RLCraft vs A Desperate Man


Watch me play RLCraft in VR: delevel.info/stream/iZCpppuWpZaWmKk/video.html
The follow up to "RLCraft Gives Me Nightmares - Ep 1". The RLCraft Modpack for Minecraft by Shivaxi looked interesting, so I wanted to give it a shot. RLCraft is hardcore, unforgiving and brutal, but it's a lot of fun.
More Info about RLCraft can be found from Shivaxi : delevel.info
Download RLCraft here:
Video Includes:
RLCraft Gameplay
RLCraft Guide
RLCraft Episode 1
RLCraft Lets Play
Minecraft PC Gameplay
Minecraft in 2020
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RLCraft is Really Brutal - Day 1
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    I find it amazing the amount of people calling you dumb or bad at the game, while telling you to make a grindstone in 1.12. 2 versions before they were added to the game >_

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