Hey guys!! Today we have another asmr Water Barbie unboxing, this time it’s a RARE NEON BARBIE!!😱✨🍭we got lots of clothes and accessories, how cute is this Barbie?!😱make sure to subscribe to keep up with the ASMR series!!✨

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    We get et you have nails Lol😳✋🏼

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    Okay Thank ghntgfmfjcjhxdzx

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    Why the fuck did I just watch this

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    You call it asmr YOU STUPID

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    Jelek banget oemjihelo😭😭😭😭😭

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    Sooo satisfying

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    Course you chose a big one da

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    I can't tell how much braincells i lost in this short amount of time

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    you didn’t have any to begin with🤣

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    The way that she smell it 😐

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    Aku suka sama berbi 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    Show all toys collection

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    Barbie di pata sih gitu banget

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    Plz open a small doll

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    Why do you not talk

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    *insistent nail tapping*

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    What the fuck is this!!! Why she makes those stupid videos, what shes expecting from the!?

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    Stop it. Get some help

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    When she yeet the kid-.-

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    Can anybody say how much cost it is and which shop can I buy it

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    I wanna drink the barbie water-

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    كم باربي عدها

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    Where u get these from



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    Tell me justo got tour nails

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    Até né Toda amarelinha Toda amarela ou toda bonitinha

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    A sua boneca ficou muito linda

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    Tupouré. Ouvrier. Lépetite

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    И что сука

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    How much

  • Tam Tam
    Tam TamVor 3 Tage

    One thing ive grown to love about Rhia is how much she looks and acts like Leah! All of these unboxings are exactly what Leah would do with her 3 girls. Keep em coming Rhia!!!

  • Sytamni
    SytamniVor 3 Tage

    I mean, its not that much cringe (or even not), not doing fake pranks, not annoying, not fucking screaming in your hear, satisfying, its innocent, not doing nothing wrong.... 8/10, chief.

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    I see your all video but you make lot of voice of the object 😂😂

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    Me at first: its just some Kids toy Also me at the end: OMG ITS CHLOE BURGEOIS I NEED TO BUY THIS

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    When the weird aunt who has only been with you when you were 4 years old come back after 7 years and trying to be hip

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    Bruh this isnt adopt me look down it says super neon like what the hell

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    Tired of wealthy tik tokers showing off

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    Why does she look like gru's wife?

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    She's super cute😍👌🏾☺

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    why was barbie in a body bag

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    Yo why the fuck is this in my recommendations I'm not even a kid or watch toy channels for that matter

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    You would think youtube has found out what I like by now but I still get stuff like this (no offense to the person who made this)

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    Not to be rude but why doesn’t she talk I’m getting curious about her voice

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    Asmr trash Anoying

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    I don’t like yo make up I love it it’s pretty on you

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    What that supposed to be ASMR but that hurt my ears

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    their expressions throughout the video:😡😲😃😬😁😌🤨

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    really !? do you play with these baby clothes? then it is true that mentally you are only 5 years old


    I LOVE barbi💕💕💕💕

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