Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - from beginning (2009) to end (2019)

Selena stated very clearly that Lose You To Love me is closing the chapter of her life with Justin. Selena has become such a strong woman and Justin is happily married. I invite you all to join them in ending this chapter by looking back at the past 10 years, but not with tears in our eyes but a smile on our face. Not many people will ever feel this love that they've felt and "it was beautiful and ugly," as Selena recently said. I hope you can realize how little we actually ever knew about their relationship. That being said, let's appreciate and look at what they've shared with us over the years. And when the video is over that means "And now it's goodbye for us."


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    11:41 oh no taylorrr i see u HAHA😂😅

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    Beautiful soul Selena.. wow

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    I feel so sad 😭😭 my queen did not get the person she want 😔

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    Wake up... move on... 😃

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    It’s a common story to social media parsons but I love both of them They are so cute

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    Now it,s 2021 and Justin Bieber is married to Hailey Bieber

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    He sang one less lonely girl to hailey on their wedding too weird

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  • Sponge Bob
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    She was the big star ⭐️ and was kind to him

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    They danced so we’ll together @17:20

  • Kenzie 14
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    10 years. Well at least they happy now.

  • LanaAriel
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    Even tho their relationship was toxic, you can tell he was a lot more passionate about being with Selena then he is with Hailey. I truly think that it was right person, wrong time. They were meant for each other

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    quiero llorar

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    She had that man crying for her. Ugh.

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    His on and off relationship with Selena for 10 years ain’t a joke so that must be Hailey’s biggest nightmare and insecurities just saying 😬

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    16:55 shut tf up ur literally 30

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    Jelena is so addicting that's why ppl can't move on or get over their past relationship. its toxic but I think it will still go on for decades.

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    hes so cute

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    boi u were soo nice but u changed justin but u leave her for HAILEY T-T

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    I feel like their story is not over yet and I really it’s not.

  • Live Well With Nicky
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    She deserves better... They both just need to be happy...

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    I love how it all started with him saying he is so little...like my little brother. ...then to fall in love

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    21:16 🙄🙄 as if he didn't do it

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    Why did Justin let Selena go why

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    Look how happy she was before 😢

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    I just gained a whole heap of respect for Justin Beiber...

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    I was dating with someone from 2007 -2017....he got married after 6months...I was hurt,broken n my dreams shattered ..but now I cme out stronger thn ever...u gotta let go if they're ready for something which makes them happy.I believe that whatever happened happens for a good reason.LOVE YOURSELF FIRST then only ull know how to love n appreciate others❤️❤️❤️

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    16:05 all that matters was written when I was in… “prison?” yo 💀😭

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    They will end together. These are twin flames who are just young

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    Why salena got breakup with justin plz answer anyone plz olz

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    I know for a fact they’ll get back together one day it’s obvious👀🤷‍♀️ we just don’t know when but it’ll forsure take years form now:/

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    This story just proves my point,...love don't fucking exist

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    jelena always

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    God Olivia Rodrigos songs hit different with them

  • 『Mirakuru』 -
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    Guess you didn’t cheat but your still a traitor

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    Justin just met the Right person at wrong time🥺😢

  • Angela
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    The way he kissed her in 2018 makes me believe its impossible he could love hailey that's true love right there. 26:07

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    No body need this

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    Jb dont deserves selena the queen 💜

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    I don't blame him for falling in love with her. She is beautiful, pure, genuine, and such a good person. But she definitely deserves better.

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    '' God I wish that you would've thought this through before I went and fell in love with you 🥺🥺''

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    The quizzical pyramid proportionately post because nurse terminally instruct in a nimble quarter. aback, halting perch

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    It’s always with that blonde girl

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    coz they were still kid when they fell inlove

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    Adrian agreste: Marinette no she is just a friends Selena:Justin no he is like my little brother... Me:OH BOY!

  • Siya Bhutani
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    I love how they didn’t let their relationship be their identities like they are both their own people the past is a side topic

  • Siya Bhutani
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    They were in a toxic relationship but weirdly healthy for each other too

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    Justin is selfish and has no respect towards Selena

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    Who else almost cried🥺😭This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad😢

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    Its make me sad

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    What a waste relationship they look so cute

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    I feel so bad for them.. look at them here. They were so bubbly and beautiful, now the light that were in their eyes has gone.. they are so serious and not smiling anymore… what did they do to each other… they need to find em back

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    Why didn't Justin and Selena stay together?

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    Nice story ☺️

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    "hE iS LiKE mY LiTtLe bRoHtEr" That's why Justin Bieber Brokes Up Lmao

  • Jelena Lazic
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    This is how Justin looked at Selina, no one will..This is true love, and true love will be together again..if not in this world they will be in another world..How much they loved each other, who knew..Anyway .. Justin now has a wife, but he continues to suffer for Selena if she also suffers for him..but no one knows..but I would love to be together again, because I admired them and asked such a boy to be like Justin to me looks like he selena ..

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    I wanna cry

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    I don't know why but this broke my heart into pieces, Just wanna cry T.T

  • Dewyy Yustika
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    I just watched this in 2021 and I feel so bad. It definitely broke my heart that he decided to marry another-

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    Young blood things there is always tomorrow.

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    Loveyou selena

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    Umm..so..none of us in the comment section know Justin or Selena personally and we don’t know what both of them really went through or what they felt about their relationship…I agree that it is really weird that he married Hailey just after breaking up with Selena whom he had known for about a decade..but..my opinion is that their relationship turned toxic soon after their first breakup!! It wasn’t the same after that! So for now..Jelena is over!! 🙁..sometimes life is not what we hoped it would be 😕😩🥺 we have to move on and wait for right things to happen at the right time ✨ Hope the person who is reading this is safe and healthy during this pandemic 😷

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    Jelena 💜😭

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    Feel so bad when watching those interviews, it's like someone sucking all the air and 2 of them have to genuinely not to stuck in that intense manipulation !

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    This kind of love never died. You grow, make decisions and live your life happily but the love will always be down there. 💕

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    Justin y Selena x Siempre ❤️

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    Selena is the cutest

  • J S K
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    only fact that hurts is dating someone for years but then marrying someone else within months

  • Dyan Armogan
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    She with him when he has nothing, and now he has everything and she is not with him, but you can see she was not with him for his wealth , she was with him because she loves him so sad ,

  • Doo Ke
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    I cant be the only one that feels like hailey and justin will divorce, not because of selena but just the way he treats her it does not sit right with me

  • Carla Cristina
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    Na minha humilde opinião ele casou com outra pra esquecer da selena pois quem terminou foi ela .justin ama essa mulher e casou pra fugir do sentimento q ele tem por ela.

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    I kinda feel bad for hailey...

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    Vor 16 Tage

    Hell no

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    "His is my little brother " she now 🤡🤡🤡


    They should not broke because they were a perfect couple

  • Nilanjana Rai
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    She had no idea about what she was going to happen to her in 2009, she had no clue. ..that brokes my heart how someone comes to us and ruins us. ..and kills us and blames us at the end. ..its a blessing in disguises. .. still toatlly un aware

  • christina
    christinaVor 18 Tage

    Honestly I blame the media for pushing and pushing them to date. It makes me wonder how things would’ve played out if they were constantly asked about their relationship

  • christina
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    Did I think of how much I would probably cry watching this video? Yes. Did I click on it anyways? Yes.

    KIM JONG-UNVor 18 Tage

    🇰🇵I am ugly and. Fat but I still got beautiful wife hence proved face doesnt matter in love 💕 ❤️

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    wait...Justin took only 4 month for move from Selena to Hailey Relly!! This is real!

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    I can never get that 27 minutes back 😞

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    Cant wait till Selena gets married

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    i'm still not over them being over

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    This is why I'll never understand where the hell did Haley come from. How the heck do you fall in love from June to July and get engaged then get married? That means he was seeing Haley on the low or was talking to her when he was seeing Selena again.

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    Vor Tag

    @April Chow-chee I know that but I know I one point they stopped speaking to each other

  • April Chow-chee

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    Vor 13 Tage

    They were friends and there's an interview where Hailey talks about them dating on and off multiple times

  • Half Moon

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    He has known Hailey for a long time , i guess they were friends thanks to Hailey's dad

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    He’s trying to FIX that little boy voice so hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Omg christina Grimmie is in there that made me sad may she rip 🙏💔

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    Boy- love you love you Girl - no 🙄 Boy- love me love me Girl - no no Boy - love me love me Girl - love you Boy - Good bye Girl - 😭😭😭

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  • Igfudututoygkhvkkhcjxtuditdit G
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    My girl deserves someone who will treat her like she should be!🙌

  • T.w.E
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    Did Justin leave her when she found out about her disease? When she went to rehab? I wonder what it was that made him completely done with her?

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    my heart BREAKS for selena. this relationship went deep

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    Justin bieber and Selena gomez they are so cute together😍

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    Hell, he didin't deserve her. Not even a little bit.

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    I wish they never met

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    I really wanted them to get married

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    #Justinandselinagetbacktogether and also I heard that Justin still loves Selina