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  • Vio Venda
    Vio VendaVor Tag

    25% of this video is an ad, also one in the beginning, one in the middle and the end. DElevel is getting wack.

  • Miukay
    MiukayVor 2 Tage

    I went and watched that single ladies dance and no one I mean NO ONE in the comments even batted an eye to the blatantly sexual content of kids. They were just going on about how the dance was “undefeated” or smth

  • Jenvey Nissen
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  • Marie Frazier
    Marie FrazierVor 5 Tage

    Honestly, I almost forgot Dance Moms was where Maddie Ziegler first appeared, before she became the "Sia dancing girl" from Chandelier. With all the stuff that's come out following "Music" about Sia and Maddies "maternal" relationship (to the extent that Sia openly admitted her choice to star Maddie in the attrocity that is "Music" was nepotism), and knowing Sia discovered Maddie from Dance Moms, I feel like there's a really dark theory that starts to fall into place...

  • Charlie
    CharlieVor 9 Tage

    Bad Fact: i know someone that loves the show

  • Madeline Bogle
    Madeline BogleVor 10 Tage

    You and your husband arguing over who gets to use the soft blanket before bed is a MOOD (Seriously, when my girlfriend used to stay over at my house she monopolized ALL of my blankets)

  • The Truth Of
    The Truth OfVor 12 Tage

    Daz Black has done reactions on episodes of shows like this. I recommend you check them out.

  • BillyManHansJr
    BillyManHansJrVor 18 Tage

    Toddlers in tiaras is a thing, just keep that in mind

  • *commits arson*
    *commits arson*Vor 19 Tage

    I honestly never watched the show but my friend kept on telling me to watch it but i didn't because i am not a fan of watching little kids dancing and what not

  • char gremlin
    char gremlinVor 20 Tage

    I'm so glad someone is finally talking about this. the outfits they put the literal children in were so revealing on top of the dances and the show just disgusted me beyond belief

  • Brittany
    BrittanyVor 23 Tage

    I was honestly disgusted with the hip hop dance that they had mckenzie do along with the costume for her last competition dance I believe? Wayyyy too sexualized for a girl her age and I remember being shocked that her mother was actually ok with this going on but then again she was probably getting paid big so what did she care

  • Spicy Trash
    Spicy TrashVor 27 Tage

    Wacc, i wrote a paper in my senior year about how children in dance and modeling shows were abused and forced to do things they didn't want to do and how it affected them mentally.

  • Krispy Kreme
    Krispy KremeVor 29 Tage

    I grew up watching the show, and like you said- because I had experienced verbal and emotional abuse in my life I didn't see anything wrong with the girl's treatment. Hell, I even sided with Abby some of the time. Which is sad since some of those girls were older than I was...

  • Colleen1994
    Colleen1994Vor Monat

    Sometimes I forget this show was on lifetime and not TLC cause I feel like this show and Toddlers and Tiara's are so similar

  • ShadaneArts
    ShadaneArtsVor Monat

    "This is like Cuties in real life." Cuties DID happen in real life. Those were real child actors being sexualized in the movie. They were not drawn depictions (those are still bad), both are real minors.

  • somethingwicked
    somethingwickedVor Monat

    If Grant Davies is the guy I think he is I’m pretty sure he choreographed the Paige and Chloe duet “Broadway Blondes” and likely approved of the very inappropriate costumes. I can’t imagine what sick intentions that man had. That dance was one of the worst for me. Also the whole studio he was part of (RG dance in Australia) used to have their dancers wearing very small costumes that barely covered anything. It always gave me the creeps. But what’s worse is I bet there are so many more predators like him in the competitive dance scene. It makes me feel sick even thinking about it.

  • yan zhao
    yan zhaoVor Monat

    I think the tea begins at 3:00 or around there

  • XPurple - GlitchX
    XPurple - GlitchXVor Monat

    It's sad that Jojo Siwa highly praised this show because she wouldn't have gotten so far without it. This show is truly disgusting as well as that mother that encourage that twisted f*ck to harass her own daughter for the sake of fame and fortune!

  • grxysoulja
    grxysouljaVor Monat

    my cousin is on the candy apples team and literally almost like the ENTIRE show is scripted/staged. the moms get paid extra to start fights with the other moms

  • Konami Clouds
    Konami CloudsVor Monat

    Wait until you see toddlers and tiaras.

  • teddy !
    teddy !Vor Monat

    didnt one girl kill herself or was that something else

  • Kat Bland
    Kat BlandVor Monat

    Holy shiiit! Thats crazy!! i use to watch the show and defend it too. When you gave your reason as to why you would defend it, that hit me right in the heart! I feel you girl, i feeel you!

  • Jacqueline Lucia
    Jacqueline LuciaVor Monat

    I never watched dance moms, but from what I've heard in this video, I never intend to watch it, in fact, I may see what I can do to help them.

  • Timmy
    TimmyVor Monat

    I use to watch dance moms but I stopped because watching it just felt so.....wrong.....everything in general felt so wrong

  • the mind palace
    the mind palaceVor Monat


  • Remy Richardson
    Remy RichardsonVor Monat

    "Hey there! It's Rick from Miami Pest Exterminators. We have a new client at 27th North Avenue. Be sure to wear your uniform this time!"

  • Emil Persidski
    Emil PersidskiVor Monat

    My sister was in a dance group and since they didn't know they deserved better they let the egomaniacal teacher say and do things that could have ruined his career.

  • ary
    aryVor Monat

    I used to love this show. But now, all I think of it is that it’s disgusting.

  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda MorganVor Monat

    Ugh im so sad and tired of hearing about shows i once loved growing up being so disgusting behind the scenes and in dan Schneiders case , on the actual shows sometimes. But thank you for making this content and i do WANT TO HEAR AND KNOW ABOUT IT. LOVE WATCHING THESE VIDEOS BUT ITS BITTER SWEET OF COURSE. I feel so bad for child stars because they arw preyed upon so much and manipulate and scare and then dμmb@$$ disgusting parents like this one are to blame as well. U are your childs protector!!

  • Kira Barnes
    Kira BarnesVor Monat

    I only know one thing and it’s that I’d protect Chloe Lukasiak with my life

  • PastelPrince18
    PastelPrince18Vor Monat

    Thank god I wasn’t into the show. My little sister was though a few years ago though. She stop watching it thankfully. This is so disgusting

  • Ashley Vincent
    Ashley VincentVor Monat

    I crochet. Like the kind of crocheter who cannot function without a hook in hand? That's me. So I'm trying to picture my family's faces if I bought a blanket (I can make those) or socks (I can make those too.) And yet a youtuber I like told me I would get into literal fights over a cozy blanket and I love cozy blankets...

  • chicken legs2000
    chicken legs2000Vor Monat

    Jesus the second i hear the "you cant gain 10 pounds or more" contract crap i immediately get bad vibes no matter what place or who says it

  • flip fl0p
    flip fl0pVor Monat

    dance moms has always freaked me out. If my friends were ever watching it I would constantly point out little things the girls said or did that was totally insane to me, but not to anyone else. jojo siwa and a lot of the other girls are hated on so much now but honestly I think some of them just wanna dissappear from the spotlight. jojo is so positive somehow and I usually immideatly hate people who dislike her

  • Monika Beachy
    Monika BeachyVor Monat

    My mom loves dance moms - also dance moms is super racist...poor Nia and her mom ://

  • Kristin
    KristinVor Monat

    The world of dance is an intense arena for anyone. They start off young like this because there is an age bracket. Once you are in your 30s, you will likely be nearing the end of your career, unless you go on to become a dance teacher. So in order to make the most out of a dance career, you have to start young and get good at it fast. So they work these kids to the bone. Is it always done in an abusive and exploitive way? No, not always. But far too often, it is. And many parents are so focused on making sure their kids get ahead, they don’t see the red flags. Or that willingly ignore them thinking “It’ll be worth it in the end.”

  • Rayne Michael
    Rayne MichaelVor Monat

    I usually agree BUT a lot of dance competitions these days are like this. It’s the mind of sick people that needs to be monitored. I don’t see things in a disgusting way cause I’m a decent person.

  • JermuHH
    JermuHHVor Monat

    One issue with the blanket you got from warm people, is how much it looks like designs Julia Lepetit does for Secret Sleepover Society.

  • Mark Harris
    Mark HarrisVor Monat

    I've only ever seen clips, that was enough to traumatise me. Everything I've seen in the clips was vile and seem to enable behaviours that took that vileness a an all new level.

  • Zara Hennessy
    Zara HennessyVor Monat

    We need "ignore the trauma behind the curtain" merch!

  • Lola
    LolaVor Monat

    I used to watch dance moms and I really wanted to go on there and now I’m I was never in because having a stalker is my biggest fear

  • Mandapants x
    Mandapants xVor Monat

    Lmao my fiance and I also fight over our super soft throw blanket that doesn't fit over both of us 😂 & omg that sponsor has super cute shit, I wish I had money

  • Saphire Good
    Saphire GoodVor Monat

    Im NOT defending Abby here, however i would also like to point out that the girls couldnt gain or lose during compition season, not like at all. Still rediculous but i feel its something important Edit: the "fan dance" the girls were basically nude for, was only aired one time and removed from the series. Its probably on the Internet somewhere.

  • AlexStillDraws
    AlexStillDrawsVor Monat

    What the hell has TLC and lifetime turned into. I miss when it was just cake boss and yes to the dress & stuff. But. I guess after mlp ended discovery had to move it to discovery FAMILY. (Actually cake boss was before mlp fim but you get what I mean 😬)

  • Aileen Rodriguez
    Aileen RodriguezVor Monat

    I love Mack Z boss

  • Lymie Del Rey
    Lymie Del ReyVor Monat

    Everyone needs to look into how fucked up Sia's "relationship" with Maddie Zeigler is. That's so sad Maddie was in a gross situation on this show and then Sia became her "mentor" and has crossed so many boundaries. Sia is obsessed with her and said they would have sleepovers and cuddle every week starting when she was like 12 or something. And Sia said she never wants to do anything again if Maddie is not a part of it

  • anywherebuthere91
    anywherebuthere91Vor Monat

    I know Cuties was not executed very well, but the whole POINT of Cuties was that this happens in real life, sexualization of children is "normal" in the dance world. I'm not going to defend the movie, but it's irritating that people talked about how awful it was and completely failed to acknowledge that it was *trying* to point out something very real. Cuties IS real life. The problem with the movie is that it ended up perpetuating that.

  • Mina Jones
    Mina JonesVor Monat

    Family vlog channels should be taken down too. It isn’t anywhere near the league of Dance Moms but the kids in the families are being exploited without their consent as well.

  • Acid Kitten
    Acid KittenVor Monat

    I just ordered my blanket! I’ve actually been looking for one that’s similar to the ones they sell at urban outfitters but without their prices. Thank you😊

    JAYAKANEVor Monat

    When I was younger (I’m not that old btw) my mom used to tell me that I was going on dance moms if I was being bad . I hated being yelled at so i cried lmao

  • Claire Lehman
    Claire LehmanVor Monat

    Dance teams have ALWAYS been a way to sexualize young girls/women...glad everyone is finally catching on.

  • Derpstick
    DerpstickVor Monat

    I remember almost crying when Abby yelled bc that's how my mom abused me. Meanwhile my sister wanted to be on dance moms

  • Gia Allen
    Gia AllenVor Monat

    I was like "meh, sponsors are sponsors, you kno--" and then my VERY THOUGHTS got cut off by actually seeing the design on that throw and the blanket. Um, excuse me? That's insanely up my alley. I need to mess around on that website and use my money irresponsibly again. xD

  • sendhelp
    sendhelpVor Monat

    When I was younger my parents never let me do dance, it made me sad bc I wanted to but I didn't get it. As I got older, they started to explain that they were trying to keep me away from the rabid sexualization of young girls. I'd go to see my friend's recitals and they were so.... Vulgar. For a bunch of 9-12 year olds, it was vulgar. What scares me is that we see dance moms and go "wow look that's terrible!" And we don't stop to think "wow! That's the whole dance industry!"

  • Person
    PersonVor Monat

    Me and my mom watched this show a lot when I was little and after looking back on it a year or 2 ago I realized how toxic it was but I’m even more disgusted after finding out all this stuff

  • Magic Winx Crow
    Magic Winx CrowVor Monat

    Does Sia count as a predator? (This was meant as a joke but now that I think about it, it's kind of accurate.)

  • Say something aldc’s Biggest fan
    Say something aldc’s Biggest fanVor Monat

    i was a fan of dance moms for years, i cant even tell you the amount of disgusting dances there were. once dance forced a girl, who was about 11 at the time, to kiss someone. dances like FanTastic and electricity were some of the worst dances to ever see the light of day.

  • WhatAlsaid!
    WhatAlsaid!Vor Monat

    I watched the savantics video on this, and I learned that one of the girls on abby’s dance team was tricked into saying something shallow by the producers, which got edited into her saying she was a better dancer than everyone else and ultimately was made the “villain” of the show. The hate for her got so bad that she started getting death threats from fans of the show.

  • doesntmatter whatmynameis
    doesntmatter whatmynameisVor Monat

    All I can say is.... FINALLY. Finally this is being talked about. I've been speaking against the show for years. Its exploitative. No other way around it.

  • hinata167
    hinata167Vor Monat

    you know that years from now there's going to be some documentary talking about it. Also wasn't toddlers and tiaras really f***** up.

  • Cyber Ventura
    Cyber VenturaVor Monat

    Smh what? You got a problem with patriot supply?

  • Fanimation
    FanimationVor Monat

    Jojo Siwa has a point, she's an icon, she's a legend, & she is the moment.

  • SkeyeU
    SkeyeUVor Monat

    I couldn’t watch dance moms because the previews for it disturbed me so much. I kinda felt the kids were being sexually abused behind the scenes and I knew they were being sexulized by the dance moves that one woman kept having them do. It bothered me that non of the moms got together and said NO this is inappropriate! I don’t want my daughter dancing that way, she’s a little girl. It got so bad that when the previews came on for the show I changed the channel. I told my husband “The sad thing is we won’t even hear about the crap that actually went on in that show until so much damage has be done to those poor kids. Not one parent there is protecting them.”

  • Starsomely
    StarsomelyVor Monat

    i never liked dance moms because i didnt think yelling and filming kids cry was a good idea

  • Kerri Frazer
    Kerri FrazerVor Monat

    I've always hated dace mom's specifically abby for how abusive she is towards the children but I want to know why isn't anyone holding the parents accountable I would have been outraged

  • Mice Are Nice
    Mice Are NiceVor Monat

    The episode with the drag queen La Queefa. Girl you go you do you but I was 😶 using her name on tv. Laughed my ass off that no one caught that. This is also like turning over the rock of that gymnastic training gym where jail sentences are being handed out

  • emily
    emilyVor Monat

    it's totally ridiculous to tell a growing child they're not allowed to gain weight.

  • Dead Maiden
    Dead MaidenVor Monat

    Looks like me :0

  • Brianna Mottola
    Brianna MottolaVor Monat

    I went through the same abuse from my dance teacher who was my cousin she made me quit because I was just so over the abuse it actually took away from my compassion

  • Isabel Bianca Cordero
    Isabel Bianca CorderoVor Monat

    LOL as a kid my friends loved this show and i was the only one who could not stand it, now this makes me feel like im not insane haha

  • BrokenHedgehog
    BrokenHedgehogVor Monat

    Lifetime's master plan: Endorse this shit to have a steady new supply of victims to base their newest "INSPIRATIONAL (tm)" Movie of the Week. All snark aside, I've never liked the Lifetime network.

  • Abigale Poole
    Abigale PooleVor Monat

    Ive always thought abbylee was mean ASF! I was happy when she went to jail. She deserved it!

  • Taj
    TajVor Monat

    I never watched dance moms, because even as a 12 year old I knew this was pedo bait.

  • Reagan Taylor
    Reagan TaylorVor Monat

    I am so proud of how far your drawings have come over the past few months! Keep up the good work!!

  • Eek Ook
    Eek OokVor Monat

    When will you respond to just stops video

  • Cat Quee
    Cat QueeVor Monat

    Why is the world like this!! Also I'm glad I've never enjoyed Dance Moms.

  • Night Orcid
    Night OrcidVor Monat

    oh that blanket looks so nice *^ *.

  • ahahahahahahaha
    ahahahahahahahaVor Monat

    okay but like, you've become extremely unbearable and called someone shitty when they dm'ed you about someone faking their illness and using their fundraiser money on smth else maybe actually watch the videos people make on you instead of saying "i'm sorry i'll change!!!" then changing for like 1 vid then going back to how you were i'm glad people are unsubscribing

  • Sarulia ASMR
    Sarulia ASMRVor Monat

    I just remembered R Kelly enjoyed this show 🤢🤢🤢

  • Tristan _MBB
    Tristan _MBBVor Monat


  • JenCath
    JenCathVor Monat

    I just don't get how these moms can just sell out their children like that

  • SOPA
    SOPAVor Monat

    I never realized all of this because I'm in the same age range as the girls, so I thought the show was aimed at an audience like me, but just thinking about the actual audience that watched it makes me feel so sick to my stomach

  • Hel Razor
    Hel RazorVor Monat

    It's a very hard show to watch and I feel horrible for anyone who was forced into it

  • discobldbath
    discobldbathVor Monat

    Yo I live near the studio. Wild. Thats so gross but unfourtunetly not suprising either ugh

  • Raizen R 238
    Raizen R 238Vor Monat

    Uh hey CreepshowArt. I was wondering if you did art commissions? I am pretty new here so if the info was somewhere I am sorry for not seeing it. I don't have an instagram. I adore your art though and just needed to know if you did commission work. Thank you!!

  • qwertyuiop
    qwertyuiopVor Monat

    Just wait until you see "Toddlers and Tiaras" it's even worse

  • Ellie Cee
    Ellie CeeVor Monat

    I was obsessed w dance moms when I was 17. I was really into reality show in hs so naturally I got sucked in. It always kinda bothered me - the shit that happened but like you said I defended it cause I liked the show. I'm an adult now and I fully realize how fucked up that environment was and I'm so disgusted I gave it my views. Those girls deserve better and someone needs to he held accountable.

  • stephane spiteri
    stephane spiteriVor Monat

    What program are you using? To draw 😮

  • Samuel LaBrecque
    Samuel LaBrecqueVor Monat

    I am descusted by what that did on dance mom expecaily the new movie called cuties

  • Samuel LaBrecque
    Samuel LaBrecqueVor Monat

    I agree with you I don't like stuff that happen like that becouse some of it is inappropriate and damn well descusting and deserving

  • Mars to the Moon
    Mars to the MoonVor Monat

    I don’t normally comment but MAN this hit really close to home. I wasn’t in competitive dance but I WAS abused by my dance teacher from ages 11-13. Only recently, at the age of 20, have I really started to address it. Most of it is blocked out. She was always nice in front of my mother. But because I was close to her daughter’s age I was a threat, so she constantly yelled and screamed and humiliated me in front of my peers. The similarities to Abby are kinda big. To this day I still get exceptionally anxious whenever I try and repeatedly fail at something, because my body anticipates being screamed at.

  • Derpaderp
    DerpaderpVor Monat

    I absolutely love your content, you show us truths and give us beautiful art to look at

  • keira yes
    keira yesVor Monat

    the show was disgusting, i’m not saying that some of the problematic things the girls did later on in life are justifiable. but a lot of these experiences contributed to their way of thinking and their relationships with others. i still feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for being so invested in televised child abuse, racism and sexual exploitation.

  • Wildthorn 23
    Wildthorn 23Vor Monat

    My mom used to watch this when I was younger and I never understood why it made me so uncomfortable but I guess now I know.

  • { Rosebelly}
    { Rosebelly}Vor Monat

    Oh god toddlers and tiaras....

  • Franklin K
    Franklin KVor Monat


  • Itsurboyroy Hugs
    Itsurboyroy HugsVor Monat

    My Grandma watched this and I don't know why, it's just a show that it's basically the definition of Karen 2: Electric Boogaloo. But she doesn't watch it anymore.

  • Sherrie x sal
    Sherrie x salVor Monat

    That's disturbingly creepy to receive the Elizabeth Smart photo with future goals hashtagged

  • Shea H
    Shea HVor Monat

    I swear the more I watch your videos the more I just fucking love you dude. I just learn little bits of information as I watch and it just makes things so much more relatable. Like all the things that made me feel weird and alone I'm realizing I wasn't alone in them. Like learning I'm not the only competitive dancer who absolutely was an emo kid, struggled with depression and self harm, and loved anime. I never met another dancer with the same interests as me. In fact my dance studio kinda banded together to bully me to the point I lost my love of dance entirely and it was just cause I was so different. Like it makes me feel alot better knowing that there are other people out there who were so similar to me.

  • killer chief
    killer chiefVor Monat

    I new there was always something wrong with that show but I could never wrap my head around it but now I know why