Whats up yall this is a video from my TikTok explaining how I became NLE Choppas barber! Feel free to follow me on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter @vicblends for more micro content like this!
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  • Ki Ki
    Ki KiVor 2 Stunden

    Y’all is so weird... I hope yk that💀

  • thank you JESUS
    thank you JESUSVor 2 Stunden

    I had a dream about NLE Choppa was slowly dying idk exactly why, but if you feel lead to pray for him please do so in Jesus name, and for those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ the true savior, find the truth while you still have it before it’s too late, heaven and hell is real, we are all sinners and cannot save ourselves

  • J O H N L E E
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    That wink...😉

  • Preston Lonzo
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    Awwww good for you

  • She_Loves_OG
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    My brother made the original cut in shota flow

  • Elijah Tolbert
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    Yo so genuine and I love it bro

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  • Sinan Mitkov
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    And this is how i met your dad

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    he's the real nle Choppa

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    Bro ur lucky

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    Cool 👌👌

  • Tierra Smith
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    Bro I am NLE Choppa his biggest fan and your the barber that’s crazy

  • breezy
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    what style hat is that. is that a fitted cap?

  • xLaagosM-
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    And now u ain’t getting no money because he is in jail

  • Youngboy_ y38t
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    Na bruh hook him up with a fade 🤣

  • Me when the
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    Why do celebs get such dumb haircuts

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  • Lil YouTubee
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    I need a chop too 💯 BAD

  • anonymous
    anonymousVor 2 Tage

    who does takashi 69 hair? or is that barber locked up too

  • Treyton Norris
    Treyton NorrisVor 2 Tage

    Rap is trash and is ruining the earth just like litter.

  • Arryet Love
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    Lit 🔥

  • Tha Canadian Fella
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    Woalda thought he was askin for a gun lmaoo

  • Shelby Russell
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    Noone cares your soo needy

  • Crispyyy
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    Barber? No, best friend.

  • Versatile Duckling
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    Am I the only one saying "who the fuck is NLE chopper" I mean this dude is a no body in my world and I'm pretty out there in all types of shit so he ain't hit my radar.

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    Go you bro bro

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    Rape is TrAsH

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    You in love bro

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    Why’d he wink at the cam😧📸

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  • Kush
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    Thus hundreds of thirsty chicks start hitting this guy's DMs up like an xanax night party.

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    You One lucky Barber

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    Such a romantic love story 😫

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    Nobody even knows who that loser NOBODY rapper is

  • Chxrles •
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    Growing up with NLE Choppa

  • Xxx BOOMMINN Xxx
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    Choppa need a chop

  • Rory Delgrosso
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    Love this

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    What a journey

  • Shadow Learn kids are the best
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    Bruh frog bite plz frog bite me plz what am I seeing

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    A mans best friend is his barber

  • Jullyy
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    Bro be looking like Eminem

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    real nigga activity

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    Nice bro cool dude solid asf💪🏼💪🏿

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    Man can’t pick a team

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    And no one give a fucc

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    Nle choppa is the wish version of nba young boy

  • YHB
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    "This is me proposing to him"

  • No1 2U
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    GAY. Once you with Baby. You never stop Flamin.

  • Noro Aogiri
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    Dude is taking this way to serious lol

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    I need those gold clippers 😩💯

  • Zarie Smiths uhuul was
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  • Scxzx 51k
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    Are you still his barber?

  • Richard Brummett
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    Don’t know anyone in this video

  • jennifer marshall
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    Honestly I don’t even know who Choppa is. I guess I’m pretty I don’t know don’t care. And I certainly don’t care about his hair cuts!

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  • 99mralesana
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    Good fucking job bro, that is a hella good feeling I bet

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    Omfg this is so much better than TikTok

  • Mr. Cuttystabby
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    In case choppa ever forgot his name, he's gets it literally cut into his hair on the back of his head

  • Dick_Kickem69
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    I don't give one

  • Deanna Wheelersanders
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    You did I want to meet NLE chapel

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    Yall datin or sum?

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    Why he wink at the camera😭😭

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    I know I’ve gotten old because WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE...?

  • Sold_mom_for_internet_connection
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    That second haircut gave me chills, it looked like fungus

  • Alvin’s Guide
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    Keep doing your thing bro keep moving forward

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    This is so sad

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    Just kiss already

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    Why does he have a different hat with a different team for every picture

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    Hi dy dhfhg

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    Bra you just his barber 😂😂😂he don’t fwy like dat slime .

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    NLE Haircuta

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    "I need a chop" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Who the fuck are you and who the fuck is that no name "artist". Lol tryna flex like anyone gives a shit nerd

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    So you just like every MLB team I guess

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    this is beautiful

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    Yo I need a chop where can I find your barbershop

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    Trust him no cap

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    So man just likes every baseball team?

  • Joanna
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    When lil whitey talks like hes a gangster, I can’t 😂

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    You wore a pirates hat to LA?

  • Ronnie Ferguson
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    I have ZERO clue who this artist is but I really love how kind he was to this young (narrator).

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    who TF is that

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    This is absolutely amazing.

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    Dam nigga this kinda romantic lowkey 🥴

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    He Choppas Choppa 😏

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    Hi Iove

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    Take your tik tok trash and fuck off.

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    Tf u got sad music for?

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    He lucky blacks ain't racist. That literally odd.

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    Why this dude post so much about him like ok cool y’all friends we understood you the first 1 million vids you made

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    Did you know he is arrested

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    How da frock did I get here