Insulated Doghouse for 2 / Roof Opens for Easy Cleaning / Built in One Day!

Praktische Tipps & Styling

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  • Scott Anderson
    Scott AndersonVor 18 Tage

    Why would you leave the dogs outside during a cold rainy day? Don't you consider them family? If so they should be inside dogs.

  • April Wilkerson

    April Wilkerson

    Vor 17 Tage

    If I'm home, my dogs are where I am. But if I'm gone they have a comfortable place on the covered porch, to get out of the wind, rain or cold.

  • David Dube
    David DubeVor 19 Tage

    Lucky pups!!

  • David Dube
    David DubeVor 19 Tage

    Very nice April!!!!

  • Patrick
    PatrickVor 24 Tage

    I know I've said this like 20 times before, but I love how you say saw, and it makes me homesick for Texas.

  • keion williams
    keion williamsVor 27 Tage


  • John Colgan
    John ColganVor Monat

    If you keep adding enhancements, you'll nearly have to comply with building code!

  • Steven St.Laurent
    Steven St.LaurentVor Monat

    Love your shed for building stuff.

  • Mariana GC
    Mariana GCVor Monat

    I love it 😍😍

  • Custom Wood Design
    Custom Wood DesignVor Monat

    Looks like you got the shopbot running well too :)

  • Stanley Keith
    Stanley KeithVor Monat

    Great Job as Always April !

  • Ranafly
    RanaflyVor Monat


  • geruner
    gerunerVor Monat

    Of course you make it look so easy. Its a condo for puples.

  • Cliff Foltz
    Cliff FoltzVor Monat

    Another awesome project from April, very nice job !

  • BadBoySwag420
    BadBoySwag420Vor Monat

    April is too precious!!

  • Steven Royer
    Steven RoyerVor Monat

    I love your designs but I would like to see a simple builds using circular saw drill and speed square I'm limited on space and could never have a pocket jig or a table saw

  • dk Sara
    dk SaraVor Monat

    Amazing 😍

    LALA KUNDUVor Monat


  • Carmelo Crisafulli
    Carmelo CrisafulliVor Monat

    Complimenti April

  • Mandeep Gill
    Mandeep GillVor Monat

    U did great job

  • Mandeep Gill
    Mandeep GillVor Monat

    I wanna know Wht size is tht dog house like tall wide & deep

  • Dave's NOT Here!
    Dave's NOT Here!Vor Monat

    You know what lady you need to build yourself a crib. Maybe have some children! Your eggs are drying up and turning to sawdust. Take a few years off we are getting sick of seeing you!

  • Steven Moore
    Steven MooreVor Monat

    Love the design! Which heated pads did you use? My dogs would LOVE those! Thanks.


    Great job April. Nice solution for allowing all dogs inside. Fred 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻

  • Shane Oakley
    Shane OakleyVor Monat

    Umm, wow. I just watched your interview over on Call Me Mabie’s channel. It’s downright overwhelming what you have accomplished. Now a tv show!? I have been watching your videos since the early days in the little garage with the osb on the walls. I am one of those strangers that is so proud of you. I have a 15 year old daughter now and she is a tough young lady. I know your parents are so proud. I’ve told Anne of All Trades the same thing but I have spent my whole life in the trades. Residential and commercial construction and I find inspiration from y’all. I learn new things from y’all. Thank you for all of your hard work to learn how to make and then to present it to all of us on DElevel! It’s a gift. Anyway, I’m rambling. Amazing journey. I look forward to the rest! 😎🇺🇸

  • Robert Ardalan
    Robert ArdalanVor Monat

    Such brilliance & dedication to the well-being of your canine companions. So well done!

  • Thomas Renfrow
    Thomas RenfrowVor Monat

    Where's the "INSULATION"? Didn't see any.

  • mat tomon
    mat tomonVor Monat

    that doghouse looks great

  • Richard Caldwell
    Richard CaldwellVor Monat

    Can you make a larger dog house plans like this?

  • James Dombroski
    James DombroskiVor Monat

    Oh my goodness I turned on the TV and there you are with Tim Allen, love it

  • Jim Townsend
    Jim TownsendVor Monat

    Awesome! My spoiled princess only hangs out outside when it's warm and sunny, but I can still appreciate a nice build. Loving the name, too. Very clever! And as always, love the wave you stole from your Mom. (or was it the other way around???)

  • Greg Cameron
    Greg CameronVor Monat

    you didnt drywall and paint the inside? LOL.. Great job, as always!

  • Kenneth Ewald
    Kenneth EwaldVor Monat

    I don’t have any pets, but need to rebuild our well pump house. The roof design will work great for that.

  • dedoleg
    dedolegVor Monat

    how many dogs do you have a ? beautiful house !

  • 1977music43
    1977music43Vor Monat

    You are a fantastic female role model with a smile and a can do attitude. Just mind you don't do anything to your back over stretching with the brad nailer.

  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt AndersonVor Monat

    description says it's insulated but we do not see any in the vid. what kind? how installed? any chewing concerns? etc

  • Carol McCorry
    Carol McCorryVor Monat

    Great job looks designer kennel

  • Alistair Furnell
    Alistair FurnellVor Monat

    I wish I was one of your puppy dogs,New Zealand

  • Double Dare Fan
    Double Dare FanVor Monat

    What is the top of a doghouse called? The woof.

  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La TourVor Monat

    Such a cool pupper house! I love it, and your pupper dogs are SO CUTE!

  • Reaver Six
    Reaver SixVor Monat

    Build in one day if you buy the plans.....

  • Talladega Dude

    Talladega Dude

    Vor Monat

    Or you can design your own plans. Her saying it could be built in one day was what it took her. Someone who isn't as comfortable with tools of course would take longer, and there's nothing wrong with that. She was just giving an estimate of time.

  • Exotic Tones
    Exotic TonesVor Monat

    Good stuff.really cool house.

  • Ellen Sullivan
    Ellen SullivanVor Monat

    But they didn't sleep there during the Great Freeze, right? I'm betting you needed them as warm bodies in the house.

  • April Wilkerson

    April Wilkerson

    Vor Monat

    If I'm home, they are with me but if I'm gone, the dog house is on my covered porch and gives them a place to get out of any rain, wind or cold.

  • arcyoon
    arcyoonVor Monat

    Oh! Brilliant idea!

  • Ferdi Dede
    Ferdi DedeVor Monat


  • Alex C.
    Alex C.Vor Monat

    Looks more stable and rigid than an actual house 😅

  • Kenneth Nielsen
    Kenneth NielsenVor Monat


  • Ellie Gibson
    Ellie GibsonVor Monat


  • danilo ramosino
    danilo ramosinoVor Monat

    Bravissima 💯

  • Someone
    SomeoneVor Monat

    I don't mean this in a negative way, but there's some misunderstandings with how wood glue works going on here. PVA wood glue is not going to bond well at all to painted/primed boards. Nor will it do much of anything with an end grain to face grain joint (especially with rough milled 2x stock). It's nothing fatal to the quality of this project, but it's worth pointing out so it can be learned from. There's better adhesives out there for general construction like this.

  • Habib Hks
    Habib HksVor Monat

    Nice work

  • Billy Ward
    Billy WardVor Monat

    Must have missed the insulation part

  • Todd Z
    Todd ZVor Monat

    "It is amazing how quickly the whole build goes..." Well sure, if you have that big a shop, multiple work tables that roll around, and all those tools, it can go quickly. For those of us with smaller budgets, a limited set of tools, and even smaller work spaces with one table, it's probably going to take a bit longer 😁 Just kidding. Really nice job, and I may build one for my girlfriend's dogs. The side porch on the dog house was a great touch!

  • Miguel Zepeda
    Miguel ZepedaVor Monat

    the porch is the best part :)

  • Erkan abi
    Erkan abiVor Monat


  • W B
    W BVor Monat

    Bedliner over paint on the base will give extra protection, and some better traction.

  • Luke Roblox
    Luke RobloxVor Monat

    great job April! this was an awesome project you made!

  • mumzcuddles
    mumzcuddlesVor Monat

    Love those work jeans. Shame we can't get them here in the UK :(

  • Leonardo Hard
    Leonardo HardVor Monat

    0:20 top is misaligned

  • Eugen Bran
    Eugen BranVor Monat


  • ben 14
    ben 14Vor Monat

    Beautiful house of dogs👍

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason BrooksVor Monat

    I'm feeling so inadequate. You make it look so easy! BUT--that's inspirational. We have a new pooch that may need something like this. NOT AS FANCY :) But, got some great ideas out of this. Thank you!

  • Serge Ocrimegue
    Serge OcrimegueVor Monat

    Looking it makes me confident to build a buffalo house.

  • Talladega Dude
    Talladega DudeVor Monat

    That is an awesome dog house! Looks fabulous and a great idea breaking it into two housing units. Great job!

  • Timothy Creasy
    Timothy CreasyVor Monat

    I sure like that name "RUFF HOUSE", that is to funny. I love the look and colors too

  • jfalbo
    jfalboVor Monat

    Limited tool challenge? Would you be up for that? I don't have anywhere near your workshop or your know-how but if you're up for the challenge so am I.

  • Jesper Hviid
    Jesper HviidVor Monat

    You only have to hang a couple of van Gogh paintings on the walls and install the air condition ;-)

  • Lyn Jermey
    Lyn JermeyVor Monat

    I love this, I think I could adapt it for my cats, the trim really does make a difference to the aesthetics doesn't it. In your opinion, do you think there's a difference between the Armor pocket hole jig and the Kreg jig?

  • Светлана Ерёмина!
    Светлана Ерёмина!Vor Monat

    Beautiful 😻

  • Yekaterina Panferova
    Yekaterina PanferovaVor Monat

    Well done. Good idea. I like your work and your family and animal

  • EliteGeeks
    EliteGeeksVor Monat

    " Pile of 2x4s " so like $4000 worth? lol

  • Španac
    ŠpanacVor Monat


  • Robert Penoyer
    Robert PenoyerVor Monat

    Why not use 2x3s instead of 2x4s for a project like this that doesn't require much structural support?


    Super nice 👍

  • deliciousdogful
    deliciousdogfulVor Monat

    Where's insulation?

  • fumthings
    fumthingsVor Monat

    Texan doesn't know that heating pads exist... story checks out!

  • RS
    RSVor Monat

    What ......., no TV , no Satellite, no Airco, ....... animal cruelty ;-)

  • Julio Narvaiz
    Julio NarvaizVor Monat

    Love your projects

  • Mark Stock
    Mark StockVor Monat

    I heard you mention one dog is territorial, do the other two share one side?

  • Rigo
    RigoVor Monat

    Where's Tim Allen?

  • Dennis Hinkle
    Dennis HinkleVor Monat

    Saw you on tv great job a future star in the making.

  • Daniel Sneed
    Daniel SneedVor Monat

    Might have to try Ariat for my next pair of boots, have only worn Rockies for 9 years

  • Aaron Powell
    Aaron PowellVor Monat

    You are killing the game! I always love your work. Congrats also on your new success! Well deserved.

  • Branden Wilson
    Branden WilsonVor Monat

    Interesting way to get this piece onto there. Definitely made me chuckle.

  • Lester Leysath
    Lester LeysathVor Monat

    Awesome! Wish you had shown the insulation and blankets tho. Best dog house ever

  • George The Tar Heel Gardener
    George The Tar Heel GardenerVor Monat

    It would be a good place for you to live

  • M M
    M MVor Monat

    Very cute, over engineerined but very cute.. just feel bad for the dog that is grounded on the outside, without walls.

  • Eric Chevalier
    Eric ChevalierVor Monat

    April , you worked with my neighbor Mike on the a new maker show with Tim Allen. I can’t believe how far you’ve come. Been watching your videos for a while now. Always enjoy them. Congrats on your success you deserve it.

  • Chris Moerkerken
    Chris MoerkerkenVor Monat

    April, just bringing to your attention the distracting background wind noise in the voice over clips. The lower frequency rumbles could potentially be removed post-production via audio EQ gates to reduce the effect. I certainly understand the appeal recording these voiceovers outside, so perhaps additional mechanical blocking mechanisms may be needed (mic wind socks?) Continue the great work.

  • Dave Curda
    Dave CurdaVor Monat

    Great Ruff house

  • frederic rike
    frederic rikeVor Monat

    Glad to see you in your own "little shop". The pup house is a grand piece of work too- I can see they agreed! With your recent experience, do you have any ideas or plans for a DIY generator system for the next power fandango? Our governor has pilloried and fined ERCOT, which has no power to require, demand or modify any status for any private utility in Texas- but it was declared ERCOT's fault- we will have another one. And the dance will go on.

  • krisbrixon
    krisbrixonVor Monat

    I don't have a dog, but still watched the whole video. I need more patience and detail in my woodworking.

  • Robert Moreno
    Robert MorenoVor Monat

    Nice dog house!!! Great video!!! Congratulations on your new show on history channel!!

  • Arts and crafts TV
    Arts and crafts TVVor Monat

    Looking so beautifully

  • E.P works
    E.P worksVor Monat

    What kind of phone do you have

  • Jacob Knapp
    Jacob KnappVor Monat

    Seems like nowadays dog houses are just as expensive to make then homes.

  • CAS santos
    CAS santosVor Monat


  • G Panizzolo
    G PanizzoloVor Monat

    Muy lindo trabajo! Felicitaciones! Germán, Montevideo, Uruguay

  • thomas newton
    thomas newtonVor Monat

    Get a 4x8 sheet of foam to cut sheet goods on.

  • Robert Penoyer
    Robert PenoyerVor Monat

    What about that sign? If you made it, please tell us how. If you bought it, please tell us where.

  • Wendy Laca
    Wendy LacaVor Monat

    Love your new TV show.I been a fan from your 1st. DElevel video.