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Migos "Modern Day" Lyrics:

Yeah, let’s take a modern day stroll
This is the modern day hoe
Last time I checked we were running the globe
I’m bout to go figure four
Two knocks two time, it’s a brick at the door
Somebody blowing up lil mama phone
Lil n**** just come get ya hoe
I’m talking Patek on the wrist
Baguette gone dance on the bitch
You know that bitch too thick
You can’t even see the pants on that bitch
The way that we spinnin’
Spinnin’ in hellcats goin Taz on the kit
She wanna pop a G6
She suckin’ on d*** until six
I make a movie
I’m going Michael Bay, Huncho the Sensei
The way that I’m moving
We going motorcade, move the tactical way
I need the backend this way
Somebody packing this way
She get to clapping that way
You don’t got the answers like Sway
F*** it I’m cooling
I’m in the coupe with the top and I’m waving a coolant
Switch it go dually
With a bad bitch and I play with her mind and her coochie
I’m still Ratatouille, I got a pot that’s so big it look like Chattahoochie
We not the Fugees, I go fooley if a n**** try to three stooges

Break a brick down n**** Break a brick down n****
Break a bitch down n**** Break a bitch down n****
Word around town n****
Heard your askin’ around n****
Get the f*** from around n**** You ain’t even from the town n****

Where the f*** he came from (where)
When she see the Dawn she givin me some
The Rari came red like a plum (red)
The streets like the sun (hot)
I gotta ride with a drum, Keep smoke in my lungs (smoke)
Arabian bitch in the passenger seat like she got a illegal bomb (bomb)
Baguette the charm, rainbow Daytona I Lucky Charm the arm (Lucky)
That bitch is boring
Oh that’s your main, come get her can’t help it she going
Count up a bag but no we ain’t touring
If it ain’t bout money I think it’s annoying
Pop me a perc with a cup of the purp
When I hop in the vert with no key and I storm (skurrt)
BB the belt and I VV the arm
Hop on a PJ go visit the farm
Indoor and Outdoor whatever you on (wat u on)
Put that lil boy up cuz my money grown
I know some n***** got rich off of zones
Made double digits off Apple iPhones
Throw that shit on I get fly like a drone
Put dick in her once she won’t leave me alone
Kapital bones the Wallet is chrome
They say they the opps but loving the song (opp)
Eat up the dab when they come around
And then go and put everything we got on
If I got a plate you know that he ate
I’m too blessed so one thing I can’t do is hate
I like what you doing just humble yourself
And know we the ones that open the gate (open the gate!!)

Break a brick down n**** Break a brick down n****
Break a bitch down n**** Break a bitch down n****
Word around town n****
Heard your ass get around n****
Get the f*** from around n**** You ain’t even from the town n****

Big body Urus, fast and the furious
Grippin my Mac watch the rear in the mirror
Baguettes on my neck on the Lear I’m superior
250 each ear what’d you say I can’t hear
Shoot dices my prices they lower than Sears
She ride the d*** speed it up outta gear
Dropped outta school cuz I didn’t wanna hear
I was thinking about making an M every period
Got my shit out the block
Seventeen hot trynna plot on the guap
F*** that bitch I had to go and get a knot
I was on the block ain’t know about a yacht
Stick in my crotch, Audemars watch, Burberry socks I was curving a thot
Got baby KK a Birkin why not
Bought a AK fell in love when I shot
We beat em in dough, we beat em in hoes
We beat em in clothes, we beat em in Lambos on the road
Hold up my wrist it got rocks like HOV
These boys are my kids don’t talk no more
I’m stuffing d*** in the back of this hoe
My Rollie got skittles you taste the rainbow
Keep down the delay I’m not Kurtis Blow
Dropping the load on the Nawf in the go
Bad but bitch ain’t got nothing to give
I’m a dad in this industry I got some kids
She wanna f*** me I know I can see it
Just for some clout n****s jump off a bridge
I had a drop on the opp and we slid
I don’t be gamblin my dog that’s the wig
Make the money eight ways I’m a squid
He tellin, he yellin, he work with the pigs

Break a brick down n**** Break a brick down n****
Break a bitch down n**** Break a bitch down n****
Word around town n****
Heard your ass get around n****
Get the f*** from around n**** You ain’t even from the town n****


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    Who Is The Best Migo ? 🤔 : I’m Waiting

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    Nice song! I love that song as well. Migo's! They are one of my top favorite R&B rapper's. However, the middle finger throwing up throughout a song is certainly DISRESPECT. QUAVO need to stop throwing his middle finger up to innocent fan's. There are kids watching your video's as well. I don't want kid's portraying that aspect in Quavo? Not only that... Why tell your innocent fan's F$#K YOU? What is the purpose; especially when fan's support his music to assist with financial gain in his pocket. I am beginning to tell everyone don't support rapper's constantly throwing their middle finger up to supporting fan's stating F$$K U. It's so rude! There are better hand signs to use than your middle finger. Let's show some respect to people, children and fan's that love the Migo's. Those guy's are top rapper's. People really love the Migo's. All rapper's women and men need to stop portraying those horrible, disrespectful gestures.

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    If you an artist talking about the one and only true God you will be executed because Satan doesn’t want ANYONE talking about Jehovah the one and only True God! You can talk about many other false gods and nothing will happen but once you get the truth out there about the REAL and ONLY true religion/God, you won’t live any longer. Every artist has to follow the devil and his propaganda in order to stay alive and famous/rich. These are the facts the world doesn’t know or care about. But Armageddon is coming, but the truth will come out once the great tribulation (distraction of religions) begins

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