If every planet was as close to us as the moon is.... 😳

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  • Flexion Nueva
    Flexion NuevaVor 8 Minuten

    Bro if every planet was as close as the moon we would be dead

  • Alca Tel
    Alca TelVor 10 Minuten

    Never go outside? I'd never go inside cuz I'd be too busy looking up

  • PH.HUNT_REBEL cod fan
    PH.HUNT_REBEL cod fanVor 10 Minuten

    But you will see these for seconds and then boom earth and the planet crashed together

    GACROVor 11 Minuten

    there wouldnt be any outside for you to go out to if this was the case

  • Binge watching intesifies
    Binge watching intesifiesVor 13 Minuten

    If you saw Jupiter in the sky like this expect your entire body to be filled with cancer cells in less than 24hours. Also exoect a tornado that covers the entire planet and waves as big as The Birj Khalifa worldwide.

  • Suzi
    SuziVor 15 Minuten

    „I would never go outside” *You guys are going outside?*

  • Dark Emmy0712
    Dark Emmy0712Vor 16 Minuten

    Who cares about the planets I'm just vibing to this music

  • lol spar
    lol sparVor 17 Minuten

    If I saw that I would think it’s the end of the world oh my god

  • sans
    sansVor 17 Minuten

    The other planets are ok but jupiter and saturn they are cool but terrifying

  • Void Gunners_Paul
    Void Gunners_PaulVor 17 Minuten

    Anyone know what the song is in the background?

  • lol spar

    lol spar

    Vor 13 Minuten

    m.delevel.info/stream/fafReXCohmR2iX8/video.html idk if this actually it I saw someone say it in the comments so I looked it up and it came up with this

  • Fem Decline
    Fem DeclineVor 20 Minuten

    (him when he sees *b i g b l u e m a r b l e s* in the sky) What is the point of life?

  • CptSparklFingerz
    CptSparklFingerzVor 20 Minuten

    Never go outside? I'd never go back inside bro. Space is so beautiful

  • Jacob Barner
    Jacob BarnerVor 21 Minute

    Right now it is 666k likes

  • Emo_Bear
    Emo_BearVor 21 Minute


  • Rina Naag
    Rina NaagVor 22 Minuten

    I never seen Uranus so close before

  • Aloof Beans
    Aloof BeansVor 23 Minuten

    Uranus is bigger than expected. 😮‍💨

  • Me do not know whet to do
    Me do not know whet to doVor 23 Minuten

    Why is the like button 666?

  • Noobygamer87
    Noobygamer87Vor 25 Minuten

    The number of likes do be looking sus 🤔

  • AxoCookie
    AxoCookieVor 27 Minuten

    Pluto Be Like Here Saturn 0 Here Pluto .

  • Michael Kunz
    Michael KunzVor 27 Minuten

    Get a life

  • purplelemonade
    purplelemonadeVor 28 Minuten

    "What's that Uranus? Its pretty big though" 😳

  • Sicker TJ
    Sicker TJVor 29 Minuten

    F R A N C I S ???

  • Senpai Doge
    Senpai DogeVor 29 Minuten

    Say Uranus! *Doesn't Say It* You Liberal Isis Supporter!

  • Raheel
    RaheelVor 36 Minuten

    Imagine going in a rocket or flying a plane🥵

    II D3ADB1RD IIVor 38 Minuten

    I mean if you lived in a world where they were that close you wouldn't be afraid to go outside. You'd have grown up in a world where it was normal soooooo.

  • Mathieu Patterson official
    Mathieu Patterson officialVor 39 Minuten

    Now I kinda wanna see if the sun was as close...

  • CaesaraiD
    CaesaraiDVor 39 Minuten

    Every place will be flooded and one spot of 30% land with no tree

    SUPER REVIEW BROS!!Vor 39 Minuten

    Jupiter would be cool cos it will look more like the future

  • Braylen Uzumaki2
    Braylen Uzumaki2Vor 39 Minuten


  • yugi boy
    yugi boyVor 40 Minuten

    Mans got the wrong attitude while slappin jojo tracks

  • tilet
    tiletVor 42 Minuten


  • Chiara Leigh
    Chiara LeighVor 43 Minuten

    If Jupiter was our moon we'd be in a DreamWorks movie

  • Brian Bairos
    Brian BairosVor 44 Minuten

    It'd be surreal if you look up one day & see one of the planets as close as the moon...it wouldn't be surreal if that's just the way it was.

  • C Marin
    C MarinVor 44 Minuten

    Hey Uranus is outside! -13 year old me

  • Be_Weiss
    Be_WeissVor 45 Minuten

    If saturn was a view like that id never go inside. Its beautiful

  • Ben Loehr
    Ben LoehrVor 46 Minuten

    Weird but ok

    LIGHTNING691Vor 46 Minuten

    Bloody stream belike

    WITE FOXVor 46 Minuten

    It’s YER UH NUS 🤦‍♂️

  • Ino Ra
    Ino RaVor 47 Minuten

    The jojo music makes it bette

  • deelow127
    deelow127Vor 47 Minuten

    Do the sun

  • RobpluxYT
    RobpluxYTVor 48 Minuten

    If our moon is saturn the earth will rain some asteroids

  • Racoonman 217
    Racoonman 217Vor 49 Minuten

    Earth would become another moon for Neptune and the other big planets. As for mars and the smaller planets, we would probably just collide and die :) Gotta love gravity

  • Feod
    FeodVor 50 Minuten

    Where's mercury

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael JosephVor 50 Minuten

    If they were that close gravity would destroy life on earth ..whether you go outside or not.

  • Asher Phoenix
    Asher PhoenixVor 50 Minuten

    *gets bigger* “What is that ur an-“

  • K. Omar
    K. OmarVor 52 Minuten

    Name of the song

  • The Last Bro
    The Last BroVor 52 Minuten

    Uranus is huge😀

  • dukkline
    dukklineVor 53 Minuten

    jupiter looks like the subnautica moon/planet in the sky

  • Gonzalo Ygel
    Gonzalo YgelVor 53 Minuten

    How big is uranus?

  • Michael Elizabeth
    Michael ElizabethVor 54 Minuten

    Him:what is that Uranus Me:oh wow you flatter me 🤪

  • Antemorpheus
    AntemorpheusVor 54 Minuten

    That is in fact what my anus looks like, yes

  • l0vely
    l0velyVor 55 Minuten

    Everyone else: *focuses on the planets* Me: *vibing to Bloody stream playing in the background*

  • Brandi Redman
    Brandi RedmanVor 56 Minuten

    i would love to go outside and see saturn, jupiter, or neptune

  • Cameron Myers
    Cameron MyersVor 57 Minuten

    What about mercury

  • Inxane Deku
    Inxane DekuVor 58 Minuten

    *Mercury has been melted due to ignorance temperature*

  • _Genix _
    _Genix _Vor 58 Minuten

    That’s cool wdym

  • Wyatt Kinsman
    Wyatt KinsmanVor 59 Minuten

    What the hairline doin?

  • Brayden Bartol
    Brayden BartolVor 59 Minuten

    Nice JOJO reference (I am a jojo fan)

    MILKEVor 59 Minuten

    I want to see Pluto

  • Yahir Gutierrez
    Yahir GutierrezVor 59 Minuten

    He acts like never going outside is going to do something💀

  • NoDeathforDinner
    NoDeathforDinnerVor Stunde

    I dont get why so many of you are so freaked out and saying you would never go outside. Why? Its beautiful. Its not like it would be hurting you and eventually it would be just as normal to you as the moon is now. Yall are weird af.

  • Kyle Gallamore
    Kyle GallamoreVor Stunde

    Thank you, what an educational video!

  • Amari-chan
    Amari-chanVor Stunde

    It would be like my fantasy of seeing the Skyrim night sky come to life 😭😭

  • MenacingPylon
    MenacingPylonVor Stunde

    why is bloody stream playing

  • Bobby Boberson
    Bobby BobersonVor Stunde

    Imagine seeing them at night

  • Jason Poletta
    Jason PolettaVor Stunde

    I feel that if Jupiter was as close to us as the moon it would look way way bigger

  • IMPULSEplayz
    IMPULSEplayzVor Stunde

    If Jupiter was that close than we would be it's moon

  • Judith Donnelly
    Judith DonnellyVor Stunde

    Here's some truth for you to check out... Look at our moon as its rising. Notice the moon phase. Now look again at the moon. Same night now. Look and notice the phase it's in.. If you know nothing about moon phases look it up!! We shouldn't be having two different moon phases in the same night!! It's been doing this for over 10 years now.. Don't believe me and go look for yourself!!!

  • Andrew Weiss
    Andrew WeissVor Stunde

    That's not accurate. Jupiter's quite a bit bigger than Saturn.

  • lolwat
    lolwatVor Stunde

    Yea whatever dude, anyone know what song playing in the background?

  • Aidan Griffith
    Aidan GriffithVor Stunde

    This dude looks like Francis from Malcolm in the middle

  • Dawid Kay
    Dawid KayVor Stunde

    Jesus loves you

  • TrainsForever 2021
    TrainsForever 2021Vor Stunde

    He doesn’t even look enthused at all

  • Rian O’Curran
    Rian O’CurranVor Stunde

    I'd love it

  • Pixel Eye
    Pixel EyeVor Stunde

    Lmao I remember watching this video a long time ago

  • Mike Vaughn
    Mike VaughnVor Stunde

    "Mars not to overbearing " ?!!!! Do you have any clue as to what that would do to the oceans !!! Not to overbearing !!!! Waves would be crushing NYC and any like city along the coast !!!

  • ThatOne
    ThatOneVor Stunde

    What about the sun? 😬

  • Twitter famous penguin yt
    Twitter famous penguin ytVor Stunde


  • 3vil 6in - PRO MOBILE GAMER
    3vil 6in - PRO MOBILE GAMERVor Stunde

    *SATURN SHOWS UP* Me: Yup im never going outside

  • Xavier Yarroch
    Xavier YarrochVor Stunde

    Wait I thought Jupiter was the biggest😂

  • Tyler Casillas
    Tyler CasillasVor Stunde

    Venus pops up: Green light starts to form “That’s no moon”

  • Liam Agramonte
    Liam AgramonteVor Stunde

    Saturn would be a hazard with its asteroids orbiting it. What if they went off course and caused the dinosaur extinction again?

  • sumigo
    sumigoVor Stunde

    sorry im not a jojo fan but whats the title of the background muscic

  • Blaq Dayo
    Blaq DayoVor Stunde

    "What's that, uranus?" Me: That's what she said.

  • Veronika Carlino
    Veronika CarlinoVor Stunde

    Mercurio è un po’ come l’Australia.. non esiste 😂

  • Cønner ψ
    Cønner ψVor Stunde

    **Shows Saturn** "I would never go outside" Wtf do you mean you would never go outside I would go outside everyday and look all the time and just admire the beauty of it all

  • HaileyRose O'Connor
    HaileyRose O'ConnorVor Stunde

    Uranus was bigger than I thought it would be

  • PrestonDingers
    PrestonDingersVor Stunde

    Is that uranus? Okay that's kinda big

  • Beks I.
    Beks I.Vor Stunde

    Why does this give me so much anxiety?

  • O S
    O SVor Stunde

    Why this dude look like a male Lowco

  • Decimator 517
    Decimator 517Vor Stunde

    I would be trembling in my boots

  • RamenLuLu
    RamenLuLuVor Stunde

    The fuck did I just watch

  • max smith
    max smithVor Stunde

    So your opinion bigger is better lol ok

  • My Contradiction
    My ContradictionVor Stunde

    If we were close to Saturn earth would be shredded cheese.

  • Mr. Cuttystabby
    Mr. CuttystabbyVor Stunde

    I don't think these are accurate...

  • Wan Wan
    Wan WanVor Stunde

    "What is that Uranus?" "That kinda big tho"

  • Hokori yalpeloR
    Hokori yalpeloRVor Stunde

    I would ask the sun but it wouldnt be there we'd be dead if that's the case

  • emily
    emilyVor Stunde

    i was expecting a jojo reference, lol.

  • Toaster
    ToasterVor Stunde

    *s u n*