jaehyun is secretly a dad and here's why.

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    No but all jokes aside Rest in Pieces Jason😌 you'll be remembered for hurting a man who have 3 kids to take care of especially his favourite child the daughter 😌💅

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    Jaehyun is a dilf.

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    But why does he look like a teenage dad in the thumbnail thou (T_T)

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    Perhaps not a dad but a dadd-

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    Aqui está o motivo de eu morrer solteira: nunca vou te Jaehyun de marido

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    should I stan nct? I haven't been sleeping bcs of them though.

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    he’s so fucking aggressive for no good reason and i’m here for it

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    The Jason part LMAOOOOO IM DEAD (like jason)

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    2:10 haechan was SCARED scared

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    2:11 when I try to tickle my older sister .

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    haechan's "omo' CRACKED ME UPDNSBFJS

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    1:39 what's the name of this show?

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    Jaehyun radiating daddy vibes 🥂

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    Meanwhile taeyong: i didn't sign up for this *frustrated in pregnant*

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    the thumbnail sums it all.

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    neomu agressive

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    4:21 That "yes john" gave me life 😢

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    He's so perfect and cute. He has beautiful laughs

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    Teen dad with his teen son😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    7:24 definitely not Mark, his daughter is Haechan's "sister". 😂😂

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    Borago bap🤣

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    1:13 i thought that was a fucking cockroach xD

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    His voice just goes so well with his dad like behavior.

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    "not knowing how a macbook works" is literally me XD

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    The way he manhandles his members is exactly how my dad manhandles me from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed 💀🤣

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    idk why but he kinda looks like old man when He laughs (Dont take it seriously ,its a joke) 😂😂

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    He chose violence that day? how does placing down food? You used it in the wrong context? please don't use aave if you yourself don't fluently speak it or understand it.

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    yo, i'm crying at the placing the food down!! he could not have put it down that hard!! there is just no way hahahaha

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    watching him cut the album made my heart broke

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    6:45 why the sound of sirene so funny here 😅

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    Sim gente,dos meus filhos

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    I'm convinced. Thank you.

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    I cant even afford any nct albums and heres jaehyun cutting it like babeeee StOoooooOoppPp

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    Jaehyun ketawa bapak” bersahaja🥵

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    The sneeze got me

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    Imagine a 12 year old girl who sneezes, laugh and stands like Jaehyun Ok got that image in ur head.... That’s me:)

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    ok but he is more aggressive than me and I have plenty mental illnesses and ENORMOUS anger issues...so yea...HE IS A DAD

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    i just got my macbook (this is my first time owning it) and have no idea how to use the emojis here. but then 3:05 i G A S P E D

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    Yes he is

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    actually he is my dad

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    I!! WANT!! TO!! STAN!! NCT!!

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    At 2:31 who's the member that goes behing Jaehyun to make sure he's doing the squats properly so he wouldn't hurt himself?

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    en fin, jaehyun esta BASTANTE adulto

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    be quite, don't cry - jaehyun

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    He's Ollie kendall's nephew so obvs he radiates the british dad energy 🤠

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    My dad is the exact same as him-

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    Lmaoo nooo rip jason

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    3:27 just your typical traumatized grandad

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    -밥 -BOMB? -POP? -RICE?

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    Can Jaehyun please adopt me?

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    I think out of all the members he'll probably end up having kids first Also that is the most aggressively I've ever seen someone eat KFC

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    Sis ofc he is a dad, the dad of whole nct. And the momma us taeyong, duh👁👄👁

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    Yo he definitely is.

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    Well he did said if he wasn't in nct he would be a teen dad 😂

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    ;-; he murdered me for a jacket

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    his sneezes and laughs is creepily just like my dads

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    Jaehyun is kind of Attitude too😂😂😂lmao

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    our frat boi jaehyun

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    dId He JUSt cUt ThE AlBuMs!????

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    No one: Absolutly no one: Me watching videos about NCT members without knowing anything about them but still laughing: 👁👄👁

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    I mean... he raised a good sum of members like the roof

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    My fav thing about Jaehyun is his big stomach loud laugh 😂😂

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    i sneeze like jaehyun but louder. the rooms starts shaking sometimes

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    Heachan: dad i wanna do crazy things Johnny dad: let's go buddy we do together Heachan: dad may i do like that? Jaehyun dad: not baby, come sit on my lap and just watch it

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    PLEASE-😭 R.I.P Jason

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    why is the dad sneeze so accurate tho---

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    Jaehyun literally throwing Johnny in the floor will never not be hilarious to me.

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    There's no sound that i love more than his laugh

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    yes. im the wife

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    Yup, Confirmed, Jaehyun is definetly a dad and you know Taeyong is his wife when he did not laugh at the joke which Jae made the 100th time at 4:19, literally everyone else laughed.

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    Rip Jason hahaha got me killed

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    i'm getting into fandom y'all....

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    everytime i saw and hear jaehyun laughing, i still can't forget how jungwoo copy jaehyun's dad laugh lmao

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    1:46 can someone tell me what song is this cuase i think there is a funny misheard lyrics in this song

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    Jaehyun is one of the few kpop idols I would never want to or choose to be alone in a room with- partially because of THAT picture- you know what I'm talking abt, and also because he reminds me of a middle school boy and I cannot but I love him afdjklgfsakl

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    i fr thought there was a bug walking on my screen at 1:14 and my phone fell outta my hands- turns out it was something else sliding across the table 😭😭💀💀

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    now im convinced he is a dad lmao

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    a moment of silence for Jason.... anyways let's talk about how good he looks in that jacket

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    Let’s all act surprised when SM releases that he has a kid

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    Dad -dy *coughs*

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    What is bop ? 😂😂😂

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    His laugh physically hurt me 😭 he really has that dad vibes 🥺❤️

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    With that loud af sneeze im 100% sure he's a dad

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    1:42 I'm shock

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    He's one of the maknae line right? 😭 why does he have so much dadi energy 🥺🥺

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    But I love this dad 💞 I love his booming laugh, made me laugh too I don't care if it's not funny 😂 The way he looked lost when he didn't know what bop means. 😂

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    1:59 Jaehyun god damn-

  • StraightGreat
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    1:02 He was so forceful for what😭

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    rip jason 💀 you'll be missed

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    Hard Stans: "'secretly' a dad?"😉

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    haechan: its a bop jaehyun, apparently not a gen z: tf is a bop. what are you talking about

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    even if im rich, i wouldn't dare cut those precious books omg

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    4:46 OH SHIETTT =))))))))))

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    A deep voice with a very bright face...... whoooo. Give me some rest Jaehyun