POV everyone is given a mark that defines their status. Red=Average Gold=famous Blue=Royalty


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    You have royalty, famous, and average. No color for povish or are all of average people living in poverty? Also, famous for what? Charles Manson is pretty famous. Adolf Hitler uber famous and infamous. Royal servants and slaves fall under average as well? What about military, service industry workers, medical personnel? All average? Great, she's going to be a princess, who cares. The real story is within the vast community of average muhfkrs. I don't care about dinnertime who got lucky enough to suddenly go from average to princess. She had no real tragic back story that makes me hope she gets what she deserves over everyone else in the community. I wanna know how this society works. Nah. I'm just fucking with you. This shit is stupid, so I really don't care.

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