to us regular people who can’t afford nice clothes that she has all the money and connections to dress fun and stylish but she chooses to copy a particular brand of influencer “style” and puts no unique spin on anything she wears.

  • Just Blinked
    Just BlinkedVor Monat

    The way I caught on all Celine pieces because of Lisa.

  • Tuna Barrett
    Tuna BarrettVor Monat

    This is very "step one, be a rich beautiful teenager". Also her silhouette at 11:55 is insane lmao

  • Katarzyna Fryzeł
    Katarzyna FryzełVor Monat

    Thank you for mentioning the ugg company, every time I see someone wearing them, I wonder if they know what is behind this brand. 🙌🏼

  • Mieklet
    MiekletVor Monat

    16:02 lmao the trauma!!

  • mooncake
    mooncakeVor Monat

    I had to google her cause I had no idea who she was😅. I thought she was another influencer, but turns out her mom is a supermodel!

  • Bárbara C. A.
    Bárbara C. A.Vor Monat


  • Christina Gorga
    Christina GorgaVor Monat

    I actually really like some of the pieces she has. They're stylish without being super trendy.

  • ghosteh ._
    ghosteh ._Vor Monat

    I feel like we would all appreciate a little style guide video from you.

  • courtneysailor
    courtneysailorVor Monat

    She wore Nanushka (which is a Hungarian brand, btw) As girl from this small Eastern European country obsessed with fashion... I am so happy for her (Szandra) getting more recognition🤩

  • Guinna Niesen
    Guinna NiesenVor Monat

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  • Gabi Szymczak
    Gabi SzymczakVor Monat


  • Eugenia Santibañez
    Eugenia SantibañezVor Monat

    * The color squeme is kinda confusing for me * literally using the same colors LOVEYOUUUUUU HAHA

  • Pretty Plus
    Pretty PlusVor Monat

    That’s like a bootcut Jean lol

  • Gelli Dela Cruz
    Gelli Dela CruzVor Monat

    Adut Next!!! pls!!! reveiw it she has the best style!!!

  • c c
    c cVor Monat

    Ya that’s Brandy Melville bc they’re the ones that only sell one size fits all clothes. Very much “we only care size 1,3,&5 you can try Sears.” Vibes

  • Sam Sands
    Sam SandsVor Monat

    What are these awful graphic tees you keep wearing Lukey babe? It looks like Hollister meets River Island, it's making me sad

  • Aurélie Jenna
    Aurélie JennaVor Monat


  • Emily McGuckin
    Emily McGuckinVor Monat

    I have the same Ugg’s as her and I love them lol

  • Alicia
    AliciaVor Monat

    whats the song playing in the background, I been trying to find it

  • Emily McGuckin
    Emily McGuckinVor Monat

    Kaia is surprisingly cute and personable. I like her

  • Jacqueline Lara
    Jacqueline LaraVor Monat

    “Does she workout in Ugg’s” 💀💀

  • Veera Grewal
    Veera GrewalVor Monat

    please react to adult akech's recent vogue vid, I am obsessed with this.

  • laurenisasadcowboy
    laurenisasadcowboyVor Monat

    They are just so BORING and PLAIN

  • Steph Leblanc
    Steph LeblancVor Monat

    Lmfao you are spot on about the coffee culture in LA

  • Fromis_9 worshipper the Cat
    Fromis_9 worshipper the CatVor Monat

    tbh i'd like to see aespa being talked about. They've debuted for 6 months and are already endorsing givenchy and other luxury brands, yet they mostly wear casual hoodies and loose pants like gen z

  • Hayley Schmidt
    Hayley SchmidtVor Monat

    'every brand is for everyone now' ok skinny

  • Rin
    RinVor Monat

    The one word I didn't want to hear... cashmere. As a (lazy) New Yorker, cashmere is my below 70° uniform. I can sleep in it, roll out of bed, and wear it to work! Then the top of my double height window slid down and jammed and the clothing moths came. Excuse me while I go curl into a ball and cry in cotton.

  • Heedy
    HeedyVor Monat

    Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do more coverage of historically significant fashion shows for important designers...i.e. Azzedine Alaia's shows, Jean Paul Gaultier shows, early 2000s Chalayan shows, Paco Rabanne show, Yohji Yamamoto shows, Gianni Versace shows, Issey Miyake shows, Tom Ford's Gucci shows, Marc Jacob's LV shows, Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga shows...Iconic pieces from the legends like Pierre Cardin & Cristobal Balenciaga...if not full review shows, then more like an overall "highlights" piece of their careers..PLEASE!!

  • Steven Cyrus
    Steven CyrusVor Monat

    Luke!! please do A review on michael cinco spring 2020 collection!!!♥️

  • Flatwhitesandlipsticks
    FlatwhitesandlipsticksVor Monat

    Can you share your thoughts on skinny jeans in 2021? is it time to put them to rest?🤣

  • Henry Mauck
    Henry MauckVor Monat

    Everything shes wearing HAIM would pull off better

  • Matthew Woodward
    Matthew WoodwardVor Monat

    Please react to every outfit Adut Akech wears during the week !

  • Miss keisha
    Miss keishaVor Monat

    the more i looked at the blouse she wore on thuesday the more i liked it, is it just me?

  • Olivia Inc
    Olivia IncVor Monat

    why does she drees like a 30 yo who is going to the office???? i just checked and she is nineteen omgg :'((

  • sophia alcala
    sophia alcalaVor Monat

    the way i screamed when you said "chacha matcha"

  • julia lavri
    julia lavriVor Monat

    Luke u are the real embodiment of the devil wears prada..your so real and funny😂😈 and ur knowledge of fashion is insane and I love watching your videos .. if I became famous one day , I would love you to be my stylist from Africa🥰😍

  • susan brown
    susan brownVor Monat

    She reminds me of "Seinfeld's" Sue Ellen Mischke wearing Elaine's birthday present.

  • mary dragone
    mary dragoneVor Monat

    me: "oh that fleece jacket she's wearing is cute! let me look it up" the jacket: *is $168 and upwards*

  • yen


    Vor Monat

    I got the same design from cotton on for like $20 lol

  • róisín
    róisínVor Monat

    One thing I appreciate is that she wears a piece multiple times unlike other celebs. It makes her seem more down to earth and « human ».

  • G. R.C.
    G. R.C.Vor Monat

    Pewdiepie has like two or three videos of his closet (even though his style has changed since then) but can you take a look? I think it would be interesting

  • Emma Philo

    Emma Philo

    Vor 5 Tage

    Yes it's better than model off duty look Kaia.... She is not very relatable. I feel Pewdipie is a more popular figure with a more 'normal' fahion style, I'd love to see that

  • BambiEyedBoy
    BambiEyedBoyVor Monat

    Erma Gerd the Gerber Berbeh ers ehrn the Vergue Cerver.

  • Brandon
    BrandonVor Monat

    Love Kaia!

  • Ella A
    Ella AVor Monat


  • elledahling
    elledahlingVor Monat

    Honestly she’s a good model because she made me wants to buy all of these clothes

  • Lavinia jk
    Lavinia jkVor Monat


  • Dominyka Virbickaite
    Dominyka VirbickaiteVor Monat

    rich, basic people (sigh)

  • Nikita Petrovic
    Nikita PetrovicVor Monat

    thank you!! thank you for stating that UGG boots are from Australian surf culture thank you!! These uggs that are now mass-produced in America have completely ruined the integrity and workmanship of an actual UGG boot made in Aus with merino sheep wool. Surfers would wear these when they get out of the water because surfing conditions are way better in winter here; so it's cold, hence, wanting to wear something snug straight out of the water

  • Nikita Petrovic

    Nikita Petrovic

    Vor Monat

    and tbh not sure if it has indigenous relations to Australia, bc Aus is typically warmer and the ugg was invented in the 70's xx

  • AlyssaaCantuu
    AlyssaaCantuuVor Monat

    My Ugg’s are my house shoes and I love them

  • Philawsophy
    PhilawsophyVor Monat

    luke! that's also the color scheme of your shirt haha 8:50

  • Karen Garcia
    Karen GarciaVor Monat

    The outfits were so boring, expensive and nice quality but boring 😴 jeans and a top?? Groundbreaking

  • Christian Ureña
    Christian UreñaVor Monat

    thank you Luke! because of you making this videos I don't have to give them a "watch" when I don't enjoy/support the subject person of the video

  • Franz Sela
    Franz SelaVor Monat

    Those clothes do not flatter Kaia’s model figure and super long gamines. Cindy Crawford had a fuller and sexier figure back in her heydays and she’d look great in any of those but Kaia just sucks in them. I remember Claudia Schiffer’s Guess campaign ad just wearing a bra and white jeans sitting on a luggage and it was just iconic.