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    I’m your biggest supporter and fan

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    H i

  • Purple the Poet
    Purple the PoetVor 4 Stunden

    His face when "look at this photograph" is the real version and not the meme

  • Ian McCurdy
    Ian McCurdyVor 4 Stunden

    27:02 imagine he lost his internet here

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    What a mad lad

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    In France a duo of youtuber received a litteral shit packaged in toilet paper, your are so lucky to have this Nice community ❤

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    Pointcrow: SMANT where you going for right now. Me: He just said SMANT LOL 3:12

  • Rose Lo
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    33:02 I laughed so hard XD

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    U-TurnVor 5 Stunden

    so basically ant continuously gets "it" and defeats it every time?

  • Ben_ButNotFranklin_
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    “oh this is a late game boss, so i shouldn’t be here. i’m gonna do it anyway because it would be funny” absolute legend

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    now its really galaxy 3

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    Your really good at singing

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    i watched this and it reminded me of the time where i overwrote my save for fire red at the very end of the game. crazy run dude and that was so fast too

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    Thais is so boring compared to his other videos

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    respect Quagsire

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    i am 9 btw

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    it’s normal this title was in french ? Maybe because i’m french

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    the fact that you say let's go it sounds like DABABY lol!

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    “The korok leaf has been the MVP of this run” Ancient arrows: are we a joke to you?

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    hi smallant just wanted to say that right now im doing a mario odesy speedrun im not in discord but im speedruning

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    Recently, I Finally beat Breakdown Road: Final Challenge and I felt like a God when I did it, it's one of the Top 5 Hardest Power Moons EVER! 😎 (P.S: For those who Plan to 100% Super Mario Odyssey, I give you the Best of Luck, Especially on this Power Moon! 😄

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    I like how this is ants first time playing ww

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    Wasn't the achievement to light a firework? He just lit a rocket, it wasn't fireworks, you need to add shit to it to turn it into fireworks

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    Can you do this again, but you lose a coin every second?

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    so this is where "the man" comes from in all his pokemon runs--

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    not sure i can tolerate this quagsire slander

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    7:27 That squeal lmao

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    Cjay stop saying bad words

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    What I did was every battle, every six Pokémon I fused into one. It was really fun!!

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    Could you pls give a TW everytime you say frick? im getting Pewdiepie PTSD

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    The ghost ship chart seems good until you realize it’s basically just an I.O.U

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    Exactly as Nintened

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    why they both kinda..........................................

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    isn't fast forwarding game on emulator cheating tho

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    what is he did not see the starter was a shiny and reset the game

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    Their sick. So that's why the Pokemon keep fainting

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    Now do Gen 4 Calculator

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    Almost 10 million views! 💪

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    Qumu is the unsung hero of gaming DElevelrs

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    What the Fauk? Cj said the f word I think

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    You did more than I could in a year in a few days. Wow.

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    the legend of pokemon

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    Fake as fake can be

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    wooper doesent evolve in to quagsire he evolves into arceoc at lv 1000

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    @SmallAnt, are you holding forward on Cappy’s controller when moving to the island? If so, when do you let go?

    FIREBEAR124Vor 11 Stunden

    Pointcrow when he see’s you doing this :WHAT THE HELL MAN HOW’D YOU SURVIVE

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    now do it blind hahaha

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    Small ant vlogs? Sounds like Nerodivergent life goals/j

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    These four videos of the 100percent were the most wholesome to me for some reason

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    Hey just to explain for anyone who wasn't sure, that's a rope.

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    Best category there ever was

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    *No DS' Were Harmed in the Making of This Speedrun*

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    Lol “ you didn’t die right”

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    What the heck

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    This is the most entertaining video yet!

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    You could just level up high from the very beginning and it would be muvh faster. My very first pokemon game before i even challenged the first gym. My feraligator was already levek 42

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    That was great will have to try one of these with my friends

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    How can I do stuff like this

  • Chilly Willy
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    When the modder created this do modders usually playthrough their creations to make sure their winnable? Or just create and you figure it out?

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    Im a new subscriber and i gotta say on my third video in on your channel and i can honestly say your channel is one of my favorites now!!!! I love your content and your just a cool funny dude!

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    This is pain. I’m already 180 attempts in at the breeding odds of 1/512 using shiny charm and Masuda method. The sheer luck of this man is insane.

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    Who do you usually play this on pc? With keyboard or a controller

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    Small Ant i have a challenge for you! The challenge is to beat mario oddesy superstar mode + floor is lava mod on SMO in under 24hrs (good luck)

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    I like how Mattsun waste all his time to entertain us

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    Has Crow finished the script already? :p

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    did he update the name?

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    how could someone so right about wooper be so wrong about quagsire

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    30:04 he didn’t show us putting in the moons🤬🤬

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    15:26 isn’t this the intro to the game Me: you are litterly a smo speed runner you should know that’s cloud fight :/

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    The wall jumps are like looping over and over…

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    "So, no head?"