5 Toxins Animals Steal For Themselves

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Thievery is a known survival strategy in the wild. But you couldn’t steal a toxin...or could you? Meet 5 animals that turn someone else’s poison into their own weapon of choice.
Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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  • Jared Holeman
    Jared HolemanVor 5 Tage

    Kinda weird to say "New Guinean Passerine" instead of something more specific

  • Ser Action Sucks
    Ser Action SucksVor 9 Tage

    aside from learning about these wonderous aninals. I learned a new word today. sequester. thanks Sci-Show

  • Lee Oswald
    Lee OswaldVor 27 Tage

    Nile red ♥️

  • Mansif Official
    Mansif OfficialVor Monat


  • kinghal123
    kinghal123Vor Monat

    The birds are called hooded pitohui.

  • diebesgrab
    diebesgrabVor Monat

    If we’re talking about science music, I’m giving a shout out to Neutrino of Love.

  • kerry mackey
    kerry mackeyVor Monat

    The handsomely temple supposedly hug because knight inevitably cough throughout a valuable gallon. outgoing, true rain

  • dmark David
    dmark DavidVor Monat

    Pigeons swallow castor seed whole and fly away.

  • WeChallenge
    WeChallengeVor Monat

    Anyone else notice the voice change @9:42 only for a sentence or so, it sounds as if someone else narrated that part. My uneducated guess, based solely on thousands of hours watching and listening to DElevel science related channels, is it was the voice of Science DElevelr, Nile Red. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Remi Scott
    Remi ScottVor Monat

    Tomato horn worms eat nicotine to spray on wolf spiders.

  • smurfyday
    smurfydayVor Monat

    Wait, why do penguins steal others' chicks? To eat or raise? Why would they raise someone else's kids?

  • Stan Burton
    Stan BurtonVor Monat

    I'm surprised that you didn't mention that poison dart frogs themselves steal thoer toxins from the ants they feed on.

  • wayne parkinson
    wayne parkinsonVor Monat

    Natures little Evolutionary adaptations, quirks of experimentation over eons to suite ones lifestyle see not all bad humans just abuse everything thats another story?

  • wayne parkinson
    wayne parkinsonVor Monat

    See intoxication of toxins help everything to escape a hard life from a cup of tea to a lighter fuel binge on the other extreme. my bag is coffee one of the most addictive substances known if i don't get my fix im a bear with a sore head the next day, Animals by chance or desire get a taste for there fix too .When life is tough you head for your special stuff that takes the hardship away ?

  • Herman Wong
    Herman WongVor Monat

    Nature I need toxins. To ward off predators? To ward off predators. Actually gets eaten for its toxin like a boss. Useless time

  • Dromeoraptor pennato
    Dromeoraptor pennatoVor Monat

    The “passerines” are passerines, but are specifically pitohuis. Passerines as a whole include crows, sparrows, etc.

  • Blood and Empire
    Blood and EmpireVor Monat

    Scishow is awesome ❤️

  • Jf H
    Jf HVor Monat

    Music for scientists? Guns'n Roses?

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary CooperVor Monat

    All of these descriptions include sentences like “Scientists don’t know how this animal does this.” Nature is truly wonderful.

  • aaryan joshy
    aaryan joshyVor Monat

    hey, I've heard some other's voice other than Stephan's

  • twothreebravo
    twothreebravoVor Monat

    Here's a tip, when you're doing your ADR do it under the same circumstances as the original recording (equipment, location, posture, etc), then have the post production people post process it the same way. Otherwise it just sounds so jarringly different.

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'BrienVor Monat

    When I think of animal thieves, I think of seagulls.

  • Javian Harriott
    Javian HarriottVor Monat

    Wait wait we just going to skip over that penguin chicknap

  • kimsmoke17
    kimsmoke17Vor Monat

    Why’s this video sound like a Star Wars movie plot? Cyanoglugicide burnet in defense droplets in a 6 spot potassium pump. The indigenous guard hairs graurddeniltes boba fete resistant to tiger keelbacks.

  • Dávid Pável
    Dávid PávelVor Monat

    I liked it more when only one person narrated the whole video

  • serges
    sergesVor Monat

    Couple messages this time needing a new voice over :eyes: that doesn't happen often on scishow haha

  • Zu _
    Zu _Vor Monat

    Pores are holes?!?! /s

  • Basel Faisal
    Basel FaisalVor Monat

    ooooh one piece style !!

  • Fernando R
    Fernando RVor Monat

    Nab a nut

  • dalgon
    dalgonVor Monat

    This guy is what I imagine the Scandinavian version of No Country for Old Men's villain would look like

  • Evelyn Rose
    Evelyn RoseVor Monat

    After they CATCH their prey... Prey: coral

  • ultimasurge
    ultimasurgeVor Monat

    Play that song that goo"bee boo boo bop boo boo bop?"

  • Cyborg Overlord John
    Cyborg Overlord JohnVor Monat

    Steal League of Legends levels of toxicity and then I’ll be impressed

  • Hi im Ryan
    Hi im RyanVor Monat

    Kirby: my true successor

  • Peter Jaspers-Fayer
    Peter Jaspers-FayerVor Monat

    @05:29 The quality of the audio changes (different environment and/or microphone) while showing the diagram of the sodium pump. IMHO this is *BETTER* (I find the regular sound has too much treble). Please borrow Hank's Microcosmos microphone :-)

  • MazeMaker4Life
    MazeMaker4LifeVor Monat

    To be honest, some humans can be very toxic too

  • Mattia
    MattiaVor Monat

    Eating is technically stealing energy


    Why flies rub their fore limbs, always when it touches the ground?

  • Riki Prianto
    Riki PriantoVor Monat

    Bird flying and poison type...hmmm great

  • George Michael Sherry
    George Michael SherryVor Monat

    I'm here to reinforce the two comments I found (there are probably more) noting that "passerine" is not the name of a particular kind of bird, but of an entire large category of birds. ("Passerine" means "perching"; the group includes all songbirds.) There is no such thing as "the" New Guinean passerine bird. There are probably hundreds of passerine species in a diverse environment like New Guinea. The papers cited state that SEVERAL New Guinea passerine birds, of two different genera, exhibit the toxin-related behavior. I don't want to be overly critical, but saying "passerine" over and over as if it were the name of a specific bird -- on a science show -- is the sort of mistake that should have been caught by whoever does your quality control.

  • Mojos Bigstick
    Mojos BigstickVor Monat

    'Passerine' isn't a species of bird - it's a whole Order - there are loads of different species, all over the world, that are described as Passerine. Your phrasing suggests it's one particular bird species.

  • Ridwan Mohamed
    Ridwan MohamedVor Monat

    Let me just clarify. I’m Somali and we don’t use arrows or have elephants in our country.

  • Kanikel 24
    Kanikel 24Vor Monat

    And Poisondartfrogs steal the poison from ants

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan WilliamsVor Monat

    Why is tetrodotoxin not on this list?

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan WilliamsVor Monat

    Every part of an animal’s body is filled with capillaries

  • MR_Zoren
    MR_ZorenVor Monat

    And humans use Twitter

  • Kyle Eldridge
    Kyle EldridgeVor Monat

    I loved the sultry voice snippets, it really spiced up the video

  • David Stinnett
    David StinnettVor Monat

    Stefan, I miss you on Tangents. :( I’ll give you as many bananas as you want if you come back

  • Matthew Schweitzer
    Matthew SchweitzerVor Monat

    What’s going on with the weird audio?

  • Rick B
    Rick BVor Monat

    Now I wonder, why did animals evolve acidic stomachs? Is that more energy efficient or so?

  • Nick Romo

    Nick Romo

    Vor Monat

    Possibly. Also helps break down food and kill certain bad bacteria/diseases. Probably many other reasons, I'm pretty sure sure acidic stomachs is an example of convergent evolution

  • Twapska
    TwapskaVor Monat

    The bird in this episode is actually called a Pitohui, Passerine is the term for the whole FAMILY of songbirds. Oops!

  • Kelly L
    Kelly LVor Monat

    This is totally how Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy was made!

  • Ligh7 Foo7
    Ligh7 Foo7Vor Monat

    How do scientists find out these things, now I am like can I touch an animal with my hands

  • Kaitlyn Oddie
    Kaitlyn OddieVor Monat

    “emperor penguins will even take each other’s chicks” you can’t just bring this up and not elaborate???

  • Bri10


    Vor Monat

    Watch the Emperor Penguin episode of BBC's Dynasties, it gets brought up there as well.

  • Ligh7 Foo7
    Ligh7 Foo7Vor Monat

    Store a captive poison dart frog in your safe.

  • RPB
    RPBVor Monat

    It's such a niche. Music for scientists

  • SilentKaliSmoker
    SilentKaliSmokerVor Monat

    Nice try with the voice overs but there's too much of a difference between the mics and echo from the room with the voice overs

  • m. alonto
    m. alontoVor Monat

    "Bufa"... toad? if it is then it's name alone tells you where it comes from...! also: "for most birds..." you mean chickens,ducks and turkeys... 'cause no other 'birds' gets its feathers plucked before being eaten... lolz

  • David Jameson
    David JamesonVor Monat

    "Hippity hoppity, your poison's my property."

  • MsDay
    MsDayVor Monat

    That's how the toxin stealers do

  • Carson Rush
    Carson RushVor Monat

    Nudibranches are pokemon, change my mind. Also, these guys remind me of the Kandra from Mistborn series. Imagine a giant, sentient nudibranch that lives on land and absorbs dead creatures to learn their shapes and recreate their bodies. Basically a sci-fantasy shape shifting ooze creature.

  • The Ethicist Philosophy Show
    The Ethicist Philosophy ShowVor Monat

    Taxes and politicians.

  • DJ K
    DJ KVor Monat

    Stealing Toxins - Great name for a rock band.

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao NguyenVor Monat

    Did you really have to dumb down capillaries?

  • Thomas Mosner
    Thomas MosnerVor Monat

    Does anyone else hear the audio break when Stefan is talking??

  • Jim Cappa

    Jim Cappa

    Vor Monat

    I was thinking they were post production edits for clarification, since it was all done when a slide was up.

  • Tonton Jeannot
    Tonton JeannotVor Monat

    Burnet larvae, ya' basic.

  • Andrew A
    Andrew AVor Monat

    They take them from Nigerians? 😃 Oh my

  • Irvine Spiegel
    Irvine SpiegelVor Monat

    What it is this strange chemical? It doesn't kill us, but it also doesn't give us energy. perhaps we can use thing later.. Store the thing in the the thing.

  • Kirin D. Dragon
    Kirin D. DragonVor Monat

    It somehow felt like these birds had bounty posters like one piece

  • Pup314
    Pup314Vor Monat

    It is not a moth npr a butterfly, it is the third member of the family, Skippers

  • JokerHellFire Z
    JokerHellFire ZVor Monat

    The thumb nail remains me of the one piece wanted posters. 😆 any one else?

  • emzirek
    emzirekVor Monat

    Was hoping to hear about the dolphins that pass around puffer fish with others to get high and then there is the sunfish and sea turtles which gorge on jellyfish until intoxicated

    NODZZVor Monat

    Definitely Stefan doing the voiceover at 4:32 and 5:28, guess something went oops along the way or his normal mic is on the way out.

  • Reese Baxter
    Reese BaxterVor Monat

    That redub was less than subtle

  • JV freedom
    JV freedomVor Monat

    I’m a scientist and I listen to Lamb of God...

  • Aliya Weaver

    Aliya Weaver

    Vor Monat

    Memento Mori is my favorite!!

  • Junior InMoscow
    Junior InMoscowVor Monat

    I wonder if you could somehow make batrachotoxin safe for topical human use to combat lice

  • Colonel Banana
    Colonel BananaVor Monat

    All for one quirk but it’s not an anime. If you know, you know.

  • Bacopa68
    Bacopa68Vor Monat

    Nathanial Hawthorne wrote a story that kinda ties in with this subject. It's called Rappaccini's Daughter. I like it better than The Scarlet Letter.

  • Pamela Mays
    Pamela MaysVor Monat

    A twist on the old adage "You are what you eat."😋😱

  • JP
    JPVor Monat

    0:25 as do humans

  • Satan
    SatanVor Monat

    4:23 Wait a second... Is that NileRed's voice!? COLLAB! COLLAB!

  • henry hobson
    henry hobsonVor Monat

    Where are the kittens?

  • Edwin V
    Edwin VVor Monat

    That's a lot of Normal/Poison types

  • Tutu Mazibuko
    Tutu MazibukoVor Monat

    Love the One Piece style thumbnail ☠️👍

  • Something Mildly Homophobic
    Something Mildly HomophobicVor Monat

    “worm-like” = nudibranchs, how dare you!

  • Erik Nixon

    Erik Nixon

    Vor Monat

    Yea! It's very rude!

  • londonalicante
    londonalicanteVor Monat

    "Passerine" refers to literally half of all bird species. Can you be more specific? Using it to refer to one particular species or genus of birds makes you sound ridiculous.

  • FlamingNinetales77


    Vor Monat

    The bird is the Hooded pitohui! (Pitohui dichrous)

  • Lillie George

    Lillie George

    Vor Monat

    Was going to sayyyyy...

  • John Drummond
    John DrummondVor Monat

    Monarch Butterfly: The milkweed sap I absorbed as a larva make me taste terrible as an adult Six-spot Burnet: Hold my beer

  • Jesaii Quirindongo

    Jesaii Quirindongo

    Vor Tag

    opm villains: I absorbed so much milkweed sap that I turned into a tree and I make everything I touch taste terrible, eve the air around me!

  • Caeric
    CaericVor Monat

    I feel like you kind of missed an oppurtunity to point out that aside from stealing toad toxins, the tiger keelback is also unique in having both it's own venom as a rear fanged colubrid in addition to storing toad toxins for self-defense thus making it both poisonous AND venomous.

  • Sandwich Boy

    Sandwich Boy

    Vor Monat

    @MazeMaker4Life the title was behold! Poisonous snakes

  • MazeMaker4Life


    Vor Monat

    @Sandwich Boy what was the episode name?

  • Sandwich Boy

    Sandwich Boy

    Vor Monat

    They talked about it in another episode

  • Lauren B
    Lauren BVor Monat

    The New Guinean passerines you're talking about are more specifically members of the Pitohui genus which consists of Old World orioles, as well as the Blue-capped ifrita which is in a genus of it's own. A passerine /ˈpæsəraɪn/ is any bird of the order Passeriformes (/ˈpæsərɪfɔːrmiːz/, Latin passer (“sparrow”) + formis (“-shaped”)), which includes more than half of all bird species.

  • Wyatt Williams
    Wyatt WilliamsVor Monat

    Where hank

  • chu Harry
    chu HarryVor Monat

    pitohui rhabdopsis and knudibibranch

  • chu Harry

    chu Harry

    Vor Monat

    oops nudibranch got autocorrect

  • Joshua Jarvis
    Joshua JarvisVor Monat

    Hank, please tell me you did not use order level classification to avoid saying pitouhui

  • sdfkjgh
    sdfkjghVor Monat

    1:20 _Waiting for the Worms to Come and Steal our Precious Bodily Toxins,_ a mashup of Pink Floyd's _The Wall, Dr. Strangelove,_ and this video, by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  • Daniel Curren
    Daniel CurrenVor Monat

    finally, a truly poisonous snake

  • sdfkjgh
    sdfkjghVor Monat

    0:15 So, even the idea of plagiarism is, itself, plagiarized! #OnBrand

  • That Chemist
    That ChemistVor Monat

    Cyanide causes inhibition of cytochrome C oxidase in the mitochondria, starving cells of ATP - the oxygen is still there, it just can't get used

  • Sandwich Boy

    Sandwich Boy

    Vor Monat

    He said it deprives them of oxygen, which is still an accurate assessment

  • Sophie Robinson

    Sophie Robinson

    Vor Monat

    Mitochondria--the powerhouse of the cells.

  • Richard
    RichardVor Monat

    "New Guinean Passerine birds"??? The birds are called Pitohuis! (Pitohui dichrous is the one in the video) Of course they're passerines, they're in the order Passeriformes, the largest and most diverse order of birds! C'mon SciShow!

  • Richard


    Vor Monat

    @Pierre Abbat There's like 6500 species in the order passeriformes, so calling this species "passerine bird" is almost as meaningless as calling it "avian bird".

  • Richard


    Vor Monat

    @Buddha Ruci Yup!

  • Buddha Ruci

    Buddha Ruci

    Vor Monat

    Over half our birds are piaserine.

  • Pierre Abbat

    Pierre Abbat

    Vor Monat

    There are lots more passerines than the pitohui. I guess he wasn't sure how to pronounce "pitohui".

  • twocvbloke
    twocvblokeVor Monat

    Just so long as cows and chickens don't start learning these tricks to stop us meatatarians from being able to feed upon them... :P

  • Andrea Dingbatt
    Andrea DingbattVor Monat

    Incredibly interesting what the little b-ggers get up to!! 👀My support /assist dog, Jasper trys to steal my cigarettes! 🐕‍🦺I am just glad he doesn't drink alcohol!! ❤️🐕XxX

  • A Youtube Channel
    A Youtube ChannelVor Monat

    Humans: I hate toxicity. Animals: I love toxicity. Toxins: ...

  • Andrea Dingbatt

    Andrea Dingbatt

    Vor Monat

    Hehehee!! Thank you so much for your The best comment so far!! XxX.