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The Maya - their soaring pyramids, monumental cities and mythical mastery of astronomy and mathematics have captured our imaginations and spurred generations of explorers into the jungles of Central America on a quest to understand them. Lost World of the Maya surveys their dramatic rise to prominence in the 'pre-classic era' of the Maya as well as new evidence of the collapse of their civilization in the 800-900's AD. Want even more Maya? Try Lost Treasures of the Maya on Disney+ www.disneyplus.com/series/los...

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Lost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National Geographic

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    We heard all of your comments and realized we posted an outdated version of this episode. We apologize for our error, but we have now corrected the issues.

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    Umm- I- didn’t rlly see any error the last time I watched dis… was there actually a rlly big error or something?

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    Be great to see those lasers used over Bosnia to see if that mountain is really a pyramid. If it can go through snow that is.

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    Mayans and Tamil people are mysterious

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    Thanks for uploading in this video I really want to live in this place ❤️👍......

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    war loving people surrounded by US.

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    Mankind is not supposed to really know what happened to ancient civilizations. Why?, because they are not alone and this planet isn't theirs.

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    I think they were culled by the Wraith!

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    have a look at buddha in Afghanistan Bamyan and the mysteries of the Bamyan's gulf.

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    showing teotihuacan in with mayan cities lmao

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    The answer are all in the Book of Mormon, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use as the true Gospel, the Second witness of Jesus Christ!!

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    Is there an amazon in yucatan?

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    In telugu language maya means " teleportation"

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    "Maya" civilization extient because of unknown ..virus.

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    I wonder if there is some sort of ancient time capsule underneath the temples and pyramids. Maybe an entrance to a cave system they considered sacred. Or some item in the heart of a pyramid in a completely sealed off chamber they used to consecrate it.

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    I dont get why Guatemala allow trees to grow on this temples! 🤦

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    The paintings do be looking weird and strange but it is still interesting and maybe even a lil beautiful…

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    Me watching the vid for literally almost no reason but I like it!

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    Why does this show Teotihuacan in a show about the Mayas? Why do they talk about the Amazon? clueless.

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    Amazing it’s good to see the globe working together. Massive respect to these people.

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    I'm a minute in. Let me find out that they will PROVE that the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Choctaw, and Hawaiians, not only traded and sailed, but intermarried. The correlations between their anthropology is ENTIRELY too similar and the empires lasted too long and were too close for absolutely no trade to go on between them.💯🙃💅🏿💯🙃💅🏿💯🙃💅🏿💯🙃💅🏿💯

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    this easily could've been a 20 minute series. It's very repetitive but nonetheless interesting.

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    My theory about the downfall of the Maya is that someone flew over their jungle and shot lasers at them. That's usually pretty detrimental for any society.

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    Want to know more about this....read The Book of Mormon.

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    They are the true people of AMERICA..


    i thought that they said ''one person at a time'' BUT THE CAMERAMAN IS IN THERE TWO


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    Only thing I have a problem with is that these people think things are political or a cult when they assume things they don’t understand they just make up what they see just like they discovered more cities they need to discover how the Mayan actually thought in these times too many misconceptions have made the maya seem unintelligible but look what they have made the are very misunderstood.

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    More than half the population was wealthy, that was ancient times lifestyles. Then came the west with the worst, capitalism! What a disaster the world was yet to witness to date!!

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    i think the Mayan Pyramids or so forth Ancient city's were built to raise he Mayan's out of the Jungle to see Astronomical Alignments impossible to see from the bottom Jungle Floor sorta as a Observatory so to speak. my theory anyway lol

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