Passion Over Profit - The Documentary

On December 23rd Victor Fontanez teamed up with The Two-Six Project and Barber Kings to give back to his community for the 1st Annual Christmas Giveback. Here is the full length documentary showing the inspiration, and foundation that Vic acquired to make that happen. This documentary was put together to inspire and motivate not only the youth, but anybody out there chasing their dreams. We hope this project could spark something in you that will help manifest your vision.
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    Bro keep doin you i look up to you 💯🙏

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    Nothing but love and respect fosho❤️

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    If you don’t watch this and after you don’t feel like you should and can do something so much bigger than yourself... you ain’t human

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    10:58 🙌🏼❤️

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    We need more people like you in this world my dude much love and respect....

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    On me thats dope would love a fellow thats real like that around me. Love this 1..

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    Nee to the channel' Love the vibes & motivation keep grindin and speaking knowledge ✍🏾

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    Crazy inspiring! When you’re humble and put God first you see His favor and witness His blessing!

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    They say including @Vicblends know that the best relationship is with you and God. #MotivationaliNspirationalLeader💯❤🙏

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    These rod wave type beats make it emotionally affff😭

  • Kevin Lopez
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    That right man 💯 This is exactly my dream to Help the people in need because my family and i were homeless when i was in high school and now god has blessed me with so much that words ain't enough to thank him!

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    Look at Vic maaan,SO inspirational!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


    Dope content as always, young Legend 💯

  • Jeremy Parish
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    Damn this shit brought tears to my eyes. Being in the foster system as a child and getting tossed between 17 homes it makes me want to do nothing but serve and give back to those who weren’t as fortunate as me in getting adopted. seeing all these kids smile who have next to nothing, it’s heart warming as fuck. Love you Vic, I wanna be just like you g, even tho you’re 3 years younger than me, You’re my role model. Appreciate you my brotha ❤️🙏🏼💪🏽

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    That giving back feels better than receiving. It fills you spiritually frfr 💯

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    Very very Nice big bro 🕊🖖🏾💪🏽

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    The ma is definitely New York lol lmaoooo we don’t say yo Ma lol

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    Sauccy DVor 2 Monate

    Where I first met you at even at Rudinos in the beginning you had your cards and as you was building relationships with different customers every week with that patriots Jersey on 👎🏾😂 I remember you handing your card out like I’m a up and coming barber come check me out and now to see where you’re at just proud to see when people mention people from Fayetteville to make it they say J Cole Dennis and Vic continue to lead this next generation fam

  • Adriana Ramirez
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    So awesome Vic! So inspiring and motivating. God bless you!! 🙏🏼

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    If only we had more people like this in the world. Love the vision and the motivation. Keep working, only God could write this story ✍🏼🙏🏼

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    This is something always wanted do too and i will now one day. Dope shit for real. RESPECT.

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    real g

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    Deff motivation!

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    You good ppl Vick’s big heart

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    I told you 🤣

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    One of the greatest feelings is to be able to give back 💯

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    Bruh, KEEP IT 100, always Great to GET back to the community.

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    “What up ma” def a New York thing

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    Inspired fr

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    Yo energy is pure 🤞🏿🦾💯 Love straight from ourt of Indiana bro💯💈 I’ll be in the industry soon💯💯 I just dm you

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony LopezVor 3 Monate

    Much love from Chicago man. This video was so dope, hopefully one day I can do events like this and give back to the community I start barber school April 6th🔥🔥🔥

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    Stay blessed bro

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    Tell your girl " whats up ma " is a NY thing tell her go go listen to ( cameron - hey ma ) track lol

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    Truly inspiring 🙏🏽

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    Most stupid people wear masks outside

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    In God's name we trust

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    I like this dude. Very inspirational bro. Keep grindin' fam.

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    This video deserves over a million views!!! Godbless brother🙌🏽👍🏽💈

  • Bird Mane
    Bird ManeVor 3 Monate

    From an Carolina boy to another, I want to thank you bro. This the vision I had for a long time, and after watchin this motivates me more to do this for my city of Greensboro. Mark my words Vic. Once I become an barber we will meet in the future and hopefully become friends n do business together.. Keep that blessin goin bro and may god continue his work with you

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    We so proud of him!!😥😌🌟

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    Ig tattoo artist

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    That’s prettyboyfredos tattoo artist good choice on your artist Vic

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    I want to be a baber too

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    You have an amazing heart bro keep up the great job you doing and keep sharing your words and love 🙏

  • Haircuts by Jon G.
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    man theres things in this world u just cant fake... and your grind, passion and authenticity is a few of those things. appreciate this content bro keep killin it out here 🙏🏽

  • 1grxm
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    Made me shed a lil tear lol. I aspire to give back one day god willing. I myself have spent too much time thinking about myself financially. Fuck that. It never brings me happiness. My goal is to make other people happy from now. Keep doing you 💯❤️

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    Man you make me wanna follow more of my dream which is doing tattoos & designing clothes + shoes

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    Ong Thas a New York/New Jersey saying Buggin talkin bout “its and Cali saying” hell na 💀😂👎🏽

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    i respect what your doing man🚨

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    Vic you're a blessing man. I'm 20 years old myself and I'm currently in Barber school to get my license. I'm from down South Mississippi, in a little town called Heidelberg. Not too many people have the opportunity but God truly bless me to be a barber. I grew up in the barber shop. My pops a barber and that's all I know and love. This is just extra motivation. I really love cutting hair and I promise to be at a elite level like you, smashthalegend and many more great barbers in the barber industry. God bless and check out my work on ig @PJCUTZ 💯🙏🏾

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    This is why your my favorite barber on social media bro. Inspired the shit out of me!

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    This is what the world needs unity and love. You are a great person very inspirational and motivating. Keep up what you are doing God is great he puts people in this world like you for a reason 🙏🏼

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    A real bro

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    Respect 💪🏾

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    This def a motivation for the younger generation

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    Amazing bro! We need more people like you. God bless!

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    Yo vic do you have any advice to cut hair

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    you inspire ppl bro , speaking for myself as well i got a plan this year and cuz of you i’m finally going for it with no fear

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    Bro we go back all the way to the garage bro! Just wanted to say I’m proud of you and everything you said you were gonna do you’ve done! Keep being great dog!

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    Damn bro that's just so dope, straight up

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    Blessings to you lil homie

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    This is mad inspirational Vic. Stay blessed man fr 🙏🏼

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    Bless you !

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    For real is an inspiration for what you can achieve as a barber

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    This deserve way more views , god bless you Vic 💙

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    Respect...I enjoy ya content...and this...crazy....this video blew my mind....You a good soul honestly

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    I wanna know who gave this a dislike??? How, why???

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    Wait you live in Florida because that the tattoo artist that did some of prettyboyfredo tattoos

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    Respect Vic ✊🏻💯 @legendaryfadez

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    That was dope! U truly are a blessing! One of Gods real soldiers!

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    Inspiring people that’s the people I respect the most. Looking to get in barber school soon and chasing the dream. Thanks for doing what you do. God bless.

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    Nipsey Hussle mindset TMC!!!☝🏼💙🏁

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    God is going to bless your path bro 🙏🏽💯

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    This is awesome. Its good souls like you that make the world go round. Great Job Vic

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    Bro I just realized u use to cut at the shop I was like wait it's that 1 guy

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    So an inspiration 💪 Only 14 I want to do this before im 18 Fasho 🙌🏼 Your a goat man

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    I ducks with Vicblends you a cold barber and I respect you even more cause you from the ville and I’m also from there! Keep grinding

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    Mad respects, inspiration to many!

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    MANNNNN I LOVE THIS!!!! Keep up the great work Vic :-)

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    I wanna start barbering too but idk what clipper to get.. any suggestions?

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    just watch the whole thing and i love how humble vic is, shit inspiring fr man when i relaunch my clothing line i want you to rock it cause we stand behind authenticity @488szn ❤️ luv bro keep the content up

  • Willson Marsters
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    used to look up to chris bossio and 360 jeezy when i first started cutting, been cutting since i was 12 and now i'm 17. never looked at barbering as a way to make money, but something i found passion in doing and being able to socialise and connect with my clients that sit in my chair at home all the time! this is not me talking down on bossio and jeezy, but difference between them two and you is that the drive and passion you have for this industry is the same hunger i have to be successful as well. you're the first barber i relate to on a personal level when it comes to wanting to do more than just barbering, thank you for being an inspiration for me and many others bro, i'm hoping i get to work with you one day! mad love and appreciation for you, your team and the purpose you have to give back to your community! supporting you from brisbane, australia! ❤️

  • Lacey Martinison
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    What advice can ya give me I am a cosmo in school and not alotta guys will come to me cause they wanna dude to do their hair and I try getting my work out with my fades and stuff... staying humble is all I can do. Thank you for your videos!

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    “used to cut out the garage” bro that’s literally a big house😂don’t talk bro, don’t even gotta garage or basement I cut out the 1 bedroom apartment w my family

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    I pray I'm able to do that for my community one day , so I can give back to the city that made me 👏🙏 appreciate the Video Vic and the inspiration 💯‼️

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    omg i love vic so much he jus modeivates me to be a good person overall n made barbering to me not a job its more then i job Much Love Vic hope u see this

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