24h Classic 2012 Das Rennen Onboard BMW M3 E30 Gr.A Fahrer W.Hartmann.mp4

24h Classic 2012 Das 3h Rennen Wertungslauf zur Youngtimer Trophy auf der Nürburgring Nordschleife mit Grand Prix Kurs. Onboard BMW M3 E30 Gr.A Startnr. 440 Fahrer W.Hartmann
Nähere Informationen über Team und Rennfahrzeuge, findet Ihr unter www.hg-team-motorsport.de/


  • shadeburst
    shadeburstVor 2 Monate

    It takes him half an hour to find the wiper switch and two minutes to realise that it's stopped raining and the track is dry. (Yes the tyres had to be brought back up to temperature but...) The car goes well for a thirty year old antique.

  • Prickly Pear
    Prickly PearVor 3 Monate

    And some basement dwelling knob: 'his hand positions are not on 3 and 9 :( dOwNvOtE'

  • CHoOiello Name
    CHoOiello NameVor 6 Monate

    class bmw m3^))

  • bluforcemotors
    bluforcemotorsVor 8 Monate

    Schöner Zweikampf mit dem 400er , habe am Anfang darauf gewartet, das es dazu kommt, dauerte dann etwas bis der Ascona dann da auch war...auch das fahren "auf Eiern" im Regen war sehr spannend anzusehen ....RESPEKT ! und DANKE fürs Video ;(

  • Mariano
    MarianoVor 11 Monate

    Great 👍sound old cars 👌 great driving too👍

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew CooperVor year

    Im pretty sure not many could drive this car faster. The speed carried through, particularly high-speed, corners is a joy to watch.

  • EugVR6
    EugVR6Vor year

    The slightly older stuff is quicker on the straights but the M3 has the better chassis.


    Sehr spannende Race-Action.

  • Robert Rishel
    Robert RishelVor year

    Nice! So frustrating when you outdrive that pink pig on 98% of the course but he has 20kmph over you on the long straights. So frustrating! I’m halfway through watching the race...hoping you get him at the end! 🤞 1:02:00 👏👏👏👏 and again right after👏👏👏👏👏 SPECTACULAR DRIVING right through the video!

  • shadeburst


    Vor Monat

    Pink Pig is the right word for it! Regularly seen in these Classic videos playing a dangerous game of chicken to prevent legitimate overtakes. Instead of playing with the big boys and getting his butt kicked he slows down to let Hartmann catch him so that he can continue his stupid game.

  • yassine laksir
    yassine laksirVor 2 years

    Man you got skills

  • Lucian
    LucianVor 2 years

    10:51 Holy balls of steel!

  • Robert Rishel

    Robert Rishel

    Vor year

    Dude is in the “zone”. So cool to see someone wheel a little momentum car around the ring, lap after lap, moving through slower traffic while maintaining his momentum👍beautifully done!

  • lanier gordon

    lanier gordon

    Vor 2 years

    This guy knows how to drive and in a clean way. Maximum respekt.

  • alter KielerSack
    alter KielerSackVor 6 years

    Geil in der Hölle bekloüü zu sein, schönes Gefüchl

  • Olli


    Vor 5 years

    +alter KielerSack bekloüü was ??

    GERALD SMETVor 6 years

    Verrrrryyyy good driver. 👍👍👍👍

  • simon lp
    simon lpVor 7 years

    Very clean driving, i would really enjoy to have a view of the feet of the driver to see how he do with the brake and the clutch

  • Gerd Gramer
    Gerd GramerVor 7 years

    Habe lange zugeschaut..schöner Kampf mit dem rosa Porsche..ein Lob an den Fahrer Wolfgang Hartmann :) :)

  • MrSportbilly72
    MrSportbilly72Vor 8 years

    Super Video und super Fahrer. Meinen Respekt

  • TheWeitwinkel
    TheWeitwinkelVor 8 years

    Overall Ranking 11. of 131 Class Ranking 1. of 11 Fastest Lap 10:18.789

  • Dyran Rosares
    Dyran RosaresVor 8 years

    What was the outcome of the race?